Best 50 Dollar Amplifier – SMSL SA 36A PRO Review

This is a quick review of the S.M.S.L 36A Pro Audio Amplifier. What I believe to be the best Audio amplifier for an average user who is looking to spend around 50 dollars ($50). For the price I am doubtful you can beat the quality.


Here is a link to the song used in the video –

I personally use this to power my Onkyo studio monitors. Each unit is 75 watts and I do prefer the setup to having a woofer (Bite me!).

The audio it produces is clean and very accurate up until about 65% volume… I don’t think the average person would be needing to go beyond that though as the audio begins to clip a little bit.

I have a pretty decently sized apartment and the music from this amps and my studio monitors could fill out the house and throw an very decent sized party at medium volume. Let alone the highest volume.

If you have any questions about the SMSL 36A Pro please leave it in the comments below and I will answer as soon as I can.

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Barry Musgrove says:

Has anyone tested out the smsl a8?

Essential EDM says:

I believe the power supply it comes with makes it distort at high volumes, if you buy a higher quality one it is supposed to help.

Edit: Definitely does help, no distortion at all now that I have a higher quality power supply, sounds even better.

Ginika Dike says:

wehdone sah. i pray you never get 500 followers.

alireza zarrineghbal says:

hey man i’m using a 3.5 jack to connect this to my pc how is possible to do such thing with these when they have no 3.5 jack in put ? it would be great if you help thanks

skypjuh says:

almost mistook you for a caucasian when you were showing off them *sicck moves*

Paul Mainwaring says:

Just purchased an SMSL SA65A amp and for the money is the best Audio bargain you can get. Sound is amazing, Hi Fi quality and plenty of power…involving listen and better than amps 5 times the price imho. Great stuff.

Keyser Reveal says:

Nice informative review. Your motion is really must’ve gotten the package you were waiting on.

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