Preview: The extraordinary Q Acoustics Concept 300 speaker #speakerreviews

After this video was made these speakers were delivered to my home in Brooklyn, watch for my complete CNET review and YouTube video in March.

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Daniel M says:

How does the jizzcore technology work? Is it like greenglue?

Lee Lucas says:

Very nice looking design and concept but at $4,500 a pair they do not somehow GEL with my pocket :)))))). The vintage keyboards in this video caught my eye more than speakers and they certainly have some GREAT! gear in that studio.

Vincent Liu says:

Wow, really nice is an understatement, like works of art!

Joe Home says:

After watching this video, I got up and hug my Klispch speakers. They are more lovely.

weizenobst müsli says:

Beautiful speakers

hushpuppykl says:

It’s wonderful to see Q Acoustics coming out with a really good bookshelf speaker. But at 4.5k they better be able to give unbelievable clarity, sweet mid range and a smooth taut bass.

I had the Concept 20s and they are great value for money but lack very good sound.

G Grotz says:

You could deliver a set to my house too!

sudd says:

a great cabinet for sure, but then there is a port hole releasing the sound we are trying to contain.

holynex says:

Is there any aquatic difference between wharfedale diamond 9.1 vs 10.1 vs 11.1?

Christian Murace says:

Its nice, but its in a box, has a port and is a 2 way. physics has its limitations.

district5rookie says:

Did you say jizz???

D Chron says:

Steve, the compact Concept 20 is another Gelcore’d bookshelf speaker by Q Acoustics–10.43″ (H) x 11.10″ (D) x 6.69″ (W), 5″ bass driver. The compact Concept 20’s cabinet is solid and quiet, too. The Concept 20s recently sold for $399/pr. and are a solid solution for small rooms. By the way, the Concept 20s sound good with a NAD 316–and sound even better with higher-quality amplification. Cheers!

gotham61 says:

Based on that stand design, I guess Newton’s third law of motion has been repealed.

Gary Smith says:

Yes, all very nice, BUT, lets talk about that Yamaha CS-80 behind you !!!!!

re_alpha says:

Hey Steve, do you perhaps have some advice to find out how much a pair of speakers is worth, that are self built by someone else without having any specs or details about origin?

The preowners got them from a heritage and sold them pretty cheap because they wanted to get rid of them really quick.
5 way towers in a hexagon shape, 1.5m tall 40kg, 40 cm x 35 cm, quiet unique.. Piano lacquer finish on thick hdf wood, built with hi quality parts- didnt find anything else that looks alike in the internet.
Also every Tower has a huge sub facing the floor AND another sub facing the other direction up to the ceiling. Resolution and stage is incredible.

Do you know what i can do with them, or got any tips to test or find out what they are worth?

So, thank you soo so very much for your vids, I really enjoy them and they help so much. 🙂
greetings from germany!
(sry for my engrish :D)

Mike Cees says:

”Clean sounding” Does that mean analytical, clinical, sterile?

Hi-Fi Insider says:

where can I experience this Jesus speaker? How much does it cost? @Steve see ya at CanJam?

NAD amplifier says:

this kind/design of speaker that welcome in my living room.. many hifi speakers thats looks square box only they dont to much aware the looks rather focus on sound. why they dont focus on both,?

Mike Hanks says:

But does it do beauty? (Gonna rib you about that for a while.) Seriously, though, I kinda like that cabinet construction.

Lewis Williams says:

I have the concept 20

Steven Griffin says:

Steve! You forgot to say how much they were and where you can buy a pair…? Nice review. Different to all others I have read (at least!) And better! Thanks!

1233 Watching says:

If its as good or better than the LS50’s then sell them for $1300pr with stands and they would sell like hotcakes. Use whatever crap finish to get the price down etc… I have the LS50’s and have been trying to find something better for the price and I cant. I am not going to spend a penny more.

A B says:

Another good concept that simply isn’t worth the asking price. Sorry

HighCurrent11 says:

I’m going to DIY a speaker laminate today!

Eric Franklin Shook says:

Serenity NOW!

stevenswall says:

I like the Focal SM9 in the early shot.

infiniteblueprint says:

i take it these are the next/new model up from the concept 20 as they used the same gel-core setup

Vic Verdi says:

Inquiring minds want to know: Klipsch RP600M or Zu Omen DW .. Are they far apart sonically? For the $, which would you choose?

Solomon Stewart says:

A daring statement from Q Acoustics in view of the plethora of excellent bookshelves under a grand.

Luis Felipe says:

Please review the Devialet Phantom Gold.

Carlos Bauzá says:

Inert cabinet is great! It’s one key item.

mrpositronia says:

Well, if what you say is between the layers, Q Acoustics really did put a lot of love into it.

Adam Bojakowski says:

I have a pair od Q acoustics concept 20. It is a much cheaper but still lively, musical and pretty dynamic sounding bookshelf speaker. Very enjoyable. Lacks deep base tho. Good to know the concept 300 is on the way. 🙂 Q Acoustics are one of those – great value products, warth considering when looking for new Hi Fi speakers
I had no chance to listen to Concept 500 yet.

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