Audio Hifi 6J9 vacuum tube headphone mini amplifier on ebay

Audio Hifi 6J9 vacuum tube headphone mini amplifier review. Running on just 6 volts these little amps can be found on ebay but are they any good ?
Ebay Link Price now reduced ! :


‍1marcelfilms says:

You “could” smash the tubes and test it

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

the tubes have no function there are ICs inside.a chineese fake

Ringway Manchester says:

Very nice review mate 🙂

Wernertrp Wernertrp says:

ha ha tubes with 12 Volt DC what a chineese fuck.

burak .D says:

What is tube life ?

ZerO says:


Paul Potts says:

If I’m correct this amplifier only works with a line level output. Won’t amplify a guitar or microphone.

Jonh O'connor says:

Can somebody help me?
I do have 5.1 audio system in my room, and I do connect mp3 player or my phone via aux, and it does sound quieter compared when I connect my loptop via aux, so does anyone know, if I’ll buy this amp, would it help, or it’s not desing for 5.1 audio system.

tails doll black says:

i want one now xD well i should not flatter myself too hard ive got a small hoard of tubes

Alex Lexmann says:

Very good amplifier. Very good sound. Buy here –

TechnoKid2001 says:

I bought one of these little amps and for $50 its sounds really nice. I use it through the lineout on my Fiio X3II with my Hifiman HE-400i and it gives you a nice warm sound with better bass extension. If you want some subtle changes in the sound you can buy d
ifferent tubes to use. For $50 I’m very pleased with this little hybrid tube amp.

GOKUL E says:

wat u r meant to say that it sounds better than Solid state amplifiers????

subrat misra says:

thanks for playing the music

kill5wi7ch says:

looks like this exact amp is produced by Nobsound as well, somebody at the chinese factory just used the wrong card lol. you can find the Nobsound at amazon for $50USD here

seejay92 says:

I want to use this as a pre amp on my guitar rig to get a vintage tube tone. Anyone have a thought on how this would work?

Clayeater99 says:

How do you connect these to a computer? Out goes into the computer, then in for the headphones, right?

Ronny Pettersen says:

I hear a distinctive difference using this amp with my Philips A5-Pro headphones. It opens up the dynamics,and will actually enrich my listening experience. I can`t understand why people don`t hear this. 🙂

Tony Clifton says:

Its just a silly gimmick for young hipsters more interested in looks and image rather than actual sound quality. Tube amp for headphones, with a 3.5mm jack for the input ….. say no more, what a joke!

Samson Carlson says:

SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER: are the in and out plugs on it for phones and normal headphones?????

Cody Wolfe says:

Are you the Gieco gecko?

Neil Robinson says:

Many of these low cost tube headphone amps only have the tubes wired up so they glow, quite often they are not used in the amp circuit at all.

rack@tack says:

Good review ! Buying one.

‍1marcelfilms says:

Im pretty sure these have been confirmed fake by someone else.

Алексей Симаков says:

quite satisfied! for a very good price

fbonacic says:

Try to unplug the tubes and listen to amp without them. Mabye it will work and prove they are here only for cosmetics 🙂

Gustavo Garcia says:

siscreva no meu canal é Gustavo Garcia

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