The best speakers of 2017

The Audiophiliac’s list covers a wide gamut, the $150 Vizio SB3621 sound bar all the way up to the $12,000 TAD ME-1 stand mount monitors. Here’s the complete list,


Michail Zorné says:

Steve, can americans really make natural, neutral-sounding speakers like Spendor, Harbeth, old KEF, B&W even old Tandberg ?


Ohm Walsh. Built in your home town too..

angelo t says:

Your right about the Vizio sound Bar, surprisingly good sound

bato matovic says:

I have listened to TAD ref one many years !! I’m not so passionate about them !! good songs but mecan sound !! best !!!! not.

jeff wolf says:

Nothing from Bang & Olufsen?

WV591 says:

tu+Sub even though none of us can afford any of the speakers you review. it’s good to see a pro and appreciation for speakers. like the days gone by.

lkjyuiop says:

I’m trying to find some Cerwin Vega with 2 15”s but I can’t find where to buy them

twochaudio twochaudio says:

Dider, At first glance. I thought You were my granny. With that hair. Wow

Ross says:

Sick about kef LS50 what about Legacy studio monitor HD?

Eugene Redden says:

So goldenear didn’t make the cut of best speaker but a Vizio soundbar did

Stevo McSteve says:

I have a set of Polk Audio rt 1000 floor speakers with the built in subwoofers that I still love as much as I did when I bought them in 2000. Polk audio seems to have gone down hill on quality with their newer speakers…

Erik Coulombe says:

lol the best speaker is the ones i built,,seas drivers and custom crossovers in a cabinet i made with materials natural and thick….I guess in comparison my speakers would be 22,000 a pair but built with 1900 worth of parts and 60 hours of labor,,,you buy a pair of speakers for 12000 a pair the drivers and crossover might cost 700

cootaloot says:

Your LP storage is absolutely tragic. So many records developing edge warps while we watch.

Gene Savage says:

Are speakers improving year over year, decade over decade? I know people who swear by speakers made 25 or even 50 years ago. I would expect computers have improved capabilities, but I also know companies have to make products that sell… so might not make BETTER speakers but less expensive speakers with the same quality… or some other parameter.

johnabuick says:

No pictures of them and no demonstration = opinion about hearsay.

Ed Black says:

…am I supposed imagine what you’re talking about?

Ca Nadian thepride says:

HAHAAH ! Nice joke buddy ! Now I will go back to my JBL 4350 . lolll what a joker with is soundbar hahahah, hihihihi, lolll !!

Andrew Crain says:

I have to say it would be nice to see these speakers that your talking about but I believe your a honest man!! BUT IT WOULD BE NICE TO AT LEAST SEE THEM…im Currently using a pair of JBL’S S310 and of course people will say there not Audio files speakers but with my adcom 555 mk2 they really sound really nice to my ear there not as Efficient as I would like them to be…but I also have a pair of the klipach 5.2 witch I had the Crossovers Refurbished and they are very Officiant but to my ears the JBL S310 3way sound really nice!!! And would like to say my girlfriend Michele she’s said to me the other night at dinner and some jazz I was playing she Preferred the JBL’S over the klipach witch I thought was very Interesting that she would just come out and say that…but I’m definitely thinking of some Higher end speakers that I am saying for yes to spend between $1500 to $3000 I have to save for then

Dimon Kusok says:

Эдакий Стив Джобс в мире музыки

Wookie Groomer says:

Tried to follow along on the cnet link but completely all out of order. 🙁

phil brown says:

Nice to be sponsored by so many companies

Thom Braam says:

A “audiophile” recommending soundbars!! WTF i don’t trust any man recommending soundbars

David Blanchard says:

Hi Steve, really like your channel, very informative and honest. I have a question about – you guessed it — speakers. I have a pair of old 1994 PSB 500’s. I watched your review of the ELAC B6 and was wandering if they would be a significant step up?

Logan Hubbard says:

Hey Steve, been taking your advice for years now. Always a good bet buying your recommendations. I saw a few great reviews on the RSL CG3 and CG23 speakers and was wondering if you could take a listen? I have their 10S Speedwoofer subwoofer and it is fantastic. I’ve had an SVS sb-2000 and the little speedwoofer comes close in dynamics and brute force and only lacks in low end sub sonics. I have some WAF issues so need smaller less conspicuous speakers. Thanks for all your work!

Antoine Bonin-Palardy says:

You should really consider reviewing Paradigm Persona speakers. They are simply incredible!!! I have never listen to a so transparent sounding pair of speakers!!! They have both beryllium tweeter and midrange drivers! I even prefer them to the top of the line focal speakers and even B&W 804d

Sara Mihaila says:

The best sold speakers of 2017 are KEF LS50 are just amazing!

Julia M says:

Own McIntosh amps, hifi is 99 %BS. Its A/C signal on A D. C. AMP. And if you don’t start with a 24 Bit lossless/Flac file. Your never going to hear the difference..the music for the last 35 years is synthetic keyboard.

Prasanna Srinivasan says:

The Noam Chomsky of speakers!! Steve’s reputation as some of the most honest reviewer can be matched only by a select few!!

53patsfan says:

Steve, long time reader and watcher. I have not owned a turntable since I was a kid. Is it worth starting out now? I have no records. My main player is an OLIVE ONE.I want a second one now too, but they are out of business as far as I know. THANKS

Underwood Studio says:

Just watched this ….What about Strauss Speakers?

O P says:

B.S. let people listen to them, not telling stories about them.

Athur V says:

Hi , u call yourself audiophiliac and yet throw in a sound bar to your list ?
I think u should do stand up comedy too .

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