VM Audio EXAT30 Bluetooth Speaker Review – Best Bluetooth Loudspeaker Under $300?

VM Audio EXAT30 speaker review covers everything from features to sound quality [Links Below]

Best Price for VM Audio Loudspeaker http://amzn.to/1YuI7GZ
Best Price in UK http://amzn.to/1vPDk6f


• High Frequency Driver: 1 ½” Composite Soft Dome Driver
• Midrange Driver: 4″ Treated Composite Fiber Diaphragm
• Low Frequency Driver: 10″ Side Firing, Dual Pulp Cone Woofer
• Applications: PC, MAC, DVD, TV, Tablet, Smartphone, iPod
• Frequency Response: 32Hz – 20kHz
• Sensitivity: 93 dB
• Audio Input: Analog RCA, Digital Audio / Optical, Bluetooth®
• Peak Power: 800W Total
• RMS Power: 2400W Total
• Operating Voltage: 120V
• Weight: 66.14 Lbs
• Dimensions: 38 in. (H) x 6.38 in. (W) x 13.86 in. (D)


• 1-2-3 Setup
• Fully Powered, Bi-amplified System
• Advanced Wireless Bluetooth® Connectivity
• Digital Audio Optical Input.
• Karaoke Function with Dual Microphone Input & Echo Control
• USB Drive/SD Card Music Playback
• WMA/MP3 Music File Compatibility
• Side Panel, Bass, Treble, Mic, and Volume Level Adjustments
• Class A/B Amplifier
• Infrared Full Function Wireless Remote Control


UE Boom Portable Bluetooth Speaker http://amzn.to/1vlRvSP

Bose SoundLink 3 Bluetooth Speaker http://amzn.to/1AzAC62

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker http://amzn.to/1weXsfj

Original VM Audio Bluetooth Loudspeaker Review Video http://youtu.be/ttd8PEzEb3M


jay syed says:

Just got them for $99 from ebay brand new & sounds amazing, connected to my android tv box watching movies on kodi & showbox best money ever spent

MrPentre says:

Hi, can I connect these with normal stereo receiver?

Zoltan Kuti says:

Hi, Dont you know where can i get these speakers in Europe? thanks

Divinity Imprz says:

You deserve way more subscribers since you’re doing an awesome job at making these videos! I especially like the part when you are talking about why you might want other speakers. Keep it up!

TechReflex says:

Hey there, I’ve recently discovered your channel and I subscribed even though I am not that much into audio gear, just because your reviews are so great.

Now because you seem to have a great idea of how different audio gear sounds, I think you could make some really great videos of general audio subjects other than audio gear review like

– Headphones vs. Earphones vs. Speakers
– Open vs. Closed back headphones
– Amp vs no amp on different range of headphones (different range of impedance) and audio source (PC vs phones)
– DACs, improvement in sound quality when upgraded from Sound Card in PC
– Importance of impedance, when it is best to go with low impedance headphones, when the high ones
– Importance of other specifications like frequency response.

And that’s just to give you an idea (I am sure you must’ve covered some of them, haven’t checked out everything in your channel). I’d enjoy seeing (hearing?) your opinion on those topics (Searched Google for 3-4 out of above points) and I think other people will be interested in that too.


MatchuClassicヅ says:

They’re $500 now 🙁

Sam Collins says:

Thanks so much! Very helpful for a college student looking around at speakers. Decision made!

Bobby Lowande says:

Great review!

Stephen Bondurant says:

Well done review!


would they work good for low bass frequencies such as 32hz tones and 42hz.

lilgoldfishjr says:

Will you ever cover speakers like the KEF LS50?

Glenn Archer says:

Instead of talking……….how about an actual speaker test?

Lonnie Sorrell says:

Looking for the best price thank you it was good to know that the mike sound work well.

Darkvine says:

sounds like these turn your smartphone into complete stereo system

Navaneet Agarwal says:

Man I gotta say I love your reviews and it’s good to see you back after sucha long time. I need to get a good pair of wireless headphones. Budget – 200 – 300 pounds. I have seen your reviews but I’m unable to decide. I’m not an audiophile and like to listen to all genres. Sennheiser 550MX or Sony MDR1RBT? Pleeeeeease suggest.

mateo makkink says:

one again, great review. you DEFINITLY deserve more subscribers, and alot more likes. i think that your reviews are very detailed, which is something that some channels lack. keep it up!

Sebastian Osterfeld says:

Thank you for the great review, these are interesting speakers. l like the design and choice of drivers. I noticed that one speaker is passive, and linked to the other one by a regular speaker cable. I’ll definitely test that one on its own with a good external 2 Ohm capable amplifier. Just a pair of passive EXAT30’s might be more reliable, too. Do you know any similar speakers (similar design, price, and quality) which are just passive?

Nilkanthrao Shrirao says:

are available in india


Would these be a better option than a soundbar for a bedroom that’s 10 by 12? (Soundbar in the $300 price range such as the Sony ht-ct260h )

Leandro Oliveira says:

Can’t wait for the Momentum 2.0 review. Great job!

Jay Blue says:

wtf these are nice speakers? how much they paying u to say that bs?

Leo Ryan says:

I’m going to just throw this out there, you have the speakers. Why not let them sell themselves by letting me hear them? I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy them and I don’t know you from Adam.

smokeyassassin says:

No audio test in a speaker review ?!!

Viktor Östring says:

I really like your videos, keep it up! But you should get yourself a new microphone. I recommend the Zoom H1 to start out with!

Manish Nagaraj says:

Great video! I don’t know if you heard about a new pair of headphones called the JLAB omni. Do u think you can review those?

ridow300 says:

Quick question : can you use these speakers for your TV , if yes is youre answer , how ?

641basshead says:

Thank you…your review was very helpful

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