Thonet & Vander Kürbis Bt 300 Hi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers

Thonet & Vander Kürbis Bt 300 Hi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers
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Pure, Authentic Sound: Enjoy your favorite songs with exceptional audio quality across all frequencies. Use with all your media devices, or as a first step in creating your home studio.
• 60W RMS (30W + 30W) Power Output: Delivers 300 watts of peak power. Experience earth-shaking sound potency in a streamlined speaker package that complements any space.
• Elegant Acoustic Design: High Density Acoustic AbsorberTM (HDAA) speaker box prevents vibration and ensures sustainable performance. Refined cubic design with black wood finish.
• Hassle Free Bluetooth Connectivity: Pair with any Bluetooth enabled device such as a tablet, phone, MP3 player, or laptop. Also includes RCA stereo input for connecting to wired devices.
• Risk Free 1 Year Warranty: Your Bluetooth speakers purchase is protected for a full 12 months! To expand your warranty period to 3 years, register on our website.


Witzel99 says:

Me and my friends are really thinking of buying these speakers we can use for parties, how’s the bass? Will it make the room ringing? Or will it make the room banging? .. anyways is the bass any good?

Sam Khosrowtaj says:

Good job !

Healthy Trollmeister says:

Def a first for youtube reviewers….the smell test lmao you shud add them in all of your videos floss

Jeff Lansberry says:

Floss, what’s the name of the track you used for the demo. Love it and love these speakers.

Tulan999 says:

How is the bass?

Adrian Soria says:

he makes good reviews + he makes the reviews kinda funny

maynardo says:

$99 bucks at Best Buy right now. Might have to cop dem joints!

Brian Bonnell says:

just got these on best buy for $100, gonna hook my chromecast in to them.

Danilo Ward says:

if i buy 2 pairs, how can i connect them together?

Alliyyy says:

In my country , this speaker price is half of my salary a month lol

Itoverwith Playa says:

Whats better this or the bose 30?

Марина Андреева says:

я из того что ты говоришь, не понимаю

Andrew Caldwell says:

anyone know the first song he said “raymen noodles” or something

Darryl Austin says:


Funk Gunner says:

Crazy dope

Jason McCullough says:

Yo, I like how you threw your nephew in the mix. Just found your channel a few days ago and I’m digging the raw videos. You know I had to hit that subscribe button.

Z Taylor says:

Really want to get these speakers, but I’m a broke ass college kid. Oh well, Christmas is coming up.
I also can’t get enough of this song. What’s it called?

shifterdude647 says:

German engineering <3 thanks for this, will probably buy these cause of this video

Sean Williams says:

I just grabbed these off Best Buys Deal of the Day for $99 with free shipping, looking forward to getting them and checking them out. They will be replacing my Klipsch – ProMedia 2.1 setup on my desktop computer. These klipsh speakers replaced speakers I found in the trash and had for 15 years and the difference was incredible, I’m hoping to see a tangible difference between the klipsch and these Thonet & Vander speakers.

Lamonta Muhammad says:

Off the chain

Unianu Andrei says:

Floss you gotta get a better microphone for your speakers tests…i could hear the difference with the old mic…this one has a noise cancelation or something

Benedict Heil says:

How can I get the first Song?

Diego Desiderio says:

Amazing iam gonna get those , i like them , thanks enjoy

Aditya Jain says:

Cool presentation ..i like rapping style 😀

Soviet36 says:

+flossycarter what speakers would you recommend for under 300

Raymond Julia says:

floss, which tracking watch do you have on? the red one

ASVPstevenashfan says:

yo floss which is better these or the harmon kardon onyx?

Hadi Widodo says:

Please help me, this speaker or audioengine 2+ or mackei cr4 BT? I use it for listening music and movie for my computer, i prefer strong bass. Please help me to decided .

BAROLO dog says:

You made them sound so good they decided to raise the price(200 bux).

xPREDATORx says:

Dj bl3nd have this speakers


They remind me of KRK studio monitors… nice review.

Huy Nguyen Ho says:

I need to buy it

music agent says:

i like the first song what name

Mr. Dlb says:

Hey do u know what some good bluetooth entertainment system floss?

Kunigunde Mauer says:

gr8 review! subscribed 🙂

Soviet36 says:

flossy carter would you put these speakers in your top 5

Mythical Chris says:

Smell test XD

Avelar_ cutz says:

whats your nephews song called ?

Anthony says:

yo the real question is these speakers vs the kinivio M2 speakers +Flossy Carter

David Olszewski says:

I just placed an order for the KANTO YU3 for $170, should i order these instead, Im looking for quality over the base, I can always add a sub. Should I stick with Kantos or go for these?

Angra Pan says:

i’m subed your channel !! i’m also wondering what if you going to test “”edifier e25” it’s also BT4.0 capable and most importantly is it looks sexy

lilmoris1 says:

Name of the first song?

Tony O- Dot Mitchell says:

what’s the name of your nephews group and the name of that song??

The Hot Pepper says:

these or logitech z623?

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