Totem Acoustic Element Earth Speaker Review

Clint the audio guy back here with another review of some great hifi gear, this time with the fabulous Totem Acoustic Element Earth floorstanding speakers. If you’re in the neighborhood stop by Xtend Technologies and I’ll play them for you!

Thanks for watching!


Angel Castro says:

Hello Clint. Always appreciate the videos. Because of you, I’ve made some awesome buys. Been missing the videos. Had some questions and would love you opinion. Whats the best way to get a hold of you?

Jerry Nski says:

Clint this is Jerry from Ashtabula and I think I will see you soon, dont have the money right now but want to hear some good high quality sound to lift my spirits.

astralboy79 says:

turtles ?

anjinsan1977 says:

I’m shocked how much better the Winds are compared to the Earths. Wish I had been able to compare the two back when I bought Earths :/

Miguel Angel Casellas Argáez says:

Hello Clint, i have HEGEL Solid State electronics (amp&preamp) and i am wondering if these beauties could match super good with my system as i see most of the time are paired with Macintosh gear (tubes) i have been offered an almost NEW pair of Element metals for $5,000 and in the other hand there is the Kef R900, Revel f208 and GE Triton One brand new ones for less than that, are the Metals as good as their retail price?

andre plusman says:

wat een gezijk in de ruimte!!!!!

eug3nius says:

Another audiophile rip-off two way speaker, overpriced at least a factor of six. Just looking at it it has difraction problems, dispersion mismatch between the tweeter and the woofer and somebody beat it with the ugly stick.

I haven’t seen measurements of this speaker but I’ve seen Totem measurements before and they were funny, worse than speakers 10 times cheaper. If you can’t get a speaker flat on any axis, charge 9000$ for it, somebody’s going to buy it just to brag about it. 🙂

Just buy a decent speaker made by people who aren’t in the audiophile ripoff business – like Revel or ATC.

Nrocket says:

How do they sound for home theater? I heard the Element fires at NY audio show and they were arguably the best there.

F&F Networking says:

Hello there. I’m on the way in making a step further on changing my Totem Forests (which I love). I’ve always loved Totem sound and Elements Metal could be a fair choice. I thought on Winds in first place, but I would love some serious opinion. Alternatives could be Legacy Focus SE. The speakers are driven by VTL power monoblocks. Thank you in advance.

Pablo Liesenberg says:

thank you for an excellent, informative overview of the Totem speaker. i own the bookshelf version, the Element Fire, and can totally recommend it…

Duarte Barros says:

Hi Clint, would you say the sound is more on the clinical or warmth side (e.g. such as the Hawk)? I might have a good deal on a pair but no chance for a demo. I’d be to be paired with a Devialet 120 which is very transparent.. Many thanks

Mindgamez says:

I wanna hear that thing so badly xD

Andreas Breslawski says:

I really like Totem’s design language.

jcricket 1710 says:

wish I could here that in person glad t see your doing videos again I miss them

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