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Hello everyone and welcome to a new video with the 5 Best Amplifiers Reviews. I hope this video will help you to take the Best Amplifier.
Starting of our list at no 5.
Onkyo A-9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier
This amplifier indeed features up to 44 watts of analogue power output per channel. This stereo amplifier has got a sturdy chassis something that alleviates any chance of resonance. Indeed this amplifier is so powerful and delivers quality output sound via connected speakers. With the system’s negative feedback the WRAT (wide range amplifier technology) you are assured of quality sound output even from the flattest of music recordings. This amplifier can easily be connected with other compatible audio components such a CD player or audio tuners.
At no 4.
Yamaha A-S301BL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier
Yamaha is a big name in worldwide due to the fact that it manufacturer various products ranging from electronics, motorbikes, and musical equipments. The company did not disappoint with its A-S301BL stereo amplifier as it has got various amazing features that can’t just be ignored. This amplifier features digital audio inputs for TV or Blue-ray player and has got a pure direct mode for greater sound purity. To help deal with the problem of sound distortion due to resonance the system has got the ART (Anti-Resonance and Tough) feature. The design of the amplifier is intricate and sophisticated with the front made of aluminum making it look shiny and beautiful.
At no 3.
Pyle PDA6BU 200 Watt Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Receiver
This stereo amplifier is quite different from the other two that had been reviewed on this list in the sense that it comes with an in-built Bluetooth for a better wireless music streaming. Another good thing with this particular amplifier is that it is also a radio receiver that can be used basically as a radio. It is so easy to operate thanks to its LCD digital display. The system also features USB flash drive and SD memory card readers so that you can easily plug in your USB devices to the amplifier and get to listen to quality sound output.
At no 2.
Onkyo A-9050 Integrated Stereo Amplifier
This is yet another good quality stereo amplifier designed and made by Onkyo that features three-stage inverted Darlington inverted circuitry. It is a good amplifier that will offer both analogue and digital power. You can take advantage of the pure high resolution sound that this amplifier produces to liven your home. You can easily connect your CD player, tuner, and loudspeakers to this amplifier and still enjoy a powerful sound experience at your home.
And coming at no 1 of our list.
Yamaha R-S202BL Stereo Receiver
This is another Yamaha stereo receiver in this list that is so powerful featuring an advanced circuitry design. The good thing with this particular amplifier is that it can connect wirelessly thanks to its in-built Bluetooth feature for connecting to streaming music services. It is also a good radio receiver with up to 40 preset radio stations (FM/AM).

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Desmondos says:

The Pyle amp is a typical Chinese concept. Used a lot for karaoke. It’s also butt ugly. But it has lots of “modern” features, while the Onkyo’s are more traditional and focus purely on sound quality.
You forgot to mention for both Onkyo’s they accept Digital in. I own the A9010, it sounds amazing. Ah yeah it also has “Direct Mode” and a seperate amp for headphones.

tigerbalm says:

44W anal powers?

Michael says:

I got the winner. I ordered a Yamaha R S 202 paired with Cambridge Audio Aero 2 speakers for a total of 338.00 shipped. Fedex next week. I wanted simplicity after having a 5.1 theater system that took sometimes a hour to get lucky when trying to do a dvd . So I only used it as a AM/FM receiver. Junk. Going old tech now.

steve james says:

i have a fantastic new audio forum up and running..most of it is members only so you’ll have to join up to see it.

cheers steve

Jason Riesen says:

blu-ray not blue ray

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