Q Acoustics Q3020 Bookshelf Speakers Sound Demo (Pop)

Q Acoustics Speakers: http://amzn.to/2ai3jf1
Marantz UD7007: http://amzn.to/21E6WSe
Parasound: http://amzn.to/21E79oD
AudioQuest Cables: http://amzn.to/1R5jxcp

Q Acoustics 3020 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Out of the box sound quality is very good, playing Heavy Metal, Jazz, Soul, Pop etc., good balanced sound with surprisingly good Bass notes from such a small speakers.

Vocal performance was pretty impressive, sound is natural, spacious, lively yet not bright,clarity, transparency, naturality is quiet stunning in audio world for $250 price tag.

3020 may be small and budget friendly speakers but performance is on the big side, comparable to higher price competitions.

I would definitely recommend to a friend for musical enjoyment, sound quality, price wise ELAC UB5/6s are direct competition, it will come down to personal preference, of-course design and build quality of Q3020 is better.

Only one thing I did not like: Low level listening late at night playing smooth jazz is not so smooth due to disappearance of lower frequencies but highs are still detail and well pronounce. Some may say thin sounding, I’m just nitpicking here but it’s my duty to report what I hear truthfully.

If anyone looking for budget mini monitors should audition them, Q 3020s are one of my favorite budget speakers since Pioneer BS22s.

Definitely recommended to all music lovers.,

Pros: Price to Performance, Build Quality.
Cons: Thin Mid-Range.

Mid-Range: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½
Bass: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Sound Stage:⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I made this video for the people who can’t audition the speakers or the equipments.

Note: This video is posted straight out of the camera and recorder. No video or audio post processing other than adding titles.

This video/Audio will not sound 100% accurate as auditioning in the real world, however I would recommend using good monitor headphones and play in HD to get best sound quality for your reference. (My reference headphones are Sony MDR7506 & Audio-Technica ATH-M50)

Main System:
Speakers: KEF LS50 Titanium.
Analog: Denon DP47F w/DL-301mk2.
Digital: Marantz UD-7007 SACD/HiRes Player.
Pre & Power Amp: Parasound Halo P5 & Halo A21.
Cables: AudioQuest Gibraltar 72 DBS, King Cobra, Big Sur & Diamondback XLR & RCA Cables.
Power: PS Audio Detect Power Center, PerfectWave AC-12 & Oyaide BlackMamba-∑ AC Cables.
20Amp AC line.


Gurminder Bhogal says:

what’s your verdict on the speakers in looking for 5.1 step up

Squall Leonhart says:

I had the same speakers and they were the best £190 I ever spent. I only sold them because I upgraded to Dali Opticon 1. The Q acoustics are brilliant speakers for the price.

Steve Li says:

these or KEF Q100?

pietro de sousa says:

Name artist of the song? Thanks

Audio Gal says:

are these easy to power?

kezzaman says:

whats that big thing on the bottom shelf?

jazon markz says:

which speaker would you recommend for low level listening?

Audio Gal says:

Tharbamar, would you recommend these speakers (Q Acoustics 3020) for a near field desktop? do they pair well with a sub?
how highly you think of them? thanks.

Tom Jones says:

Amy Nuttall – Scarborough Fair i think

Conny Sköld says:

What song, the first one?

Bruno Matos says:

Hello .. im divided between the QAcoustics 3020 and the Wharfendale 225, what would be your pick and why. Any other choices in this range that you think i should consider ?

Music (Metal, Blues, Rock, Instrumental/classical), movies/series and some games.

BTW love your vids, well made, nice choice of tunes and no anoying sound on the mic during recording 😉


Roy Varghese says:

Thanks for the videos
Very energetic and lively little speakers.

Stuart Shuck says:

Did you find there was much of a running in period for these 3020’s? I’ve picked some up a few days back but I’m finding the bass to be quite muddy compared to my Dali zensor 1’s. I’m going to give them a week if things don’t improve I’ll be taking them back.

Unknown Zone says:

Yep they will do for me (Q Acoustics 3020) cheers for the demos. I will be building my own discrete amps for these and will expect them to sound exceptional.

Sory says:

How connect equalizer TV to the speakers? Thank you end scuse me my English!

walt bromby says:

Hi Tharbamar, I have really been enjoying your videos. I’m wondering if you’ve heard the Monitor Audio Silver 2 speakers. For some reason, I can’t find any reviews for them. Also, let me ask you this. If you could only own one speaker, which would it be? I’m thinking the KEF LS50’s. Thanks much.


Nice set-up man!

Kaan ATALAY says:

q acoustics 3020 ? q acoustics concept 20 ?

WargaGK says:

what the song?

Ken Lai says:

What’s the difference between pop and pop2 demos?



sebjastien says:

Hi first of all I want to congratulate you for your excellent videos.
For people who want the same display on tv. After hours and hours of search I found it. the name of the iOS app is RTA Audio and it is free. I hope I could help …

Tarik Kocaer says:

TV , VU METER ??????

Umesh Kumar says:

Thanks for sharing!
By the way, now they have launched new model 3020i. Did you get chance to review that one. Is it better than its predecessor?

lotrmj says:

Hi! Are they good for quiet listening (~45dB-55dB)?

abhijit todkar says:

Thanks a lot… Great!

Clyde Vee says:

a tad muddy sounding @ 800 – 1800 Hz.

Paul Horn says:

would would you say is better, the q acoustics q3020 or the Jbl studio 230? Which is smoother?

Audio Gal says:

would you say the Q acoustics , the bronze 2, or the wharfedale 220?

Lex Leighton says:

Can’t get them in America 🙁

George Smith says:

q acoustics 3020 or elac b6? I am not big fan of bass, i like clear mids and highs. thanks!

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