Quad speakers and electronics, new products at HiFi Deluxe Munich 2017

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moonlight says:

lacks resolution and presence

Glenn McKinnon says:

I start off so excited to hear the equipment then I am so often disappointed in the choice of music…

ElvislaD says:

Tiny room???

Gady Marcus says:

phenomenal sound

rdesarle says:

These are taller then the 2912.. More panels? Why not give some info on them?

lizichell2 says:

Let us hear the bass

Dave Jones says:

Should have placed these is a much bigger room.

lizichell2 says:

Put some real music through it

russmaleartist says:

Such fast response . . . and such detail as one listens to the pads of the fingers hitting the skins of the drums.

socksumi says:

I expect great things from Quad and usually I’m not disappointed. Their electrostatics sound world class and are about as hi rez, low coloration as you can find. They just sound right and unlike many speakers they sound phenomenal long after you’ve lived with them. That’s a sign of greatness.
My only concern is spotty distribution, poor servicing and quality control problems since they moved manufacture to China. Despite their superficial appearance of solid construction I’ve heard nightmare stories of defects, failures and quality control issues on the China made 05 and 12 series… and nowhere to fix them because the dealers left town.

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