Breeze Audio TPA3116 OBJECTIVE performance test, teardown & review

We go through the build quality and performance of the ~$ 30 Breeze Audio TPA3116 mini amplifier, which seems to offer the best bang for your buck among current Chinese amplifiers.

It seems to also be sold as a “Nobsound Mini” on Amazon.

The amplifier can be purchased here (NO AFFILIATION):

Full performance report with 19 V laptop power adapter (PDF, 249 kB):

Full performance report with 24 V laboratory power supply (PDF, 248 kB):

Amplifier performance report template (XLSX, 25 kB):

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i raul says:

could u use a 24volts 20 AMPS power supply with this? haw dose the amps affect it?

Kai Frederking says:

Excellent comment, technically sound, still not “techie-driven”, but “listener- and user-centered”. I ordered one of those Breezes from AliExpress a week ago and can’t wait to try it myself. Of course I had to subscribe to your channel … 🙂

A Coasting says:

Thanks Beaker!

Zeta Syanthis says:

After all of these reviews, did you ever actually find a small amp you’d recommend? (I’m looking for something to drive a pair of existing bookshelf speakers, and it seems like all the mini-amps I’ve looked at aren’t terribly good.)

Mickxal says:

You seem to know your stuff. I’ve been looking at this dac

or should I go with a Schiit modi 2 instead.

also this one

sina shahsana says:

Dude Ian learning so much from you. Thank you

Rafael Marcão says:

Such a quality review. Thanks and congrats!

Darieee says:

Awesome video – would be pretty easy to couple the back of the board to the case with some thermal pads – should help at least a tiny bit

CØXMINØX 2020 says:

hey FFcossag this amp will play good with a pair of dayton’s b652’s?

pibe88iTa says:

Hi, could you by chance do the same review of the tas5613 chipset? It’s a very intriguing audio chip..

eu mesmo says:

excellent review

Steve Smith says:

Hi . Would you consider replacing the chip with a genuine item and comparing the test results ?

Aaron Shadow says:

I wish every reviewer could be this knowledgeable

xrated says:

found some interesting stuff, would be interesting to see if its worth the fuzz on a TPA3116:
“Shielded inductors will also help reduce distortion and EMI, minimizing crosstalk in the process.”
“Put high quality film caps on LIN, RIN, and BYPASS (C1, C2, C14). This will be the biggest factor in improving sound quality.”
“For more bass, replace the C7/C8 and C10/C11 pairs with a 2200 uF (8 ohm speaker) or 4700 uF (4 ohm speaker)”

grunger77 says:

Hello, first of all thank you for so detailed review, i’m really impressed of your work, so i bought this amp recently and 24v 4A adapter for it. and i have two questions: 1. is it possible to connect 6Om speaker in it? 2. Is it possible to improve its performance over 10kHz somehow? Thank you in advance

Paulo A. Carvalho says:

I have 2 Sony Speakers 100W peak max each, do you think a 12V5A will be enough? Also, you refer to 19v and 24v, but you never said anything about the current. How much of A should a 19v or 24v have for this kind of amplifier? Thanks in advance.

Ian 20Minutes says:

Another reviewer has noted that those “Sanyo” caps are prone to failure, his went “pop” during filming a test almost right out of the box, you might say at the front end of the bath curve. He did his test with one channel hooked up to a speaker and the other output open circuit, using a 24V supply, blamed 25V rated capacitors and their “knock off” design/construction. One thought I had was would running the amp with one channel under no load that have any effect on these capacitors, given there is an LC filter in output side of this amp?

Lazar Janjusevic says:

could i run this amp with 4 ohm speakers if i drill a hole on the top of the case and put a 80 or 60mm pc fan?

Hene193 says:

I wonder if it would be worth it to change the capacitors to better ones and then improving the cooling?

adir abelhack says:

FFcossag thanks for that

I am considering buying a small amplifier for Camping purposes i have 2 very quality speakers and this is the spec (os-10 niles speakers)

Recommended Amplifier Power:
Five to one hundred watts per channel

Nominal Impedance:
8 Ohms

Frequency Response:
65 Hz to 21kHz, plus or minus 3 dB (on axis)

89 decibels for 1.83 volts of Pink Noise, measured at 1 meter on axis

Is this amp good for me?
if you recommend something else ??
( portable ) let me know
appreciate your help!

Lurrie Lee says:

I know this video is over a year old, but I just wanted to thank you, and thank you a TON.


Thanks a TON for this video, dude. Super helpful for me. Your thoroughness, attention to detail, and overall review quality are off the charts. You rock. Ily and have a nice life <3

Dionis Kruspe says:

Привет, очень интересно, посмотрите и мою версию обзора на этот усилитель. И как он раскачивает акустику Dynacord MX15:

Hello see also my subjective Russian-language review of the same amp. And performance testing with Dynacord MX15 loudspeakers:

Gringo Hys says:

The value that i hate the most, is the 10% distorsion, that mean it is not high fidelity.

sdm02 says:

11:45 – power increases with square of the supply voltage, not linearly.

Ed Jackson says:

Could the small Panasonic copies be moved to the front of the amp (extended leads) and away from the heat sink? That would make a 4ohm load more doable right?

Phil Drums says:

hi, would you do a similar test with the successor of 3116, the TDA7498 ? I just bought one because I thought my 3116 was awesome and the TDA7498 is meant to have double the power. 29 usd for the TDA7498 2.1 on aliexpress

Audio Bits says:

Check my sweet sounding TPA3116 here}}}

Mark Furneaux says:

Ermahgerd SPERKERS!

Siana Gearz says:

It’s nearly impossible for it to be a clone IC. The world simply doesn’t need THAT many no-name almost-high-quality amplifier boards to justify the immense effort of copying this modern and nontrivial IC, when much cheaper 12V and even 24V ICs are available like PAM8100, which is sufficient for nearly all non-HiFi use-cases. Reject? Possible. More likely though: you’re supposed to actually cool the IC! A tiny heatsink in stale air, no provision for bottom side cooling, now how much good is that doing you?

xrated says:

did the dual TPA3116 also had such high distortion >10khz ?

The Space Between says:

TPA3116 good.

TPA3116 -2.1 no good,bad hiss noise?

The 5QUAR3 says:

Im going to buy one, mod the case with a fan and use it! Thank you for the GREAT CONTENT! I love that you use terms that an engineer like myself can understand!

日常卡屁 says:

performance pdf can’t access

samuel lalduhawmas says:

can i use a 90 wat 8 ohm bass speaker and a max 60 wat twitter on this amp to its full power… i am very lost when it comes to this kind of a thing so please help …

Navaneet Suresh says:

Hi, I’m considering using this to drive Dayton B652’s, and they’re rated at 4 ohms I think. Would you say the amp would get damaged due to overheating, or would the speakers be affected adversely in any way? Thanks..

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