Totem Acoustic Hawk Review!

Here’s my review of the quirky, yet oh so enjoyable Totem Acoustic Hawk.

Want specs? Then click on the following link:

Also, take the time to check out the artist that’s featured in this video, R. Carlos Nakai !

Thanks for watching guys!


José Juan G. Belman says:

Hello, What speaker you like most, Totem Hawk or Polk Audio LSiM 703? Thank you. Greetings from Mexico.

Vinyl Eyezz says:

Great video man!

Richard Peterson says:

Great Video. The hawks really are divas lol. If you don’t place them right they won’t talk to you for a week. I feel like you need to pair them with Naim to really get them alive. I just bought a naim 250DR and N272. I’m breaking it in on some mites lol…. Trust me they sound unbelievable with this combo. Forest signatures in cherry are coming next week and I can’t wait.

Don Heston says:

three grand I’d get some polk audios for that kinda cash but to each is own

utubecomment21 says:

I do love Totem. but …. UK Price: £2,889
Maidosund Scanspeak Kit: £664 (shipped to UK) (xe currency):
Bit of wood: £30 at most and I’ve just saved myself *£2195* Nice!!! 🙂

My other issue is, I’m not the biggest fan of Scanspeak. regardless of this review –

I’d probably go for a Seas Kit.

Hands up, I’ve never heard ther higer end Totem stuff, but I’d take the Hawks and Arro’s over the likes of the Focal Grand Utopia’s, or Wilson Audio Alexx XLF any day!!!

San Miguel says:

Great review of the Hawks…………………………have you ever had a chance to listen to the Totem Wind Design?

Mike E says:

Great review! Have you ever tried Ascend Acoustics? I would love to see a review of them!

peace2014 says:

There are a pair of Totem Hawks up for bid in white with a 120 hours on them. They are both in new condition. How high should a bidder go to obtain them? Thanks.

Duarte Barros says:

Very good review – refreshing to see a clear Pros and Cons assessment.

Sam B says:

KInda repetitive

chiging says:

very good review there any chance u can do a qls qa100 all digital amp they have some good reviews but no video review..i am an all digital kinda guy

Zangetsuis1 says:

Is there a chance of you reviewing the Totem Forest or Forest Signature? Id love to hear your thoughts on comparing them with the Hawks.

alfred tolentino says:

Best Totem Video I’ve see so far! A++

alfred tolentino says:

How do they compare with the Arros?

Felix Bell says:

AND compare with Harbeth SHL5…… is TOTEM better…. lol

muzik says:

Hey Bro,
Have you heard the Lawrence Audio Violin? I need some help from someone not trying to sell me sh*$.. I had the Usher BE7-18 Dmd, but with th 84 rating they took more power than I had with this Rogue stereo 100. Love what you do bro.

Mike G says:

How can you say this speaker is for ppl who care about tone when you clearly said these speakers are not accurate.. boosted highs, etc?

Also that “these speakers are picky” thing is nonsense.. thats just bad speaker design and some genres hide that speakers flaws better than others.

As for tweeter dome material.. the execution is farr more important than the material used. You can have silky smooth metal domes and harsh silk domes.

Genelec monitors use aluminum domes and they are veryyy smooth.. Presonus Sceptre S8 uses a titanium compression driver which is also one of the smoothest sounding highs Ive heard.

I replaced my soft dome scanspeaks with berylium scanspeaks in my car and the metal beryliums are a lot smoother and softer.. its all about execution.

Crispin Crunch says:

Hey, I noticed these gorgeous thumbnail pictures but just assumed these were in the yard of yer residence. Mate, that is sooo random… a guy carting a speaker to the park to take beauty shots. Respect.

repulser says:

You never said what equipment you tested these with and what they gelled best with?
Will you be reviewing any Devialet expert systems?

エリック says:

I used to own these, I loved the sound but I found they are a bit difficult to drive. They like lots of power. If you don’t own a proper amp I would not buy these. You really need a killer amp to get the most out of them. Maybe a Simaudio, Plinius, or Ayre. What amp are you using?

Zero Fidelity says:

So now that I’m done with that neutral stuff, here’s what I really think: To me, the Hawk is an immensely engaging loudspeaker thats capable of painting a surreal holographic landscape. Even though it’s far from linear and a touch picky to work with, when you treat the Hawk right, it’ll pull you into the musical event in a way that few other speakers I’ve experienced can.

Mitchell- Ellero says:

Sounds like a solid speaker, but I agree, the dot is a little irritating, Took me a while to get around to it, i enjoyed it still. Other than pointing out the quality and inputs, would you mind talking about the build, I love the build on anything, how it will feel, well made, no? What mic do you use? Don’t remember if you said it or not. -Mitchell

cdfmj says:

Hello I am from Hong Kong. I like your review very much. What is your opinion about the Totem Element Metal speakers?

Jason Wong says:

Had a pair of dream catchers back in the day. Actually sold Totem for a while. Always thought they represented a good value for the dollar. That said I personally could never get on board with the use of metal domes that was prominent throughout their line. As you said it isn’t offensive, just not what I would pick given the option. Great review!

usandthem says:

True ‘full range’ output = LMAO!
My 6′ towers with 10″ on top
and 12″ on the bottom, extending to below hearing threshold

M.P.G. says:

they breathe the soundstage at you.

Harry T says:

Why do you have these speakers on stands ? Is that necessary ?


not for me..I listen to mostly classic rock

Scott Lowell says:

I really enjoyed the Forrest model. The arro was too small sounding.

Buen Provecho TV says:

How do you compare the sound presentation between the Totem Hawk to the Tekton Double Impact? Thanks

j says:

love these videos..good reviews..I’m torn between the kef r500 ..dynaudio focus 220s..any recommendations? I really want a speaker that can extent far down in the freq range cause I don’t wanna use a sub..Thanks man!

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