This Bluetooth Speaker Will Blow Your Mind!

Fluance Fi70 Wireless High Fidelity Music System
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Bring the concert hall into your home with high fidelity sound perfected by your favorite artist and performed flawlessly by the Fi70
Powerful integrated amplifier and six speaker configuration including dual 8” subwoofers reignites the loudness of your favorite songs with full, rich audio unlike anything you’ve ever heard before
Exquisitely commanding cabinet design is hand crafted with audio grade wood, separate enclosures and a thick front baffle to perfect the reproduction of your favorite music
Wirelessly stream music instantly from Spotify, Pandora, iTunes or your own music library for room filling, concert-like sound; AptX enhanced Bluetooth audio technology ensures powerful and well defined sound
Feature rich extras include AM/FM radio, adjustable EQ, touch controls, audio input, digital optical input, LED display, alarm clock, and USB port for charging your devices


Andrej Kopic says:

I must buy this shit

Mr Realtalk says:

As far as sound quality this Bluetooth speaker or the jbl boom box paired with 2 jbl pulse 3’s portability isn’t a factor in my question

Marcus Nape says:

Cool down bro.

gee W says:

Yo flossy. Dig the reviews. Took your word and bought this, recieved it damaged ..wth? 10days to ship? Almost a month now and no refund and no speaker? You got yours for FREE I paid….. talk to them shake their cage.

John Rogers says:

you want a REAL portable bluetooth speaker? look into the sound box 2. its unbelievable and worth every penny. 2 10 inch subs + tweeter. AND its basically water proof, shock proof, dust/sand proof, basically its LIFE PROOF i saw it get run over by a car…and you can host a whole black party with it at 122db of sound and still crystal clear at max!!! i love mine, it gets alot of questions and many of my friends have purchased one after seeing mine in person.

plus the sound box doesnt weigh 100+ pounds, military battery lasts up to 100 hours, recharge time is ONLY 3 hours. aux, usb charging, light weight and has handles. and holds the title for words loudest portable speaker! etc. etc… only downside is its about $900 without accesories, for an extra 100-150$ you can get a specially detachable backpack mount for transport. instead of a backpack my idea is using an old suitcase with a telescopic handle in case the backpack gets too heavy.

klazzikk says:

you should review the Pyle Pro 15 inch PA Speaker.

Christian Adams says:

Diamond box or the fluance?

Robert Erazo says:

track names please???? Love your vidz Floss

MrDominik010 says:

It is worth it?

Yariel Marte says:

put the bass up

Xxtictoc1216xX says:

gotta love them usual books and shit

Orlando Orlando says:

I bet you that this can’t beat my enormous 4ft tall Sanyo SSV16 with 16″ woofers and bass reflex!

They’re rare. Google those beasts and have fun buying a pair for dirt cheap!

Rod Schermerhorn says:

Getting it!

Tony says:

I’ve got a question ……. can you run two of these together ?

Enter your Name says:

shame we can’t get it in the uk

Ben Thibodeau says:

Awesome review man!

SPOT ON says:

does it need to be plugged in to play

Jp says:

How i can buy this speaker if i life in europe??

Gaga Gaga says:

Flossy, thanks for the video. The speakers looks and sounds very interesting. And your first two tracks was awesome. I️ try Shazam them but didn’t show any results . Can you please give me the names of this two remixes ? Thanks!

Yariel Marte says:

So f****** awesome

Yariel Marte says:

That was a major major major major major major major go

Sven Quist says:

Flossy can you please put a link where we can download your custom tracks because they are sick as hell


what was that first track you played

Thomas H says:

Sweet tunes man!

Luthfi Mohammed says:

Flossy Carter, Soundboks 2 VS Fluance Fi70. Which one does best and loudest sound?

Yariel Marte says:

Why you pick up that

Shivanand Gunness says:

Hey Flossy is it better than the LG OJ98 n Sony n SoundBlok 2

Rod Schermerhorn says:

love it and affordable!i thought it would be 1500 or 2000.

UnformidableWolf says:

What a surprise it’s another packie doing an unboxing video of something he bought with free money from the government

Flossy Carter says:

#Squad Roll Call

Rajdeep Singh says:

Can I get this in the UK?

tiger pooh says:

hello floss! i am getting this speaker this Thursday do you think i will be impressed? i like speakers with thundering bass . does this have it ?

breker19er says:

Great review!!

cool guy says:

I do not trust Amazon so what store can I get this from

Raido Puusepp says:

Hey floss. Man these tunes sick.. Need em asap. Great vid like always.

Emmanuel Winfield says:

Yo, that first track you played, where can I purchase it? Great review and awesome beats

krishn arjun says:

What is the name of last song

johnnyray34 says:

Nice review

andre bradley says:

Peace My Brother what is the best mega system. I’ve seen you do one before

joey salinas says:

Yo what are those tunes??

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