Review: The Totem Acoustic SKY!

Word on the grapevine is that the new Totem Sky’s are the for real deal. Spoiler Alert: They are!

For specs, visit the Totem Acoustic Sky product page:

Intro music by:
Nada Surf – When I was young (Live at KEXP)


Gary M says:

Do the metal cones you put on top of the speakers really make a difference? Seems kind of ridiculous.

Edward Barr says:

an articulate and honest review thankyou

michael kaiser says:

Great review! Are you familiar with Monitor Audio Gold series? If so, would you say they are similar? Thx

Cesar Viramontes says:

That Nada Surf song makes an appearance every time I want to show off what my modest system can do.

Animus Vox says:

wazzzup duuuuuudes?

mike leahy says:

Looks like Dynaudio drivers.

Massimo Francesconi says:

Great review. I’m following you from italy. I’m glad that you don’t want to sell what you review..I’ve a question. Where is possible to speak about gears?

deXter2 says:

It would be awesome if you talked a bit about techical aspects in the beginning. This kind of video fromat is perfect for showing how big the speakers are from different angles, what kind of ventilation they have (if any), what speakers were used.

Murphy Williams says:

good, honest review. unlike the other “z” guy who is clearly trying to convince people to buy everything he reviews.

zarg05 says:

i came across the Arros many years ago and bought them for 400 £.. i have a small to medium room and am thinking of the totem sky towers to replace them, also have chance of some old Forests or discontinued hawks. what would you recommend?

cdfmj says:


Andrew Crain says:

For that price that’s to deep for my Pockets and also for that price you can get a better sounding speaker!! Js I do like your honest Reviews thanks for that!! In my Personal opinion you shouldn’t have to pay over a 1000 for a pair of really good speakers

Michael Greco says:


Love your videos! Recently acquired a new naim integrated (XS2) and heard it at the dealer paired with totem (not the sky though). Love the sound of the combo but wanted your opinion on these speakers. How would these totems compare to the little Harbeth p3esr you reviewed?? I don’t listen loud as I am in an apartment and have neighbors. What is your opinion on both speakers? My room is 12×15. Thanks!

aliboy aliboy says:

Hi Sean, great review. Between Fritz Morel 6 and Totem Sky, which sound and build quality do you prefer? Thank you.

Brian Marcou says:

The way you’re explaining the speakers are exactly what a studio monitor should be

Aleziss says:

I’ve been to the Montreal Audio Fest for many years and EACH year, Totem is there, they have beautiful show room setup and have the smallest and incradible impact liveness and real sounding products I’ve heard. I also love this brand of speakers even compared to extremely expensive stuff, when you listen to those little gems, you’ll fall in love… I just need to get my wallet ready as I have not got the opportunity yet to get a pair of Totem…

anjinsan1977 says:

Best value of the entire current Totem lineup. Great little speakers. Mani-2 Sigs, Shaman and Winds are still the best representation of their classic sound. The Sky’s mark a nice shift in sound for Totem.

blue zylon says:

my first taste of sonic nirvana was with the Rogers LS3/5A’s in 1978 … that said … I also now own the Totem Staaf … but my advice is … go buy a pair of Epos ES-14’s for about $600 used … they will blow away these $1800 Totems away.

Stéphane Edouard • H d'INFLUENCE says:

The “outside-the-room” soundtest is amazing, I also noticed it a few years back 😉

Doomsick says:

your speakers make my speakers sound good

Raymond Leggs says:

Refrigerator sized spears are fun 😀

Mohd Pazli says:

finally.. nice review as always.. thanks man

Mike Day says:

I stayed at the Fritz Motel and had breakfast at the Totem Sky next door.

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