Totem Acoustic Staff Loudspeaker Review!

This is my review of the audiophile grade Totem Acoustic Staff loudspeaker. This is what I call the “Secret Weapon” of the Totem line since it’s price to performance is very good and it will suprise you with what it can do.

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Raymond Leggs says:

You can’t quite get real bass from a “baby” floorstanders like these. something like the fluance signature, Jamo’s flagship towers, Polk signatures, Digital research DR1610(dont laugh) to getthat. Big deep cabinets multiple front and side woofers huge bass ports you can stick your fist in.

TheNecrocoil says:

Hoping to upgrade to a Rega Cursa 3 and two Exon 3 amps in the near future, after getting a decent power filter.
Totem Staff are amazing speakers which never stop amazing me even after knowing them for a long time.

Clint the Audio Guy says:

@sieracki001 Well this is definately not how they were designed, but feel free to experiment and let us know what you think. Not all speakers sound best “On-axis” though either. Totem doesn’t even recommend toe-in until they’re quite far apart.

Pete Dertouzos says:

It seems like Totems are very sensitive to what’s driving them. Is a Marantz SR5008 a suitable amp for these speakers? 

MercerHockey says:

Great reviews! I love them!
My room is about 20x 12 with the speakers on the 12 foot wall, would you recommend the Arros or the Staff? I do have a sub that I could use in this system if needed. I listen a variety of music from Jazz to Metallica. Most of my critical listening is done on vinyl.
the Arros I would drive with my 50 watt Arcam, the Staff I would drive with my 110 watt Odyssey. Any recommendations would be appreciated! thanks!

Clint the Audio Guy says:

I don’t know where this hate comes from. Mass loading does not reduce the volume, it has it’s own sealed chamber just for that purpose. Your comments are a load of crap.

kenship1972 says:

Last Sat. I picked up a used pair in white, a 3 year old, paid less than half of the org. price, a steal deal I must say. Hooked it up to a Marantz 2245, very sweet sound from Alison Krauss. My question is: is it a good idea to biwire it using the main+remote speaker terminal from the 2245?

Clint the Audio Guy says:

Thank you. For my personal tastes and the slight difference in price, I’d go with the Staffs. You get deeper bass response, a warmer mid-range and a fuller sound. The Staff is a giant killer.

Clint the Audio Guy says:

They’d sound great paired with decent electronics. The tweeter is a textile dome, so yes the top is very smooth. Price varies on finish but in the US currently they start at $1950 a pair.

Clint the Audio Guy says:

I think you mean Ember’s. I’ve heard them and they are awesome, I agree.

Derek Hellmann says:

Thumbs up wife approved Totem Staff.

phantasm1004 says:

Awesome looking speakers!

Great review.

Killer legs!!!

11 00 111 00 1 000 1111 1 0 says:

Doesn’t matter where there they are made(Though Canada makes kick ass audio speakers!).Because the consumer always gets fucked in Canada!

MercerHockey says:

Thanks so much for your response!! your time is greatly appreciated

Stere0guy says:

Clint, how do you think the Staff’s would sound in a bedroom system? About 10 inches away from the back wall and sides. Is the top end smooth? How much do they cost? Thanks.

Jay Tea says:

I’ve had the Totem Sttaf’s for over a year now and love them. They are a great speakers for the price and well suited to the urban environment (big city small spaces). These speakers are perfect for for those of us who want the sound and depth of a floor standing speaker but are limited in space. I stuck with the French theme and paired these speakers with Atoll components (100 series) and couldn’t be happier.

Tom C says:

Hey Clint, great reviews!  Would you recommend Arro or Sttaf for a smaller room?

ronnieseek says:

Awesome review! ^_^

Mario Garon says:

What about the TEAC AH500. It is small but it got plenty of power. And a huge toroidal transformer? 😛

11 00 111 00 1 000 1111 1 0 says:

Totem’s have the ability to produce amazing imaging,sound stage and detail.They use some serious parts/materials and technology.Considered one of the best value in speakers.

TheNecrocoil says:

Hey Clint, very soon I’m buying my father’s previous system consisting of Totem Staff which recieved the filter upgrade by Totem (Staff’s after that date came with upgraded filters in place) and the Rega Brio (old clamshell version) and the old Rega Planet. Already bought Chord Chorus interlinks and Totem Tress speaker cables for the system 🙂 It will all fit into a Solidsteel 6.4 rack. The Brio and Planet have both recieved multiple upgrades.

roof pizza says:


MercerHockey says:

Wow that was fast, Thanks!!
The Hawk worth looking at? $1000 more and the amplification would cost an extra $500. Plus I cant move them out very far from the wall, about 1.5 feet.

Moraine LAKE says:

I just have one observation to make. Traditionally the midrange drivers should be essentially at ear level to be on axis (generally this is where the energy is). So would these speakers be better off on a stand maybe 1-1.5 feet tall?

anjinsan1977 says:

The Martin Logan owner that was depressed after hearing the Sttaf’s must be doing some very wrong. I’ve got Martin Logan Montis right beside my Totem Earth and the ML’s absolutely lay waste to them (not an easy pill to swallow as I’m a long time Totem owner). Maybe when I get the Metals around September they will be able to keep up.

somar seen says:

another rubbish video

John Starling says:

Would a Marantz PM6005 integrated power these ok is a smaller room?

Philip Gardiner says:

How would stack these up against B&W 685 or PMC twenty 23 or 24? And would Parasound A21 w P5 pre amp work well with any of these? Thanks. Great review.

Clint the Audio Guy says:

@ronnieseek Thanks!

blowtell3 says:

make a video of your workout?

David Romeo says:

I bought a pair of these in cherry and they rock! Matched with a Naim Uniti I couldn’t be happier. I listened to ProAc, Dynaudio, Spendor +++ These took the prize. Also not a fatiguing speaker, I can listen all day and they’re not even broken in.

Clint the Audio Guy says:

I believe they use the paint in all thier designs. We have both the Arro’s and the Dreamcatcher’s in our store and the Arro is definately “better”, but at nearly 3 times the price it should be. It’s got a different tweeter, and outputs suprising bass as well. The Dreamcatchers are a great mini-monitor though.

alfred tolentino says:

Will these “Image like crazy” just as the Arros?

Deckard Shaw says:

Whats outside, Clint? Advertorial police?

Clint the Audio Guy says:

This is my day off, the store is closed, or am I not allowed to wear shorts ever?

APESHIT Airsoft says:

if you like totem hawks… check out totem amber’s … don’t own them (yet i hope)…

blew me away..
although on good powerfull rega osiris amp,…. so i dont know what it does on less power….

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