MESSE 2018: Void Acoustics – Amazing Looking Speakers

Surrounded by towers of samey black speaker boxes, Void Acoustics were not just bucking the trend, but chucking it clean out the window – their bright red futusistic speakers really did stand apart from the rest, and designer Rog Mogale explains that’s exactly the point!
They are made for high-end clubs where the decor and overall vibe is paramount (Rog reckons 7 out of 10 of the top clubs worldwide are using them) but they’re not just great to look at, they pack a serious punch too.
Behind the scenes, the amps that power them have specs that seem unreal – how about 20,000 Watts in a 1U enclosure?!

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sneakydisco says:

Style over substance. . . . reminds me of Bose. Nice to look at but who cares, speakers are for sound ? or am i missing something . . . .

Dennis Mossinkoff says:

they put looks and sound in a new jacket….. so finally  you get a wonderfull sound pallet because off the horn principall’s My opion     this is what we are been waitin for…….      for me    Thanx guys     the id of using glass with epoxy is old but now in better form    so very clever   low distortion levels in the casing   and mounted on a elevated stand!!!! looking like marbles and sounding like gems

AG says:

Void is the shit

capwkidd says:

Cool looking speakers for sure… People spend millions on building nightclubs? Not in the US!

bobafruti says:

I wouldn’t expect these things to sound fantastic, because there’s a reason everyone else puts their speakers in dull looking boxes.

But if you want your club/bar/venue to look retro-future cool I don’t think I’ve seen a better choice out there.

Dennis Vanderben says:

They sound amaIng !

Will Vine says:

Did I spot Mr Bowran in there ?

Repsai says:

I expected the amplifier to be bright red.


Hmm just yes. Hands down best on the market.

Marko S says:

Had a pleasure of hearing it live in Sydney’s good club. By far the meanest sound I’ve ever heard.

robert baldwin says:

These should be featured on the next Depeche Mode album sleeve as MFTM part two. Stick them in a field somewhere and photograph away.

DJ Jas says:

pay boy speakers.. never get a chance to hear them thats more important.

Kelly Merrill says:

Futuristic cod pieces


Gives my the horn

Neal Guitar lounge says:

If you make the audience look at your speakers and not the artist then something is seriously wrong. There’s a reason Martin Audio only use a black box.

Saar Dean says:

“You know” he uses as much as Lil pump uses “uuuh”

Calico says:

Always loved the looks of void speakers. I haven’t had the chance to listen to them yet, hopefully one day!

Glen Orpheus says:

I’ve had the pleasure of playing on Void systems twice at festivals, and i must say we’ve never sounded better (“,)

Grant82gc says:

it might be the way they were set up at a venue i constantly play at but i really don’t care much for there sound, i’ve heard hire systems in the same venue (before they installed the void) that sounded better.

Shawn Black says:

These are really cool looking. It reminds me of a old Depeche Mode album cover.

Probably Not Cereal says:

ive always loved these speakers in mixmag’s lab shows

binkyboobosh1 says:

Rog is a force of nature….and a modern polymath…the most creative obsessive that I’ve ever had the pleasure to know..

Chris Smith says:

This guys a genie…. i mean genius

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