SB Acoustics SB29 Tweeter | Test and Review

In this video I test the SB29RDCN-C000-4 tweeter. This is a powerful neo ring radiator dome tweeter that can tolerate a low crossover and high power.

If you’d like to use the measurement files click here:


pliedtka says:

Hi, thanks again for review, it is one of the most helpful channels with driver testing.
I got some SB drivers and have some issues with them – maybe others have similar concerns and we can have some constructive conversation. First the SB29 neos; mine measure way off in Fs, with one around 770Hz, the second unit in 820Hz. Your pair is very much like SB data, Zaph’s and a few others tested in the past. I know 10% is within manufacturing limits and 770Hz would be on the very extreme case, but Fs of 820 Hz is …, well kind of weird. Also one of my SB NRXs has strange issue with Fs, Qes, Qms being quite high and wondering making Qts jump from 0.4 to almost 0.55 , Fs is around 40Hz, with the other one having Fs in 37Hz and Qt in 0.33-0.35 and being quite consistent. Any ideas what could cause such strange behavior? My other drivers don’t exhibit such weirdness and usually stay in 10% limit from driver to driver.

Kharis Marzuqi says:

How do u compare this to XT25?
I love the sound of XT25 but not the size, in my car

Mus. says:

Do you have a tutorial on how to take measurements by any chance? Thanks for your videos.

Mark E says:

Hi there great clear and easy to follow video i an getting into car Hifi wow well would this tweeter work in a active 2 way and sub setup in a car ?

Jule Rulez says:

Well ferro-fluid rulez..Dynaudio started using those first i think-and their mid-range speaker was best in the world back then in the 80s…Maybe still is IDK 🙂

Marcel Ooms says:

I really love your driver reviews. very informative. I notice you always test tweeters using a baffle. But does a tweeter really need a baffle? Wouldn’t a tweeter behave better, more like the ideal point source without one? It would get rid of those baffle refractions. Or are there drawbacks to having a tweeter only suspended, maybe even removing the metal plate. I ask this because I’m trying this in a new 3 way active XO build, a tweeter just suspended in air, crossed at 2.5kHz. I don’t have good measuring equipment, elas. So far, I’m not very satisfied, though I cannot pinpoint the problem, the sound is not ‘blending’ well around the crossover point. The tweeter and the mid are spaced about 6 inches apart (hart to hart), maybe that is the problem. In short: what good does a baffle do for a tweeter above 2.5kHz? I would really apreciate your view.

ken cohagen says:

I bought a pair of Dc28 ft 8’s for a pair of Design Acoustics PS 10’s I’m retrofitting with new drivers, and they have a sticky doping compound on them. Have you ever worked with them?

Joshua McLaughlin says:

you can’t here a 1 dB difference especially outside the range of 1K-5K

John sweda says:

You could get away from the baffle distortion by having the tweet proud of the baffle quarter of a half an inch extended forward, anyway your Twitter wasn’t fixed in so there’s going to be some distortion it was just loosely fitted

lex Tr3 says:

why no distortion and csd measurements? fr curve is useful but not as much

Ahto L says:

Hi, fantastic review. I’ve been enjoying watching videos on this channel, they are very informative and well made. One question, would You be interested in measuring/testing SB Acoustics low cost tweeter SB19ST-C000-4? It seems to have somewhat decent spec sheet. It is pretty cheap product, maybe other DIY-s would benefit from it aswell?

Илья Основиков says:

Is this the same tweeter that is used by Tekton Design in their arrays?

i raul says:

u should do s video about the importance of building a speaker with all the drivers remeasured in the box Vs just using the manufacture provided data

Jeevan says:

Hi, is there any chance that you will review BC25SC06-04 tweeter?

russmaleartist says:

Thank you.

who cares says:

Hi, can you make a crossover with this tweeter and sb17nrxc35-8 woofer?

Glen Kashin says:

How low could you cross this tweeter? Would it sound good and handle power well at a 2K second order x-over point?

Arnand de Jager says:

Do these tweeters need to be used with a horn? Because of the directivity and all that? If so, where could I do some reading for a good start?

Matt Hoyle says:

I use these tweeters in a pair of active speakers along with the 6.5inch satori mid/bass. They are amazing drivers. I previously used the cheaper 25mm dome tweeter that has the same baffle cutout. This ring dome is far superior.

XDangerDaveX says:

I have a pair of rebuilt Optimus 3-way speakers and looking at these SB29’s to upgrade from the metal dome tweeters that are currently in there, I don’t have the brand or model# for them but they came from Newark catalog like 20 years ago off of memory they are 8 ohm at 92db sensitivity. My question is: since these SB29 are 4 ohm and the rest of my speakers are 8 ohm – should i use an inline resistor or L-Pad attenuator to reduce this tweeters sensitivity? My other 2 speakers are 5″ FaitalPRO 5FE120 midrange @ 8 ohm & 88db sensitivity (crossover at 5000hz – 500hz) and a MCM Audio 12″ model 55-1220 @ 8 ohm & 98db sensitivity (500hz and lower) Crossover is Eminence PXB3:5K0. The extra sensitivity of the woofer doesn’t bother me a bit by the way, I’ve never tested the speaker’s combined frequency response.

Marek Bialkowski says:

Hello like your videos so much 🙂 just wonder can I send you free two drivers low-midrange budget ones price around 60usd?
Love to see what You can build of course if you find some free time 🙂

Jai Stanley says:

I have two sets of the non-neo version of these tweeters in my builds. They are stunning sounding tweeters. Much, much better than some very expensive (but much older) ScanSpeak tweeters they replaced.

HAMMER says:

Hey, first off KILLER CHANNEL!! (Glad I stumbled on it)
2nd, I have the car audio version of these, made by NVX car audio, and Arc Audio also makes some. (I believe they are all 100% the same minus grills on the car audio versions).
Anyways, NVX also makes a 5.25″ midrange based on SB ‘s drivers. I want to add an 8 to 10″ midbass driver to the mentioned tweeter and mid. Do you have any experience with SB Acoustics 8″ drivers? I am looking at the 8″ and 10″ counterparts to the 5.25 driver I already own. Or, the Satori wo24p 9.5″ driver. Freq are, Tw-2khz up, mid-300 to 2khz, m.b.-70 to 300Hz. Subwoofers are image dynamics idmax. Well, any advice, GREATLY appreciated!

Leonid Sobolev says:

Hello, I’m really recommend you to test the SB26ADC tweeter. It has huge listening angles, low resonance 650Hz (mines even lower). Detailed sound. Low distortions. Only one drawback that I found – sensitivity around 90Db. Overall SBAcoustics drivers is great purchase for a not much money.

blinko656 says:

I appreciate your interest in this..:)

ken cohagen says:

Well, any CNC is better than no CNC! Hopefully there is a cheap fix for your problem, and if you find a cheap solution, let us know!
The null might be audible with those extreme measurements. From real life experience it makes sense that it would make a difference. Many car audio drivers have poor off axis response, especially when mounted on the rear deck. The doors don’t help much either, which is why separates have the tweeter mounted high in the door. ,y 2013 Fusion stereo sounds pretty good, but by placing my hand on an angle next to the driver’s door tweeter and angling it towards my ears it makes a huge difference in definition!

Cake Batter says:

Great Video and great tweeter choice. Its very popular, not very expensive, and offers great performance, which you just verified.

Corrado VRz says:

Pretty sweet. Would be nice to see it mounted on a waveguide.
I just recently acquired a set of SEOS8 to pair with my Seas 27TDFC for a smaller project to go with a set of Aurasound NS6 and I plan on doing it passively (my first)… should be fun. 🙂

Nelson Gracia says:

Hi , At 8:47 min , You use an adaptor that go from the speaker to the computer USB to measure the ohms , please Could you tell me the type of adaptor that You use ? thank You

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