Z Review – Fluance Signature Bookshelves

Here are the Siggy’s [http://amzn.to/2aAmyEH] (I get to make up nicknames)

SOUND DEMO : https://youtu.be/BEbS2FKI8k8

Wallpaper : http://i.imgur.com/1DZDJxM.png

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TheCryptGyp says:

these or klipsch R15-M? im going to be powering them with a Teac AI-101DA

RCMadBasher says:

Fluance says the cones are actually made of a glass fiber composite, not kevlar.

Jack Moser says:

These or WaveCrest HVL-1 for desk 2.1 setup?

Craig Hilton says:

Kef uni-q all the way.

Call me Rock says:

Black lagoon opening? NICE SIR

Timothy Lawrence says:

Hey Zeos great review as usual if you had to choose between the fluance signature bookshelfs or the klipsch rb-61ii bookshelfs which one would you choose ?

andrew wilner says:

You should try out there db 10or db 12 subwoofers

John Morales says:

Hey Z Review. love all your videos.
Thanks for them.
I am shopping my 1st 5.1 system. So far I have narrowed down to 3. A polk audio signature series setup, a Fluance signature series set up or a Monitor Audio Bronze set up. Receiver will be a yamaha RXA-860. What would you suggest ? would love if you could help me make a choice.

Gspsx says:

Z, what do you think of these compared to the Bic FH-65Bs?

Ross Berry says:

You should review the Fluance XL7F

Rollo427 says:

Anyone know the song playing at the beginning? Been driving me crazy.

Mickxal says:

Will a Lepy LP2020A be enough to power these for desktop use ?

Brian O'Connor says:

These vs the SX6’s?

Chris Schwacofer says:

God damn cluster fuck.

The Groove says:

Not to inundate you, but, which vinyl 12” record sleeves do you highly recommend as I have a big collection, but, I want to get rid of the paper sleeves for reasons of scratching, obviously.

FURY says:


Now’s the time to warn me off from the SX6’s ‘Zeos”
if you think after reading this, that another deal is better
considering my room & budget.
Here goes!

1st off…

Thx for all your help in my choosing the proper speakers
for my upgrade.
My room’s a tiny 12×12 ft as I ‘ve stated last Nov.
It’s looking like the SX6’s are gonna win the day because the $ they
save me allows me to upgrade my subwoofer in spring.
After all the back & forth between
even POLK TSx110 or 220B’s
Your SX6 video has me leaning towards the SX6.
At $79 a pair factory direct + free shipping?
I’m not sure if any other speaker’s gonna sound that much
better in my intimate 12×12 ft. Home Theater room
to justify spending more than the $79 a pair for the SX6’s.
The matching center gets a big nod too
which is comforting to know.
If I thought these Siggy’s or the ELAC’s were worth the
extra $125 for the pair?
I’d buy them instead.
But I truly believe my 105 wpc Yamaha 7.1 AV will make
the SX6’s + matching center speaker soar!
Hyperbole is the sound killer, right?
I pay close attn to your reviews “Zeos.”

Jan 23rd is my birthday & also the trigger day for the purchase.

So, if you wanna save the day?
Keep me from making a mistake?
Help me to achieve that 7.1 nirvana cocoon like in your gaming video?

Now’s the time to warn me off of the Fluance SX6 and onto another choice.

Be the hero!
Save the day!

Who wins the final face off?

Fluance SX6 $79 a pair

Fluance Siggy’s $199 a pair


Polk TSx110B $129 a pair.

Here’s to “Zeos Reviews” & to “Z” telling me..

“Mykal, buy the ___________ speakers for $____ and sail off into sonic nirvana!”

Your Brutha’ in Metal & starving Musician (LMWABO!),

~ Mykal Fury

PS: My 12×12 Home Theater hosts mainly Standard & 3D Blue Rays 80% of the time.
Music fills in the remaining 20% gap.
And I use my Yamaha AV to torture my speakers at monster volume levels!
Hope that info helps you to tell me which speaker gets it’s head cut?
~ Metal!

Frank Reyes says:

I am considering these bookshelves to add as fronts for a pioneer sc-lx801 7.1 setup. How do these compare to a a pair of SVS Prime Bookshelves?
Thanks for the great review.

D0NTsmokeCRACK says:

would you still recommend these? HT/Music 50/50 split in a smallish apartment. On sale for less than half the price of the elac b5

The Groove says:

Z…I love you’re cat. He/She is beautiful ! What is you’re at’s breed ? Why?…..I’m wanting o surprise my wife with a kitty cat and you’re breed fit’s the bill. I’m not up on cat breed’s, dog’s yes. Thanks in advance bud.

CallMePuff says:


Audfile says:

why don’t you have any room treatment? not even diffusers?

Brandon Welch says:

Just picked up the jamo c91s & was wondering if I should keep them or go with fluance signature speaker. Any thoughts or opinions?

Kyaw Thura says:

Hay boss how do you want to say fluance and svs books speaker ?

Matt Copeland says:

4:16 I don’t know why that makes me laugh so much

Marc Gallant says:

Hey Z have you ever thought about using a pair of Signature series “Center” channel and flip them vertically?
92db, should be easy to drive and plenty loud for the living room

geoff650r says:

THESE… These vs lsr305 on a desk, mainly music with occasional gaming. I’m thinking Emotiva A-100 or Behringer A500 to power them. Origen+ or SMSL M3 as the DAC depending on which route I go.

Brian Lee says:

how do these compare to the lsr305’s?

Darron Brown says:

Just bought all the Flurance Signature towers, and these for surround and WOW! Great speakers, Great review!

Sim S. says:

1:38 you forgot about the windows ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mickxal says:

Can you review the
Edifier R1280T as a budget desktop speaker ?

Jek says:

Sorry i might have missed it but what amp did you use for these ones?

alex ds says:

Thinking of getting these for my desk setup. Going to be used for netflix and music. Not sure if i should buy these new at 260 CAD or get the 6’s for 80 CAD. What do you think Zeos? Siggys, sixs, or something totally different.

Jonathan Paul says:

Black Lagoon, god tier anime. Revy is the ultimate waifu

picturedlife1 says:

Hi. I just bought Fluance XL5f. Why are the bass just not there? Is it from a weak amp (yamaha HTR4065 150 wpc), or lack of “break in”, or a lemon? Looking for some relief, starting to have buyer’s remorse. These are heavy floorstanders so returning is not an option. Thanks Z and more power.

Ken Demangelaere says:

all cats like bacon…..

Surya Chataut says:

Hi, thank you for great great reviews!! You usually put the speakers upside down; I was wondering, can you put them on their side as well?

Liba Barefro says:

shiny surface dust magnet

Tony Dang says:

I would absolutely love for you to review the larger signature series tower speakers with the 8″ woofer. I really want them, but there is so little reviews available, and most of them are hit and miss since fluance initially sent a batch of defective models to customers at launch. I know there huge, but I wished fluance would send you a set to test.

andrew wilner says:

Can you do a revew on the Fluance DB10 10-inch Low Frequency Ported Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

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