Totem Acoustic Kin Mini 2.1 System Review

Covering the fantastic new small speaker system with a big sound from Totem Acoustic. The speaker system is good from anything like a high-end computer speaker system to a great 2 channel hi-fi rig. Aimed to beat out other companies soundbar soloutions with unlimited placement potential, I think it accomplishes just that. You’ve really got to hear it to believe it.

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Agustín Rivera says:

Hi when you do the review of the new parasound integrated amp

phantasm1004 says:

Hey Photo….these speakers look great. Thanks for the awesome review, as usual. I love small speakers…the placement options are almost limitless…you can literally put them anywhere!

The beard’s looking good, and you are looking as hot as ever.

Mike Cees says:

Are you using these in a desktop setup or in your main rig? In other words can they fill a 10 x 18′ room?

Justin Joseph says:

Have you tried Astro50’s ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

andre plusman says:

gvd wat een gezijk in de ruimte!!!!!!

SquidGuy says:

Are my questions really so difficult to address?

Harold Connors says:

Hi Clint:
I need a Desktop PC 2.x setup.
Love the Kin Mini’s concept.
> or would you use the dreamaker’s?
I’ll be attaching these to an Imac 27 inch retina 5
Will an NAD D 3020 or 7050 drive these speakers (incl sub-woofer).
Any DAC recommendations?
What are the connections on the back of the mini’s? dreamcatchers?

Richmond Virginia

Brad Bray says:

I’m referring to the dot on the Rainmaker.

MuscleMindConnect says:

I like your reviews. I’m very interested in the Totem Rainmaker!!!

toucheslapper says:

Totem fanboy. That’s all he reviews.

Dynaudio is where it’s at.

Get some real speakers instead of Madisound drivers put together by some shmuck just to jack up the price.

KrishKrusher says:

why go for this when you can get a polk tsx 110 for 180$.polk psw110 for 200$ and a integrated amp for 400$?

Ryan Fortney says:

Just picked up the Kin Mini satellites and Kin Mini sub as my first desktop audio set up and couldn’t be happier. Running them through a Peachtree Decco65 and its awesome! Now I just need to find some awesome desktop speaker stands that look as great as they function. What are you sitting them on?

Corné van der Boom says:

Hi, is this set suitable for near-field listening, 1 meter away? I’m looking for a 2.1 pc setup. So they will be placed on a desk, 2cm from the wall. If it is possible do you have a not expensive suggestion how to connect with pc?

Or a cheaper option: Active Ruark MR1 speakers (€500) with a sub (€400). That saves me around €500 compared to the more complicated, but maybe better audio, totem setup.

Jeff Lees says:

I have the same setup though now I’m adding a 2nd sub; cant wait! thanks for the video.

Brad Bray says:

What is the purple dot above the tweeter? I’ve seen some with blue dots, and others with no dot. Is it a sticker than can be removed? It’s an oddly distracting detail.

AnotherSiGuy says:

Only $1200….. Any recommendations in the $400 range lol? I’m looking for a nearfield 2.0 setup, I’ve been considering Emotiva Airmotivs or KRK Rokits.

IHaveACoolName says:

Diggin the shirt! Great review but that ish is way too expensive. What do you know about studio monitors? I’m just trying to get a simple bedroom studio going.

Anaïs Ames-Bull says:

Hi There, If you like the KIN mini, you definitely will be interested in this project which is the ARC. The ARC was made to bridge the gap between high-end sound quality and the world of digital music. If this is of any interest to you please look at the Kickstarter page! For this project to work, all support is needed! You can pre-order one of these wonderful digital HD amplifier to show your support! Please have a loot at the Kickstarter video!

Al Pi says:

Hi Clint,
Would a 2.1 set like this be enough to get a 5.1 experience or would you need 4 of these with a totem center speaker?  (currently own a 5.1 set magnat vector needle speakers and looking for something smaller without going downgrading my current experience)
Also have you ever listened to a Dali Ikon MK2 wallmount to compare with these totems?

The Webster says:

Any level of electronics that match well with this system?

SquidGuy says:

Hi, I have a few questions…Do you still rank this setup as highly?
Does it produce sound true to the source, that is, bad recordings/mastering will still be very apparent over this system? I don’t want something that will mask the sound too much. I’d rather hear what’s on the disc I play.
How’s the synergy with 60’s-90’s rock and pop?
Please recommend some amps in the $500-$1,000 range that pair well..Thank you.

BlindGuardian050 says:

Love the shirt

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