These affordable Q Acoustics speakers sound great

The Q Acoustics 3020 offers audiophile quality in a truly affordable set of compact loudspeakers. Q Acoustics 3020 review –

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Gilles M. says:

I’ve had them for more than 2 years now, how is that news?

M R A Scott says:

If you hunt around there’s still a lot of 2020i’s (3020 predecessor) left in stock for less than half that price (£79 here in the UK), and I doubt these are substantially better, if at all.

kezzaman says:

I got a pair of these for £189 in March 2017.

infinitewhileloop says:

Audiophile quality budget speakers different category than just budget

Cheddar323 says:

You can get the IK ILoud speakers for a bit cheaper probably and they sound phenomenal.

Will Porter says:

Since when did a $300 item start being classified as “budget“? I’m calling bullshit on your “budget” speakers. I’m sure they sound awesome…. Because $300 speakers are supposed to sound awesome

Mack Turrican says:

I bought 20 dollar desktop speakers and was pretty happy with those. They atleast sound better than TV speakers.

salmonline says:

Pearls before swine, C-net… pearls before swine….

Aditya Rizky says:

everytime u said affordable price.. I really wish u say under 50$..

Yao Moua says:

Bwhaahhaha! Budget at $299

Jim Powell says:

Nice! Let me see if I got a spare $300 laying around here…

Amur Sanathu says:

It would have been perfect if you could let us hear the sound sample

Large Marche says:

3 months of booze or “affordable speakers”

Sam Panicker says:

CNET: 300 dollar budget

Mathieu TRAAS ÉTIENNE says:

All of these people saying this isn’t budget… we’re talking about the audiophile category here. 300$ for good speakers is cheap.

Nakul21Gaming says:

These are expensive

william ensign says:

how are these budget?

Conta Dois says:

299 dollars is budget? WTF

Adrien Lesage says:

I thought they would be like 70-100$… Not 300!!! How is that budget?!?!

Bob McCoy says:

*pfffttt.. this is chump change*

joshx413 says:

Affordable?! I’m happy for you that you find that affordable. But 80+% of the world disagrees with you. Quite pretentious.

ImTechFreak says:


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