Q Acoustics 2020i speakers quick unboxing and soundtests

A couple of test recordings of the award winning Q Acoustics 2020i speakers. Connected to a Yamaha RX-V563 receiver and recorded with a Zoom H2 recorder.

You can listen to the uncompressed audio file here: https://soundcloud.com/eric_b/q-acoustics-2020i-speakers-quick-unboxing-and-soundtests

The speakers and Zoom were triangular spaced, 1 mtr apart. The distance between the speakers and the wall was about 13 cm.

Each track was recorded both without and with the foam inserts in the rear bass ports. No EQ or others effects applied, the recordings were just normalized.
Please use good headphones or monitor speakers to listen.

Because of the room acoustics, the recordings sound more lively than the original tracks and there is also some environmental noise.
Also, the Zoom doesn’t capture the low end as well as the speakers manage to produce.
The recordings just give an impression of the speakers, as far as any of these type of recordings can do justice to the real sound.

The speakers are beautiful, the build and sound quality is very impressive, as well as the bass response considering the woofer size (125 mm). It also proves that specs don’t tell the whole story: the frequency response is quoted 64 Hz to 22 kHz but the speakers have much more low end than other speakers I tried which are stated to go down to 44 Hz. The speakers are pretty deep though (27,8 cm).

I highly recommend them, especially considering the price.

All rights reserved to the owners of the sound tracks:
– Songs: 414 Soundtracks
– Loops: Prime Loops – Prime Treatz & Beatz


Aleksandre Mzhavia says:

Are they good for movies and games?

moofushu says:

I like that smooth jazz music you’re playing. They have nice bass for their size.

Synthematix says:

reworked denon scf 102

Jaison Jacob says:

Anybody recognize which was that song that was played with the tag “60-Wicked Sara Variation”? I must say these the Q 2020 sounds great.

Eric says:

What song is playing here on the intro?

lotofhobbies says:

Sorry to say..i think i can sense fatigue for long hearing session on this speaker setup.

Tazza17 says:

I’m surprised you didn’t test them in a proper 5.1 set up with DTS HD MA or other high resolution audio.

EastAngliaUK says:

Just got some q acoustics 1030 in mint condition myself they were only £40.

astralboy79 says:

amazing for the size….sound very warm. can hear slight bass resonance, but really impressive for size. thanks for the nice video 🙂

MASTER says:


WTFremixer says:

Hi. Anybody know if and where these are sold in the usa? I can’t find anything and Q didn’t respond to my email. Thanks

gsac12 says:

Nice test, I wish there were more test videos like this. 

Eddie says:

great test

Gorky kk says:

Does this come with the standard audio jack 3.5mm plug?

gigimanjo says:

Listening to Bon Jovi “Born to be my Baby” studio recording…what these small speakers can do is really impressive….!

ian gee says:

just watched this vid on my phone, and those speakers sound quite tinny to me

Пётр Ильич Чайковский says:

yo I got that setup but it has no bass like where is that bass booster at?also my sony stereo has 2000w how loud is this one?

Unknown Dissident says:

these speakers do not sound good.

Lt. Dan says:

Sounds like my crappy laptop speaker

Gerd Hildebrandt says:

One of the few reviews, which gives you an idea, how they sound at home. Thumbs up and thx

rafabro1 says:

2:06 what the song is?

Bob Hope says:

By the look of it you are using a dvd player?If so i recommend a dedicated cd player,it will improve sound fidelity.

RANT says:

these are the speakers that the typical audiopussy will buy just to listen to guitar songs and piano notes. of course the typical audiopussy gotta have too the oldest and creepiest looking vintage amp that you could find on this planet. LeL

tari0048 says:

Can i use a jackstick? I want one for my room and I want to connect things such as my pc or phone to it. 

Schmidteren says:

Hey there. Im thjinking about buying these speakers. But since I have no knowledge about how sound works, I wanted to ask you, cause perhaps you know if it would be worth it.

I am using my PC with an analogue cabel to my old: Sony CMT-CP 33 MD. With the two excisting speakers to it.

My computer produces the sound, and sends it to the CMT-CP 33 MD, so which of these two parts are important regarding the sound quality? :S

I’m playing 320kb MP3 files btw.

If you can help me out, I would be very thankful.


Robert Drinkall says:

Agree with your results. I have a pair on my lounge system, can’t believe how great they are, nothing to beat them for their size or price. They replaced a pair of Wharfedale diamond 121’s which were very disappointing, the 2020i put them to shame.

Medvedi Kosolap says:

Very disappointed in these speakers, Q Acoustics 2010i. When listening to a song with the bass, with an average volume an unpleasant rattling sound. When using less expensive copy KEF C3 does not. Exactly the same ripple appears on Monitor Audio Silver RX1

Aleks Rusty says:

someone tried them with rotel ra ? its will be better choice than dali zensor 1?

Quetzall says:

I wish you could do more tests with other speakers. This is the best speaker test I ever found on youtube,

President Pootis says:

excellent video!

Trystan Hardy says:

I wish all so called sound tests on youtube were recorded this well. Really gives an idea of what the speakers sound like, great video! 

Johanna90 says:

What is the recommended distance between the speakers? Should they be too far away from each other?

Basse Bassesen says:

This must be the most unnecessary test I’ve ever seen
There is no one who hears this with the same equipment, if everyone did it, it would still be miles away from a the real deal.

Vildo Gatto says:

Fantastic,what electronics you made them play?

Army Box says:

you audio recording quality very good, can you tell me how to record the audio like yours?

ouch1226 says:

having hard time to decide if i take this or the BT3…need to match a pair to my rega rp1 turntable

William Fenton says:

Don’t you think it would rather make more sense to talk about these speakers? ‘soundtests’ are utterly meaningless on a Youtube video, with compressed sound, and considering we aren’t actually hearing the speakers…

It’s exactly like putting up a video about how great the image quality is on this monitor, expecting somehow that can be judged when looking at it on a video upload, and through a completely different screen.

Repo man says:

Low fi.

Michael Bollitin says:

hello ….. nice to see and good sound, I wanted to ask your opinion …. I have a Rotel RA 1062 by 60 + 60 rms these speakers should be good for you? We know that the Rotel and very cheerful therefore requires a diffuser or hot would be better Indiana Line Tesi 260? the room and 5 meters long, four wide and 2.5 meters high, and looking forward to your response friendly, hello.

Unknown Zone says:

So which ones are better the 2020 or 3020 ? BTW, Cheers for great quality video.

vindicari says:

are there no leads with them?

Tengacazzimm Cazzimm says:

So bon?

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