Z Review – Ohm Walsh [BEST SPEAKERS EVER!!]

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veggie chowder says:

Listened to a set of ohms in ’79 driven by a full Nachamichi rack. Incredible experience

antigen4 says:

if you OWN them then you can’t very well make an argument for them being the ‘best ever’ and still have any integrity – can you? pleh

Kevin Yeoh says:

Wait till zeos hear the Dynaudio confidence c4 platinum. He’ll literally eat his underwear.

Blaine Barre says:

KHORNS BEST Answered an ad .Listened for 10 seconds and asked How much? “A GRAND” What a Horse Trader I respond A PIECE? What an idiot . I am SOLD and He delivered These are big. Check em out Retail $6,000 apiece Got em delivered for $1000BEST SPEAKERS For Price EVER!

Matthew Bowler says:

Really like this review. I hope you can review Larsen 8 speakers, they have a similar concept about being designed to work close to a wall and work in imperfect rooms.

kwazykilla87 says:

B&W702S2 are best speakers!

Hidden Monday says:


EL EVO says:

The only way I would pay this kind of money, these clowns are asking for is if I’m deaf and these speakers will make me hear for once in my life.

G00dwILLHuNt1n9 says:

There are actually few speaker manufacturers who have this same approach in design, mainly instead of creating sound in a box they reproduce sound out of the box. Meaning that the biggest most over looked factor by 90% of consumers are room acoustics and how much it effects corrupts the sound and listening experience. The best bookshelf I have ever heard were Guru QM 10’s and if you havent heard them you owe yourself to check them out.They are a bit wider than normal book shelf speakers with relatively wide front panel which is commonly one of the basic not to do’s in bookshelf design and thats what makes them so special. They produce the most accurate bass down to 30 hertz and are designed to be placed around 4 inches from the wall but the small boxes create a sound field like you like was listening a 40 inch tall 3-way speaker but only with better imaging than anything below 3000$. Guru QM 10’s are miraculous and simply ground breaking little boxes. Gradient Speakers from Finland is a another company which has siilar design philosophy and their Revolution speakers are simply in a league of their own with dipole bass elements but they also have actually one model almost identical to this one (1.4) only more modern materials and typical sleek scandinavian design. After founding these two speaker companies I have ever since been convinced that the only true way of superior sound reproduction is by using room acoustics to your benefit instead trying to overcome its problematic existence

first class junkee says:

McIntosh makes better stuff jus saying

IMSTuner says:

Which wireless keyboard are you using?

Mark Camaro says:

What is that above flat screen? Looks like a foldable basketball backboard

Max Caissie says:

Looks like my set of JBL Aquarius Q I120

Derek O'Brian says:

*Kort Elektronik speakers – Germany !!! – You probably never heard of ?!*

Bill Smith says:

What happened to the ohm F.

Tim Thomson says:

I own the Ohm FRS-15 towers which are larger than these you are reviewing, and they sound SUPER! BEST Speakers I have ever owned and I have owned many pairs since starting HiFi in 1976. Nothing sounds quite like Ohm Speakers! Lincoln Walsh that invented these speakers and died before these speakers came into production also invented Radar that was used in WWII. A Very Smart Man! I would sell any part of my HiFi system, except my Ohm Speakers—those I would Never Sell!


I saw this piece from Bloomberg on Ohm


Michael Kaupert says:

Since these apparently image so well, would you say that in getting rid of the center channels altogether in movies and going 4.1 or 6.1 or whatever…. That you wouldn’t miss the center channels at all?

David Martinez says:

Hey Z, do you know where I can find spare parts for some vintage Walsh 2? I have a pair but one of the drivers doesn’t work? Please help!

james coulter says:

OK I am sitting here and watching you review your ohm Walsh 2000 and I got to tell you that I have been the proud owner of a pair of ohm model I for the past 8 years or so and the model I’s were made from 78 to 84 and they are a cross between their normal loud speaker and their omni-directional speaker and they have the highest amount of headroom out of all of the speakers they made ranging from 100 watts to 1500 watts and I have to say that these are the best speakers that I have ever owned and I could trade them in and get a $2400 credit towards something else from ohm Walsh but to me they are priceless

SuperMcgenius says:

Look up ohm A,s and Ohm F,s are used to sell this stuf back in the 1970s in New York City greenwich Village, yes they are very good speakers, you should also play with some Vandersteen , Zu audio and Magnepan Also Burson for headphones amps. . Like your reviews in their honesty, and it’s good to see you learning, I most likely 30 years older than you and I’m still learning and enjoying music and audio

histubeness says:

I’ll bet you can smell those rubber bike tires in that room.


Have you A/B’d these with your also beloved JBL 590’s? Does a favorite emerge?

Max Caissie says:

Reply to my comment pls

Clifton Friese says:

Lol I remember my daughter put a Barbie doll in my first set of 301s about 22 years ago.

sudd says:

i just wonder how much better they would sound without the double mesh to obstruct and reflect sound.

Scottie Sharpe says:

Always hilarious when millennials “discover” something that has been around FOREVER.

Russell Lindemann says:

“An Attainable Joy” says it all! Thank you Zeos for turning us on to OHM!

Karen Young says:

Very late here, but you really need to compare in complete opposite direction with 16 ohm speakers like very forward harsh Zu’s that image effortlessly. Zu’s and Ohms are bit snobbed by audiofiles but raved on by music fans.

Christopher Linden says:

You didnt really explain how the walsh drivers work.

Ross in Ontario says:

Hahahaha …. Dude, can you TALK ! You would make a fantastic salesmen. Great review, love it…… of course I want some now.

Dek78 Scotland says:

You really need to get some PMC speakers. Well I think anyway.. if you get chance to try them take it

Johno F says:

Look at that poor clarinet. I have a feeling you like these. Considering the 1000’s on just your review.

altops says:

What about your neighbors?

Sam Well says:

Any chance you’d do a Ohm’s vs Klipsch RF7iii’s review? Or just a RF7iii review? Similar priced tower monsters.


I have a pair of vintage Ohm speakers but don’t want to spend the $3200 to upgrade them 🙁

Richard Scarlett says:

I asked you on your sunday twitch stream what you thought about the CBT36 constant line array speakers developed by Don Keele and you said you havent heard of them. Here is a link to them because I am really curious about them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MMZsxGc6R4

Greg Wallace says:

You got so many darn sets of speakers, you need to open up your own store with many different rooms and charge admission for folks to come in and review all your stuff and get the manufactures to just pay you every month for advertising their stuff.

Chase Vineland says:

When I was in high school, I heard these at a hifi shop and was mind blown. I went home and took apart my beloved Infinity 10.2’s and took out the main bass driver and inverted it outside the cabinet.

DemonClaw says:

These speakers seem amazing but at $1400 each (plus live in europe), think I might get something cheaper, great that their standard seems very high.

Rico Suave says:

Spooky story

RCs By A Dummy says:

I had a pair of Walsh ones. Unique sound for sure. Seems like they require a boatload of power to work well and a sub is mandatory.

Jason Melo says:

review some magnepans

Eric Wade says:


twitch_ shep3oh says:

Can anyone help me figure out some speakers under 150$ for a desktop setup? Have no idea

mario lotino says:

what is that thing that holds your projector screen? i like that set up. where’d u get it?

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