Sonos Play: 5 Wireless Speaker Review

The Sonos Play: 5 wireless speaker is a direct descendant of the speaker that started it all for Sonos, the S5. The Play: 5 is the best — and biggest stand-alone speaker Sonos offers.

The Play: 5, just like everything else in the Sonos ecosystem, is controlled through a smartphone app. It’s simple to use and also includes an auto-tune feature that lets you customize the sound from the speaker based on your room’s acoustics.

Behind the grill sit three tweeters atop three midbass drivers, each powered with their own, discreet digital amplifier. To enhance stereo effects, Sonos has cleverly flared the baffles around the tweeters on the left and right hand sides in an effort to “throw” the sound beyond the speaker’s confines.






Gadget-Sino says:

how does it compare to the Harman Kardon GO+ PLAY?

Andres Motta says:

It’s a good product but somethings you should know before buy one of these speakers:
1. It doesn’t support stream from youtube
2. If there is interference with your wifi obviously it will screw the streaming up.
3. If you have a tiny flat the prefer a Bluetooth speaker. You will get all the benefits of Sonos only if you have different rooms at home.

Mindaugas Jonikas says:

People are you serious???? What is this? A best kept world secret? Why non of the rewievs would even mention that you cant play youtube on sonos? Why non of them would tell that you wont be able watch movie on your pc and streem sound onto sonos? Or any videos posted on facebook by your friends, non of them can be played on sonos. All you can do is use online music services, play music downloaded on yor pc ant thats it. Period. God damn it you couldnt even listen to this rewiev on sonos. It just ridiculously funny, ant the funniest thing is I purchased so well rewieved play 5 today and advertising it tomorrow. Just could not belive what a load of crap it is. If I have to plug it in to listen to youtube then id rather go back to my old school amplifier and good old yamaha speekers, that sounds just as good only alot more powerfull. Besides tablet and a wire connected to speeker.. that would be the whole new level of stupidity..

Jakob Hindahl says:

You will love them, I have two, and it is just fantastic.

Hollanda1975 says:

Great speaker for a good price on Amazon. The only interesting Sonos speaker of this moment is this Play5 v2, the rest (including playbar) is too old and expensive and not in line with Play5 v2 anymore.

Gert-Jan P says:

Can i stream music through the Youtube app (iPhone) and connect it with my new samsung ue48hu7500L? Internal battery (portable?).

Lina Pahulu says:

the only problem is we keep our wifi modem is kept in the kitchen. we dont have open plan living and we dont really use the kitchen as a place for music. i would rather it in our lounge and garage.

Hollanda1975 says:

Play 5 v2 is a great speaker. But for 580 euro (Holland) still no Bluetooth option and no fast dual band wifi (5ghz,AC) is almost a shame. And when can we expect a new Play1 and Play3? They don’t match the new Play5 at all and only seem to become more expensive while they’re more than 6 years old! Good branding Sonos but please keep developing and bring us more upgraded stuff please.

The Responder says:

Can I take these speakers outside?

Errol Brown says:

How does this new play 5 compare with the previous model? Is it worth upgrading?

Li'l Sebastian's Ghost says:

Got this yesterday. Wanted to try one and see if I like it to maybe get a second one. I have been using it all day and decided I will not be getting a second one. One Play 5 is more than enough for me. The sound is SICK! Really impressed with this speaker.

xxEATmyDUBxx says:

when u have multiple speakers connected with WiFi, dose it slow down ur network

Magnus Magnussen says:

It does not have spotify connnect? It streams though the sonos app, it’s not using the native spotify app 😀

Sam Kibby says:

Can you wall mount this?

ExpertWeapons says:

but the bowers and wilkins are better, right?

Dattucha says:

yeah this is a review like fox news is reporting.

Djrion2 says:

Tuneplay only works for apple users.

Faisal Fehad says:

How much did they pay you for this review?

A D says:

Wait? No Bluetooth connectivity? Are you kidding me? I was all about it until now.

Zoe Uiterwaal says:

Are there SONOS speakers that have bluetooth?

Hago Tundidor Gallardo says:


Varun Sagar says:

if u could please review Beolit15 against this one .. i will be very grateful

Speaker Toni says:

Haha, your description of sound is soo off. This speaker does sound damn awesome but never balanced or something.
It is the same as if a person goes ahead and says: man, the new Bugatti is such a fuel saving car.
It’s just not right.
The speaker gets out of control very easily but it still sounds very nice.
Seems like you just took random words and said them.

Anders Wennberg says:

It does not have Spotify connect. It uses Spotify in the Sonos app.

Sonos says:

Thanks, appreciate the love. Rock on.

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