Totem Acoustic Element Metal Speakers Demo with Vince Bruzzese [HQ Binaural Recording]

Put on your headphones and enjoy an awesome demo by Vince Bruzzese from Totem Acoustic! Flimed at Audio Video Therapy, Nashua NH. Please use headphones for an accurate lifelike sound.


john smith says:

hello 3DaudioXperience,
what is the name of the 1st music track, can you remember?
your help is appreciated, thanks.

ramon vives says:

I demoed them last year and, IMHO, they are far better than Electras 1038 or BW 802. Very holographic sound I only heard before from tidal piano cera. Really amazing speakers. Great video!!

TR PD says:

My next speakers!

Spi Man says:

Please update entire setup.That is CD player, DAC, Pre and Power.

Konstantin Gibalo says:

what are best totemes with Bryston 4Bsst2/BP26?

clavinetjunkie says:

may I ask which mics do you use and is your gopro headmounted? i always have the problem that my recordings result being crotched quite often, altough I try to keep my head as horizontal as possible.

pedro diaz says:

I pity the dude who disliked this video

Patrizia Ames says:

I came over this Kickstarter project from Totem. Very interesting:

Duarte Barros says:

This video introduced me to Chris Jones – priceless.

Jansen Ravioli says:

I want to buy those speakers….they sound amazing.

Nrocket says:

Who does that Merry Christmas Baby version? I’ve heard it played at audio shows. Trying to find it.

anjinsan1977 says:

Totem never seems to disappoint!

Vladimir Gashnev says:

Good sound

MrZenderOne says:

holly cow:D Listen trough sony mdr 7506,wov.What recorder did you use?

Paolo Ciarpaglini says:

What of new…?; nothing. Also the old wood was muh more beauty. Hi end have reach a unovetakeble point, now, or somebody try to indvent a real step beyond, or all these ‘news’ are useless. Need a revolucionary discover for increases truly the actuals limits.

Brodey Dover says:

Uhhh yeah, Subbed.

Miguel Angel Casellas Argáez says:

Hi, What is the amp driving these beauties in this video?

john smith says:


thank you.

Alfonso Morales says:

would like to know top 3 or 4 amplifier model choices to pair w these different Totem speakers.

Vladimir Gashnev says:

Excellent sound

Crazy prayingmantis says:


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