Studio Monitors vs. House Speakers

Studio Monitors vs. House Speakers

Lewis Beasley
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First Last says:

The house speakers may be lying to me but I would rather have my speakers sounding good from the getgo than having to use an eq or dsp to make my music sound better.

tha Drulla says:

hey could you mix and master a song for me ?

Nicholas says:

Thank you for the very informative video.

Jay Dogg says:


Mrravena says:

Great video man, I’ve got a question about overheating problem with studio monitors. Is it a common problem from your personal experience?

In my time I made a dumb decision and bought Mackie CR4 which died in 7 months due to overheating (here where I live summer is not so tough, but sometimes can give you few hellish days) and now I’m planning to buy something more expensive. The only concern I have – damn overheating, I don’t want to pay a load of cash to find out that they will do the same trick and die due to overheating.

matija breljak says:

i have ei nis zk40 monitor studio speakers 30watts 4ohms what amp i should use (speakers are passive). And yes i have audigy 2 zs gold platinum…

Munkherdene Munkhtsetseg says:

Thanks!! never gonna forget your analogy about women and speakers bro.

TheesGuy says:

Awesome now I know what I need. Thanks and I subbed!

Jeremy Mettler says:

I got outlaw like amp hate pre amp and Polk monitor 70 not like much wish would of seen this sooner

Shan Tv says:

keep it up ,, ur greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattt

Harmony 99 says:

Man you are funny LOL XD

Photography In A Click says:

Excellent video dude

Kipper Klank says:

This feels like a story my dad tells from his years at collage.

Doug Wallace says:

Glad I ran across this, Starting a home studio as a non-musician and just gaining the facts. Would have wasted money on cool looking speakers that would have not served my purpose. Actually the cool looking speakers will work for my other main computer, but not my home studio. Very good, and simple explanation. BTW, I’ve had that experience with a fake chick before!!!!

Dale Gauthier says:

You make a good point and are absolutely right

Deli1v2 says:

WHY THE FUCK ISNT THIS DUDE AT 1MIL SUBS, Bro amazing video, i really love your content good doin what you’re doin.

JustStunt311 says:

Lewis Beasley!

Wheezy TM says:

Arent the massive speakers white van speakers? I saw he exact same ones in a review

John Velarde says:

building a home studio soon. this helps alot. thanks so much man. subbed.

Rich Bruns says:

So basically.. A house speaker is like a scene out of “Im gonna git you sucka”

ϟChris Joyceϟ says:

Great video man, Very helpful.

Ryan Wilson says:

Chubby Kevin Hart! Great video and good analogy dude.

rk theinspirer says:

Very good explaining.
Very useful.

Jeremy Mettler says:

starting to think outlaw and Polk can kiss my ass

HD_AUDIO says:

Cool video, thanks just got a pair of behringer Ms40’s. Subbed!

BiggZae Beats says:

Whats better JBl or krk

karlmuller1976 says:

haha your intro cracked me up! 😛

Michael Enochs says:

Excellent video. Analogy was a little long but Audio/video 10/10. Subbed!

Munesh Ramkumar says:

Great video dude.

socksumi says:

C’mon… those house speakers look like they were bought from a white
van. Of course crap like that is going to pale in comparison to quality,
name brand studio monitors. I could easily name dozens of reasonably priced
excellent quality home loudspeakers (flat response, low distortion and wide bandwidth) directly comparable to the various “monitors” listed here. To hold up white van junk as “typical” for home systems and compare it to well regarded monitors (some of them rather expensive) is hardly fair.

Jeremy Mettler says:

wish seen you first

Renaldo Kouakou says:

Lil yachty father head ass

BioLizard Venom says:

I use studio monitors AND subwoofers so i can get all the range

BrodyCan'tLift says:

I rememer his story off by heart

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