Review! The PS Audio Sprout 100!

Proof that impressive sound can come from small packages. This is my (almost) one-take review of the lil’ PS Audio Sprout 100.

Intro music by: Oakwood Station ‘What a little Smile can Do’

PS Audio Sprout 100 product page:

iFi iTube 2 Product Page:

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The rest of the gear that I used for this review:

Mistral BOW A-2 (speakers)
Harbeth P3ESR 40th (speakers)
Totem Acoustic SKY (speakers)
Buchardt S400 (speakers)
Buchardt S300 (speakers)

AMR CD-777 SE (CD-Player)


Calvin Klein says:

In other words it’s a studio Amp, music studio would use this

Even a pin drop a singer taking a breath can be heard

Calvin Klein says:

Sprout with PMC 5.22 Speakers would give you extremely sharp pin point details. It’s like live Orchestra. Nothing added nothing taken. Just clean neutral.

cam inglis says:

Is it Class A ?

Bansaku says:

The iFi iTube2 is amazing!

bridgebolt51 says:

i paired this with ls50… just amazing

modeste nomad says:

thumbs up for the video,
not for the sprout,

Rajendra Chittar says:

Sprout seems to exude a minimalist attitude – the simpler and the lesser and the smaller, the better. And your unscripted reviews – in all their candid honesty – are a joy to listen!

Star Combiner says:

During your tests, did you disable the bass boost or leave it on? 🙂

histubeness says:

Great review, but no mention of the remote volume control? For me, the big, unforgivable omission of the original, was it’s lack of RC. You could have briefly mentioned the 100’s RC and shown it, as well. Just saying.

Ben Krake says:

I have always been very intrigued by the PS Audio Sprout 100, as I have watched a lot of Paul McGowan’s videos and he always seems to be full of helpful advice and tips with home audio. Would love to have this piece but don’t think it would have enough inputs for me as I have quite a few stereo components, plus I would like a bit more power than 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms. Most people would say that is enough power for most bookshelf speakers, but I like to have plenty of overhead power to avoid clipping.

Chase Vineland says:

Class D is an industry cheat.

Bill Stewart says:

This with a pair of Polk RTi A1’s. Opinion? Thanks!

Richard Dekany says:

Wow Sean! Another great review. You did it again. On the point, so one knows exactly what to expect from the new Sprout. Is there a chance you could compare it to a NAD C 375BEE ? They are currently available on the used market for around the same price and from what Ive read so far, they could have a simmilar presentation… Keep it up man!

oklaoklaokla23 says:

Very informative review, Sean.
Have you had the chance to review the PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell and S300 Amplifier combo? There are a few written reviews but none utilizing a video format.
I’d be most interested in your opinions and how they would match up with let’s say the Buchardt S400’s or the Ohm Walsh 2 speakers.

Julia Set says:

The class D amps in my opinion differ in their input stage the most: most of them use an IC Opamp on the input.  If they can bypass that for a good discrete class A input stage or some nice tubes, they can work wonders.

Demon Priest says:

can you do a review on musical paradise mp 303?

jogmas12 says:

Just cut to the chase please!

Rennel Enriquez says:

Always watching your vids man and it’s awesome! Very informative and honest review. Please try to review the onkyo 9010 integrated amp or 9030 since you have reviewed marantz and denon’s intrgrated entry level amp. Keep it up man!

rowan 3 says:

Let’s here this against the Rega Brio 😉

microteche says:

I like your honesty so am now a subscriber to your channel

Kurt Matthew So says:

This and the p3esr on a desktop nearfield? Thoughts?

Maxxarcade says:

I wonder how this would compare to my restored Marantz 1060 when driving Elac B6.2’s? It’s a bit out of my price range though, and lacks tone controls.

Mike Cees says:

Hey Sean,

So where would this fit in when compared to, let’s say, a Rega Brio (2017) and a NAD 316 BEE?

Darion Fox says:

Ron is awesome so are you

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