Totem Acoustic Arro Speaker Review HD

This is my review of the very svelte Totem Arro floorstanding speakers. This is the bigger brother to the Totem Dreamcatcher bookshelves. This speaker may be small and slim, but they’ll suprise you with sound!

Sensitivity: 87db
Reccomended power: 20-80 watts
Impedence: 4ohm
Frequency response: 40hz-20khz plus or minus 3db (they extend lower)
Max SPL: about 103db


JK Low says:

Your comments are 100% spot-on. I heard these Arros last few days and was blown away. Such a large, effortless sound that makes you gasp with disbelief…and I’ve been seriously into hifi since 1981, own a pair of Sonus Fabers and attend hifi shows globally. Heard the Arros at Int AV Show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Totally mesmerized.

utubecomment21 says:

Totem Arro, one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. If I wasn’t into self-build, and I had to buy ‘Stock’ speakers again, Totem would be at the top of my list.

phantasm1004 says:

Another great review. I should look into Totem speakers more seriously. I like their small footprint.

And again….killer legs!

carspeakerreviews says:

Out of the many speakers I’ve heard, tested owned and have forgotten about, the Totem Arro’s are by far and away the most memorable speakers. I heard them right there in the shop, not in the demo room, and the sound-stage from behind the speakers was unbelievable.

For me, If I had the perfect room, set up, these would be there. I don’t remember them being bass monsters, however the impression they left on me …. as you can probably tell.

Photo314159 says:

It allows you to tune them to your taste as well as floor materials. Carpet with padding is drastically different than wood. You won’t “un-match” them as long as you use the same amount of ballast in each.

Agustín Rivera says:

Thanks…but what you think is better the marantz pm8004, rotel ra12 or the Cambridge audio azur651a for the totem aero…..thanks again

corz tech says:

hi i got these speakers but unfortunately i just moved house and lost the wires when doing so and would like to know where do you think i can buy this

Photo314159 says:

No I have not.

Blackrebelmoto says:

Bay Bloor Radio? Tell me about it…

snipe1963 says:

I just heard these speakers in another video. All I can say is, HOLY CRAP!
I can’t believe how much bottom end you get with those little drivers!

Malva Rosa says:

Like it, excellent design, regards for amigo audio expert.

Agustín Rivera says:


MuristekTV says:

We sure need more intelligent women in the world. The fact is that women don’t like big speakers and many don’t like them at all. Intelligence is the key, though.

Photo314159 says:

This is impossible unless I’m in your room. Just set them so all the speakers sound as loud as each other at your listening position and you’ll be fine. Start at 0.

Photo314159 says:

If I had some I would. No Winds to review makes it kind of hard.

David Slaney says:

Great Job Clint!

The speakers image like crazy.  you can put them any where and not worry about getting great sound.  I have 2 arro’s behind me about 3 feet.  they are to my left and still imaging like crazy and Rock is no limitation…  Van Halen II playing, Breaks every audiophile rule  I have tried to live by 🙂

BTW….come to Manitoba and we can do a couple of reviews about anything you like…..Shoot some turkeys, talk guns,  shoot some rifles, listen to some tunes  and drink a couple drinks 🙂

zorhis1996 says:

can you do a review on the Totem Winds ? if you can 🙂 please

BlackHawkPSU says:

Excellent review from what seems to be an honest sales person which is rare. Wish I had a store like this around me. I wish I could hear these though they don’t seem to be my cup of tea by his description. I like most music these days though I mostly listen to loud levels of rock music. 🙂

Robin Fernando says:

Hi this is robin i bought new sony blu ray home theater system bdv E290 2 months before they came for installation also but still iam not satisfied i want to set the exact volume level for all the speakers . i dont have auto speaker calibration setup .In manual calibration the volume level +- 6db for all the speakers.i dont know how to use spl meter.kindly send me the exact speaker level volume for each speaker in db.

Photo314159 says:

Why thank you, I’m a pretty straight shooter. This is a great speaker, but not a great speaker for everybody. Loud rock, you’ll want something else. 🙂

Photo314159 says:

Oh, I totally agree on the cop out. I hear that a lot too. It’s when the wife is in the store and I hear her impressions personally that I speak of in my video. If he’s alone, he’ll use that to get himself out of the store without a purchase with no intention at all of buying. They just don’t seem to know that we’re o.k. with them just looking/listening as well. It’s those who have been “just looking” 75 times without making a purchase that we have a problem with, lol.

Photo314159 says:

The Tribe V is one of the most amazing speakers I’ve ever experienced. I wouldn’t know why you’d be looking at another brand on account of an audio tweak they also offer. And btw, everybody loves the beaks!

Vladimir says:

Super computer designed beak for anti-tweeter glare eh? 😀

Photo314159 says:

It depends on the party, lol. But no typically not. A bit of cocktail jazz sure.

MuristekTV says:

Yeah, Bay Bloor Radio bullshitters. They are good for nothing. The guy just plonked the Totem Wind speakers wherever without aligning them properly or paying any attention to the placement, which is crucial to get the most out of them. And on top of that, he never asked me about my budget, the size of room or my needs. He just let me listen to a couple of unfamiliar jazz songs and then proceeded to tell me that this is the speaker for me. I have a pair of PSB Image 4Ts and very happy with them.

eduardo escobar says:

whats up with the salt shakers?

MuristekTV says:

Recently, a salesman in Toronto, Canada attempted to sell me a pair of Totem Wind speakers for $12,000, but he never asked me about the size of my room. Salesmen are in 99% of cases complete dicks.

Sajeev Ruthra says:

#floorstandingheadphones lol. great review! thank you!

uniformal1 says:

I have the Totem Dream Catcher Monitor.  And I love them .  I auditioned them beside Paradigm Mini Monitor, Focal 705, Focal 706, And Polk Audio RtI100.  Totem was the best.   The sound is addicting.  Magical.  The others were good also but Totem was best.  I was supposed to buy the focal. But they got beat fair and square. 

Photo314159 says:

Really any good integrated from 50-100 watts would fork fine. If you’re looking for just an amp the Parasound A23 would be a very nice choice.

champster says:

was looking into tribe speakers.. then I learn about totem beaks .. I guess I’m looking into another brand =_=..

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