Meet the Best $500 Pair of Speakers We’ve Ever Heard!

Meet Andrew Jones, legendary speaker designer who’s now engineering amazing audio gear for ELAC. At CES, Patrick Norton could not stop gushing about ELAC’s new Uni-Fi UB5 bookshelf speakers, which only cost $500 for a pair (but sound like they cost thousands). Patrick gets the opportunity to chat with Andrew about speaker design and what makes for good home audio.

Shot by Adam Isaak and edited by Joey Fameli

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Adam Savage
Norman Chan
Joey Fameli

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presterjohn71 says:

I enjoyed that interview as much as I would an interview with Tom Hanks or Tom Jones. It’s strange how we value celebrity chat but not vaguely technical chat from knowledgeable types when really these people are no less interesting and in fact can be more so.

Stefush Filipovic says:

my focals beat this shit like nothing ….

Ray Girard says:

It’s almost like the recording you buy should mention the speakers or headphones used when it was mix and mastered, because THAT is what the baseline was and what is needed to reproduce it as closely as possible.

Simon Harris says:

Your voice sounds muffled like you are talking into a sock, this is because your mic is aimed under your neck, not at your mouth

twochaudio twochaudio says:

I only want to listen to
The T A D Speaker line
Probley used ones some day

sceneitb4 says:


ovdman says:

these don’t even come close to to sound stage and quality of audioengine hd6 powered speaker

trevor waterfield says:

No no no….. B&W 685’s……….,

Fran Danco says:

Just shut up and demo them will you ???


nice commercial!

d3tach3d says:

i seriously doubt those can achieve any sort of low end that alot of 500$ pairs can achieve. ELAC is great but not the “BEST”

Mark Johnson says:

Let’s hear the goddamn speakers

Parvin Damania says:

My husband’s Stereo system is old school assembled with no component costing more than $20 (everything bought from thrift stores, SPCA and Salvation. Sounds good enough for us.

Clem Fandango says:

I like this big guy.. he’s so enthusiastic…

i Draw says:

The amount of stupid ass people in the comments complaining they couldn’t “hear the speakers” in this review makes me weep for humanity.

George Lue says:

Fucking Homos have no fucking clue

Eugene Carroll says:

I just looked up the specs, 85 db sensitivity is too low for my application. I predict they will sound relatively weak at lower volume levels due to this. Get that up to 91 db minimum (or at least 89 db) and we can talk.

Antonis Xenos says:

WOW!  These speakers REALY rock. What a sound! They do music justice. I haven’t heard anything so good in my LIFE.GET REAL PEOPLE!

Don Rutter says:

Still after all these years , recording engineers will still tell you nothing beats the Yamaha NS-10’s for reference sound.

dande souto says:


TheHundrethmonkey says:

These through my rotel rx603 playing vinyl……..sooooo goood! Thank you Mr. Jones!!!!!!

Ralph Schiavone says:

Hey, Andrew. How about a refund on your Pioneer SB23 soundbar? Worse sound product I ever bought. Lasted two years. Google it to learn more about the capacitor problem. Your rep is tarnished. No matter how well you design, you need to make sure your components are built to last. Dead in two years is unacceptable!!

Adriaan Roeleveld says:

Strange interview: when I hear a KEF, I hear a KEF, withdrawn, sometimes muffled, but balanced in a certain way. always a British sound.
When I hear ELAC, I hear a German sound, for me a bit too pronounced highs and lows for my taste. Strange to hear that reduced to “just physics, just listen after I designed”.
I like the summary I just heard: Every spreaker sound like the language of the country of origing: French speakers fluid, English speakers a bit understated, German speakers a bit forward, etc. Take what you like most.

Jason Manning says:

As a pround owner of a pair of AJ speakers, I really enjoyed the interview. Good job.

Rick Sanchez says:

The Mission 700?…Can you know

Oneness100 says:

The problem with trying to recapture what the producer meant, they use during the basic tracks, mixing, and then the final stage, which is the end product, not the basic tracks and not the mixing stage, it’s what is the final stage in the recording process,  these recordings are mastered at various mastering studios and those studios can use anywhere between small, crappy speakers on up to large VERY nice high end speakers and that all depends on what the producer or record label requests or whether they leave that up to the mastering engineer.  So, that’s ultimately what the product that we have available.

One thing I’ve noticed is different versions of the same recordings have been in circulation with very little information as to the differences.

Here’s some of the variations.

1. CD that originally came out.
2. Remastered CD.  What differences between the orginal and the “Remasted” version?  Is there added, deleted or changed EQ, Audio compression, Limiting or something changed from the original?  If so, what?
3. MP3 versions
4. AAC versions, sometimes they release several different ones since Apple released Mastered For ITunes mastering software.
5. DVD-A, not very common as it didn’t get wide market acceptance.
6. SACD Supposed to be the DSD archive version with nothing done during the mastering process, but might have something done.  Again, what’s different about the mastering process.
7.  Various Hi Res digital downloads that can range from 16/44.1 on up and some recordings were analog tape converted to DSD, then converted to PCM and at any possible bit/sample rates.  How was the mastering done compared to other versions.
8.  MQA, How was the mastering done compared to the others.

As one can see, it’s so difficult to even know which version do we have and which one should we get for the sound that the listener wants.

simon lloyd says:

calm the fuck down

percival23 says:

Wow … there is no way you just did a speaker review and never played them. That is just not possible.

electronics help care says:


michigan1777 says:

Klipsch RP 160m. You’re welcome

Rea Ality says:

If you want to hear audio gear, go audition them in person. How dumb do we have to be to think hearing audio gear through our own device over YouTube will tell us what we need to know?

leohobb leohobb says:

so a speaker that don add or subtrakt from the sound should be able to play a different music like they crated it .a flat frekvens responce and high senitivity should take care off much.the kefs with the polyprop membran and tweeter in the midle like your are bad quality wise they deform do to heat neibor have a pair old with oval woofers and those polyproplylen mids with tweeter.Kef baily with the late cabinet where there are no paralell walls in.still have 2 new slave woofers oval 10 inch? and a pair of the same flat drive woofers oval offcourse.dont use them enymore.the slaves is never used.use planar magnetic from 280 to 3200 where mundorf amt tweeter take over.have 2 bg neo10 in d.appolo configuration with tweeter in the middle the upper bg neo 10 mid point down 2 degrees so they met at the listening position on each speaker.use dsp active ground sound dnc24rpc croosover modules:(Bouth them with the best opa burr brown. they offer and .they give 3 choises for opamps.each crossover has 2 xlr inputs and 4 rca can use it in stereo 2 way or mono 4 way with 2 source innput.i bougth 2 off them and they run in mono config.sofware from them is crossover wisard standard or advansed.use a usb fro pc to program them.also usb is electrical isolated from pc.use a calibration mic after you have set the type off filters you will have and how steep and phase delay for each driver you can import frekvens responce data for driver if manufactor deliver such in different clio and so on formats.can also do room corection.dont like speakers that have spread the sound and get lots of reflections.with planar magnetic you have higer sensitivity that a normal 6.5inch driver have wich is typical around 88-89 a push pull magnet system like on the bg neo 10 you get 93 db 1 meter wich is easy to hear in dynamic performance.i do not get reflections from roof or floor they have max 60 degrees to the sides varies with frekvens the same goes for the amt type tweeter wich have 94db 1 meter.Today you can with some advice build a top of the line high end speaker sytem that in a shop would cost 50 000dollars easy.the hardest part is in fact for me to get the finish look up cause i will not use the time and labor to do it.they are not shabby but not high W.A.F factor in them until they hear the sound.with that type off drivers you can build them in wall with sucsess.this was a long elac.there is the honeycomb structure flat midranges with planar or amt type planar in the middle gone.they where very good sounding.not heard them myself but i like the build driver:

Amit Ghosh says:

Excellent ‘paid review’

Joe Al says:

playing deadmau5 … lol. Low as fcuk DR …

twochaudio twochaudio says:

Love the sales man. Selling speakers just learned who this guy is
I bet.

minor25 says:

how many best speakers videos or interview or whatever you want to call it are out there? wells so many! so these Speakers are good as so many others Speakers out there. every time you see a review about a product in Youtube just remember people get paid to tell something good about a product

dande souto says:

The main reason I here is for the speaker,and the don’t play.

Swampnutz10303 says:

Vs Magnepan MMG?

bphilbac says:

Okay, I just became a fan. Great info!

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