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We review the Aperta speaker stand by Isoacoustics. Isolator stands have been around from brands like Auralex, and traditional affordable stands from brands like Sanus are nothing new. Does this radical design really do anything?

0:00 – 0:40 Intro and Sales Pitch
0:40 – 1:30 What the hell do these things do?
1:30 – 2:02 Setting up the demo
2:01 – 2:20 Sound Demo with and without stands
2:20 – 3:30 Why sound products are subjective
3:30 4:10 The Pros
4:10 – 5:10 The Cons
5:05 Final Thoughts

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Ikenna Funken says:

What’s the difference with Aperta non Aperta ones


Good review. There was a sound difference but you are correct about the price.

Raul El Producer says:

Listening with my KRK headphones, with the stands the sound feels more detailed and rich, as well as a bit more of bass response and clarity, while without the stand it sounds more muffled and messed.

RUN & GUN says:

Big difference in the background strings. Clarity and resonance was better

B Owie says:

They look like they have been sawn off a granny chair!

Silvano Vitro says:

So, are you keeping the ones under your speakers?

Barry Musgrove says:

There is nothing wrong with having a sex toy for personal use, but calling it a person?;)

Marcos Farias says:

Good review. Can you do a Double Reppuken?

thegrimyeaper says:

Big difference, both pretty bad.

Kevin Schaaps says:

I am considering gettings isolators like this and for me the question is: “do my neighbours notice the difference”. I don’t know, but I do not want to burden them with low frequency movie sounds. 🙂 Would you know if it helps for that purpose?

HellGoodDoogz says:

Great review! Thanks mate!

Michael B. says:

Whoa! I’ve watched many of your car videos and had no idea you started in this genre. Did a double take when I saw the publisher name.

Bob K says:

I bet they are cast aluminum, not machined. That is why there are surface imperfections. Another comment. These may work in a condo or apartment to help isolate low frequencies from being transmitted through the floor or a wall to other neighbors. They would isolate transmitted vibration.

Buddy Rust says:

wonderful demonstration. the blow up doll comment got my sub. the interjection of a dead pan joke in a serious professional review is priceless. thanks!

twochaudio twochaudio says:

Why are you selling that crap? Salesman. Bass cleaner but less bass as you life speakers up high
Studio people use zip cord for wire would never
Care for that.

Marc Gallant says:

I think the biggest impact was the reflection point , I recently switched from a bookshelf design like yours to kef q100’s which have the drivers placed up higher in the cabinet … Now it’s hard to compare because their not the speakers …. I can tell the imaging is much much better …. And they’re sitting on the 10mm rubber feet (provided by kef). So I would say for the majority of speakers those stands are great , or just DIY something , but I would always use rubber or isolation foam somewheres

Alex B. says:

Good review overall…I hear the difference with my Audio Technica ATX-M50x headphones and IMO, if you’ll continue to do these kind of tests, you should improve your room’s acoustics. Here is a good diy project:

Cassandrah says:

its cleaner with the stands. now I’m sure there are alternatives to the $160. just ordered some foamy ones on amazon…

Ectos says:

Without it sounds more metallic, kinda dont like it

mikelo303 says:

exactly! thank you

unready56 says:

I’m listening on laptop speakers and I have a massive difference in the sound comparison demo.

0nnthelow says:

just and FYI these are way better than foam isolation and it alsp gives your speakers an extra couple inches of space providing an even clearer sound

James Veach says:

250 bucks for them no way in hell not that dum to pay that kind of money for nothing

Bas van Heel Roseboom says:

When the eye’s are white of the doll she’s full and you have to empty her!

Grail 05 says:

wow i actually can tell probably need a stand for my QAcoustics 3020

CSR Inc says:

I agree. They are insanely overpriced for what they are.

Julian Landeros says:

So I am thinking of getting stands for a desk and these keep popping up on my searches. The price has dropped from $199 to $89. Just wanted to know if you think that the price change, changes your view on the recommendation

James Klarc says:

I heard the difference. With the stands… it kept clarity. As soon as the mounts are taken away… the mids were lashing out too much. Too boxy too harsh. Because now that entire desk was resonating certain frequencies. It’s like u gave the entire mix a shitty nooby wide eq boost like 4 decibels up lol

janschutz174 says:

“Hey Ma! We’ll have the meatloaf now!”

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