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#QAcoustics #Concept500 Floor standing speakers. Unboxing, hands on, review :: https://www.listeningpost.co.nz/Products/Speakers/Floorstanding-Speakers/Acoustics-Concept-500-Speakers-__I.208306__C.27282__N.27756

Evolution. Refinement. Perfection.
Founded in 2006, Q Acoustics quickly built a reputation for designing and manufacturing class-leading loudspeakers. Concept 500 is the culmination of Q Acoustics’ continual evolution and refinement, resulting in what they believe is sonic perfection.

Designed to appeal to discerning audiophiles, the Concept 500 achieves a perfect balance between art and science. It is a #loudspeaker that is at once, stylish, contemporary, fine-sounding and astonishingly accurate. It couples low directivity with wide bandwidth, good sensitivity and sensible impedance. This makes the new Concept 500 both room-friendly and an easy load to drive, allowing amplifiers to deliver their best performance.

To create a stereo soundstage which gives as good an impression of width, depth and height as that found in a live performance requires high quality drive units, a well designed crossover and an accurately constructed cabinet.

To achieve this, Q Acoustics formed a truly talented team with many years of experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of world-class loudspeakers. A combination that resulted in a state-of-the-art loudspeaker worthy of any high-end system.


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Swiss 88 says:

These speakers look mega, thanks for video

Rosco says:

Thanks for the review! Out of price range unfortunately!

Nelson C says:

Great beautiful speakers! Towers are lovely but a bit of a pain because of weight…but oh so lovely!

Plan on getting some Q acoustic bookshelf for my next set of speakers! Also hope to visit your shop someday when I get to New Zealand! You have wonderful inventory!

Thanks for the videos!

Neil Berry says:

There so nice compared to the 2010i’s and 2000ci i have.

ousi00 says:

Wow, that’s a huge box for a small-ish speaker.

Mário Nuno says:

I see Dynaudio’s speakers on the back. How Concept 500 performes compared to Dynaudio Countor 20?

Neil mark Taylor says:

The box’s are getting bigger

Geoff Parsons says:

Hows the sound quality mate?

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