Q Acoustics 2050i unboxing and review

Unboxing and a detailed look at the Q acoustics 2050i floorstanding speakers.

I purchased them from these guys-http://www.avbristol.com/
Not direct from the website but the same seller on eBay. Outstanding price, even with international shipping and very fast.

Full specs here-

Shakey and questionable camerawork is my specialty. Now booking for corporate functions and hens nights..


Craig Thomas Ellis says:

+RomeoKilo Did you ever get those led’s under these mate?

Jacob Staunton says:

am i right in saying that, that amp is the yamaha rxv-673 or the 675?

MG Samps says:

Would you mind telling me which camera you used to film this.

Nick Sullivan says:

It’s actually refreshing to get a simplistic review that explains exactly what it does and how you thought of it. I’m in the same boat, wife only wants the white appliances to match all the rest of the white stuff in the house and these look good. Cheers

Pavle Pavlovic says:

yo must be kidding me , are you fucking insane , could you find a smaller speaker , i mean its just funny , looks like a joke but im sure you pay them real nice

ace johnny Tackle says:

Funny as fcuk! Cracks me up every time!!

jamiejamking says:

can you connect the speaker to your laptop via a jack cable

Christara Sp says:

ow.. i miss my cat..

hyperspaced77 says:

Great review man. I love those 2050i and they are DAMN good looking on your system.

So, what did you do with those Wharfedales? Do you use them as center-sub-rear ?
If so, how does it sound with the 2050i’s in left-right ?

scribb7 says:

Not a very good acoustic environment for those speakers but they certainly look good.

errol8000 says:

So what are these new speakers like mate?

Wepo_XR8 says:

and my missus asks what breed of cat is that little cutie ?

Ro-Tang Clan says:

Brilliant review dude! Made me chuckle a couple of times too which is always a positive. I was considering purchasing these last Christmas but instead I ended up going for the Mordaunt Short Aviano 6’s which are of similar spec.Glad to see you rockin a Yamaha AV receiver, I used to run the RX-V567 but just recently upgraded to the RX-V775. They make astounding products. Just a tip for you: Move your subwoofer to the rear. It makes a huge difference and you can feel the rumble through your sofa.

gerard fletcher says:

kol review had a lol

ashley styles says:

Great review mate. A decent price for you which is nice but The steak knife and the battery did it for me!!

TheVamp1res says:

Very nice setup, i also have these Q acoustic speakers, i live just across the road from AV Bristol so i get some really nice discounts because i can pay cash on collection & save on the delivery charges etc..

Eric Shutter says:

Finally! A reviewer who says; You cant hear how they sound because you are listening to your own speakers 🙂

Kim Daniel Sørensen says:

I will like to here those with some good music! 🙂 Maybe Dire Straits or something. They are very sexy speakers!

EastAngliaUK says:

They look very nice does the amp have enough power for them to?

msaracer1 says:

Hey mate what did you think of the bass? Can you listen to rock without an additional subwoofer? Cheers.

Joe Bala says:

Nice you cracked me up with the intermissions. Enjoy them! $1500 is the US.

cockneylol says:

Great review mate.
You got the price wrong though, the speakers are free, it’s the gloves that cost $900 bucks!

Carey Tuckwell says:

haha!…your  cat will start “FOAMING” at the mouth ….haha…:)

RomeoKilo says:

Haha the kitten is just a domestic moggie we saved from the pound. He’s an absolute terror.

David jp says:


Wepo_XR8 says:

listening to your short internet radio demo with headphones on it sound awesome … well done 🙂

Joshua O'Connor says:


GTCarro says:

Good joob. Thanks.

Tomasz Michewicz says:

Hi…how they sound with electronic music???

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