Optimize your Hi-Fi system sound quality: 2 – Vibrations Isolation

In this video are explored the issues tied to vibrations and how to limit this problem with a few tricks and tweaks. This is one of the main aspects to pursue a high quality audio reproduction without spending too much.
Music: https://www.bensound.com/
Damping solutions:

Vibrapods (check type/weight ratio):
(US) https://amzn.to/2EUzm9B
(UK) https://amzn.to/2P5W8A0
(IT) https://amzn.to/2JxjQz0

Damping feet SD: http://www.sonicdesign.se/sdfeet.html

Hemispheres Sorbothane (check type/weight ratio):
(USA) https://amzn.to/2DhTb9e
(UK) https://amzn.to/2SDTCik
(IT) https://amzn.to/2JvOVmP

Multimounts Equarack: http://www.equarack.com//multimounts.htm

Decoupling solutions:

ISOACOUSTICS GAIA series (check type/weight ratio):
(USA) Gaia III https://amzn.to/2DhkGzC
(UK) https://amzn.to/2CV1jLH
(IT) https://amzn.to/2P4LXM6

Superspikes Soundcare (check dimension, M6 or M8):
(USA) https://www.everestaudio.com/products/Soundcare/SuperSpikes-Standard-detail.html
(UK) https://amzn.to/2CXzfYm
(IT) https://amzn.to/2CUFADE

Spike shoes in delrin Omicron: http://www.omicrongroup.net/products/accessories/mdevolution/

DAMachine: http://www.damachine.it/ or http://www.damemotions.it/

Isolation feet Track Audio (expensive): http://www.trackaudio.co.uk/spike/spike.html

Isolation pods and platforms Townshend Audio (expensive). http://www.townshendaudio.com/hi-fi-home-cinema-equipment-vibration-isolation/

Isolating tables/furniture/bases:

(IT) https://amzn.to/2PxUc2B

Guizu: http://www.guizu.com.cn/space.php?do=product&catid=6

Hi-firacks: http://www.hifiracks.co.uk/

There are so many! Just look for good quality wood and quality spikes where ever you are based!


Ben Ninja Gaijin says:

I need a good / cheap steel framed DJ booth.. currently using ikea expedit on side, with a besta 180cm ish TV stand on top, to allow 3x deck and raised height. Not that great! But does the job. Wish I had something sturdier though with steel etc.

Judd Smith says:

Check out Minusk’s high end audiophile setup photos at goo.gl/KMkNqN

midnight girl says:


midnight girl says:


Da Qoraxxx says:

Very nice explaination about resonance dampening measurements.
However, you said that ‘suspended dampening’ is often very expensive.
I have suspended insulation feet made by Isonoe, those are fairly affordable (like 130 euros for 4 pcs.) and work very well with Technics turntables (I also have a SL1200G).
This suspension is made up of two aluminum parts and several rubber rings. The inside part of the feet (which are screwed under te TT) are hung up onto multiple rubber rings. Those rings are connected to the outer part. Its a very basic principle, but it works very well.

Also, a wall mounted shelve can be very attractive to those who want to place a turntable in a room with, for example, wooden floors.
This way the turntable gets decoupled from the ‘unstable’ floor and is mounted onto the solid wall.
The best types are made out of a stiff metal rack with an MDF plate on top (and height adjustable spikes in between for dampening/levelling).

shaun says:


TheTarrMan says:

I bought a vintage record player recently and had to do allot of work to get it working but now all I need are new feet. The original rubber feet were probably dry rotted and are long gone. Any recommendations on what I can do or should I use one of these solutions from video? I was thinking of cutting up a sponge for new feet. (Making sure the record player remains level of course.)

Ernesto Chávez Nuño says:

Thanks! 🙂 I will search those links you posted here. To be honest, I am new to isolating bases. Again, thanks!

Randy Robinson says:

Your camera is not focused on your face

midnight girl says:

di mak lei

midnight girl says:


cesarin321 says:

great video, thanks for the info, i just got a thorens turn table and found out i REALLY need to do some leveling around the house, anyways, could you provide some info on the platform appearing on mark 12:15, i really like the design, thanks

Crazy prayingmantis says:

I use a $3 bike tube with a marble chopping block on top of it for my turntable.

I’d like to see a double blind test of someone consistently choosing the CD player with the fancy feet over the stock feet.

Bass is a fish

Ivar says:

Good info. Thanks. I use a lot of different ways to fight vibrations. It is a lot of work but it will pay of.
One special mention: I had some good results with vibrapods under all ‘disc’ equipment (CD, DVD, Bluray).
Not very analog, I know, but still a good tip 😉

LorenzoNW says:

Star Sound Technologies makes some of the best points and platforms. Unlike most manufacturers, their points are made from a special brass that doesn’t corrode or tarnish. The energy actually travels down the outer surface of a point, not through it. So any tarnish is like the surface of the moon on a microscopic level that’s slows down the transmission of energy.

Secondly, individual platforms are superior to racks because components on virtually any rack will transmit vibration from one component to another, degrading the sound. And even though cable lifters may seems like overkill, the Shunyata Cable Elevators really do improve the sound in a high-end system.

twochaudio twochaudio says:

He’s just talking. Lets get to a point. What about that reel to reel???
What about that Japanese old TT

Kamal Tadros, MD says:

Thank you for an informative video, I definitely see the clear benefits and best outcome in isolating a mechanical source like a Turntable and a vibration producing source like a Speaker . However I really believe that isolating any solid state component ( like a power source, cable or amplifier) from vibration may affect its longevity. And as long as there are no magnetic fields around , I fail to see how it possibly can affect the sound that it produces. However there are many people who swear by it, I wonder if anyone has studied the latter phenomenon as a placebo effect though ! just a thought.

George Thomas says:

Hello and a new subscriber today. I really like your informative tech talks on everything audio it seems. Todays issues of isolation is a good way to tweek my system

Magne Larsen says:

Informative and good info.

Campbell Hicks says:

I would definitely expect someone to pronounce BASS properly……..really I cant believe it

Beyond Infinity says:

I live on top of a seismic ridge .. wonder if I can do anything to stop vibrations

Beyond Infinity says:

Why don’t you play something and show us how the sound really improves … until then this is only snake oil

Tbonyandsteak says:

Dry sand are one of the best absorbent at all

Dave Jones says:

A trained ear is required. Most novice listeners get frustrated and start giving disinformation about isolation products and noise reducing cables.

Bill Owen says:

the sorbothane isolation feet for $99 per four, will fit your 1200, avail here, https://mnpctech.com/turntable-feet-replacement-isolation/

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