Cheap and Cheerful HiFi

Ron from reviews the Rogue Audio Sphinx 2, Music hall mmf-2.2, Elac B6, Lounge Audio Copla and the Ortofon Quintet Red.

Music hall 2.2:

Elac B6: (affiliate)

Ortofon Quintet Red:

Rogue Audio Sphinx 2:

“First, we took a pretty analytical amplifier that tends to show off the brutal truth in music and combined it with a smoother sounding speaker with plenty of bass… we then outfitted a nice turntable with a forgiving cartridge and focused attention on possible upgrades which lead to more tone options with the Copla. Last, we dropped the needle, kicked back and yeah… Cheep and cheerful hifi, dang straight its never sounded so good.”


Hammy Technoid says:

IMHO…. the speakers are a tad smallish…. but decor usually dictates.

♫ Juke Joint ♪ says:

Cheap, the lp’s are $50 a piece…

Erik Coulombe says:

lol anyone want book shelf speaker you have to have in the middle of your room,,ahahahahahahahaha to sound right? NO

neil fellows says:


Intel Core i7 7700k says:

Nibba, I’m all about that lossless audio

360deeman says:

Or go on EBay and buy a 70’s English or early 80’s Japanese made amp that cost $6,000 dollars (when adjusted for inflation) when new for about $400-$500 and if it needs repairs maybe $700 total and get $6000 quality for $700. Same with a record player.

warrenec says:

In one section of this review you seem to be using your phone to play music. If that is correct could you tell me how you are sending the music to the Sphinx please?

Gary Rigby says:

my god he go,s on a bit

Andrew OBrien says:

And if you’re in tune with the audio Market $1,200 for a hand built 100 watt per channel tube hybrid solid-state amp is actually very very reasonable it’s getting increasingly hard to find very good quality amps with that kind of build quality and power for under that price you guys are staring a gift horse in the mouth

Alfred Stampe says:

This is more like mid range hifi, very far from cheap and cheerful. Personally I’d spend more money on the speakers and go for a digital source instead of a cheap turntable, you generally get much more bang for your bucks with digital sources.

A Cool Name says:

$1200 for a pair of speakers can be called cheap, albeit relatively.
But $1200 for an integrated amp alone is nothing cheap. It’s costly.

Denny says:

I just pickup audio technica lp120 last week, my first impression out the box was wow. After hours of carefully setup and calibration the sound was a big dissapointment. Back to google and youtube research way to improve the sound of my new vinyl player, the solution is to upgrade the stylus and few other things. Well, a decent stylus can start around $200 and up, I don’t even know if it will even improve much. Anyway, bottom line is that it’s a waste of time and money, stick with cd, they are a much better sound quality and most important if you don’t like the song it can be skip with a touch on your remote. Many audiophiles has been argued for years in which would sound better, I personally thing cd is the winner. Even though older songs was recored on vinyl, studio production would use the highest and most expensive equipment to transfer songs to cd, where us trying to achieve highest sound quality of out of a vinyl could break the bank.

Matt says:

Here’s a dumb commercial of crap you don’t want

phillip mccrevice says:

WHY…O …WHY won’t he play music i don’t get it.

kk li says:

Arrage,he has talking to fucking much… I didn’t hear the music anything.

Kevin Berrill says:

So adding up I’m at $2588 not including sales tax, cables, speaker wire and that other Lounge Audio unit that’s shown. Not exactly cheap but given that amount I could do way better. Sorry but the proof is in my living room. Although I did steal some Paradigm Studio 100’s in a divorce sale. ($100 for the pair) I also know that there is 2 sides to the audio hobby, one where it’s considered normal to spend hundreds or maybe thousands on 3 feet of speaker wire and the other is those that laugh at the other side.

Vinyl City says:

was that turntable running backwards?

tirapalla says:

Or you can buy a CD player to save some money and get better audio. Or just get a decent DAC, and plug in to your computer and play the music with it. 2017 and still with the same fairy tales about vinyl. Put your money in a good speakers, that’s all you need to know

Bob Withrow says:

Why is the turntable rotating counter-clockwise starting at 10:49?

cilydaniel says:

This is advertisement. Cheap my Ass.
Please do block me. This is overpriced

socksumi says:

The Ortofon in the unipivot arm seems awfully wobbly while tracking the record. I’ve used to use a Hadcock unipivot arm and never got a wobble like that unless the damping well had too thin or too little damping fluid.

socksumi says:

While ultimately I’d recommend a vintage TT like a used Rega, Thorens, or even a Dual 701… I have to admit products like this offer best bang for the buck if you insist on buying new. Why?… because the table/arm is essentially quiet, the main bearing decent and the parts reasonably solid and inert. These are the factors that make a TT actually sound good.

Raymond Leggs says:

No a real cheap and chearful hifi is a 70s/80s/90s early 2000’s stereo/AV receiver, 18 gauge speaker wire. $29.99-50.00 pro audio speaker stands, a pair of entry level bookshelf or floor speakrs under $200.00, an older blu ray player with RCA outs, a 90s cd player and some Monoprice cables.

Andrei Agulescu says:

the turntable looks like a pro-ject debu

Benjamin Wynn says:

sorry dude that hi-fi system is not cheap and cheerful trying setting yourself a limit of 500$ or something Like that.

Valur Mather says:

You can get much better for half the price. Those speakers are garb. Please!

Rogelio Saenz says:

lol, 1200 for one component is cheap? this dude is kinda out of touch.

L Anderson says:

$1200 “cheap and cheerful?” Dude, I work in a supermarket.

Erik Coulombe says:

Every fucking amp claims they dont color the signal,,fucking stupidest thing to say,,how about cheap shit sounds like shit and expensive sound great.,..

Tweak Tweakker says:

setting the video speed to 1.25, sounds more normal than the normal setting.

Andrew OBrien says:

Reading some of these posts in reference to this video I can see that there is a lot of ignorance out there and I don’t mean that an insulting way as though it it’s almost impossible not to take it that way I just mean ignorance in a way that is just a lack of knowledge and what I’m talking about is if you have a problem spending $300 on a turntable then chances are you haven’t been exposed to good quality audio equipment to begin with and by the way Audio Technica is crap

metallitech says:

Press play and then keep pressing 5 to hear what Ron does with broken-down vehicles.

Ryuuken24 says:

Tube amp, you kidding. Once any sound goes through this it will get distorted. Cheerful, more like tube amp warmth.

Erik Coulombe says:

hay elac look like they are using the glass fiber cones klipsch put in the trash 3 years ago.

whatfreedom7 says:

It’s crazy how so many speakers are so expensive and then they say covered in this beautiful in this case brushed vinyl like it’s a good thing. What the hell happened to real wood?

Raymond Leggs says:

I like how he immediately passed on the crappyexpensive audiophile elevator music, and no real audiophile thrust thier speakers in a corner unless they have a “hifi dream crusher” (wife)

mrhoffame says:

I bought a pair of the B6.  For the price point they are AMAZING.  I have a pair B&W 685 that I kind of compared them with and they hold up very well.   It is true though.  They are very boomy.  They will not hesitate to bring your low end up very easy.

Mark Knopfler says:

what was the cheap part?

1980PainforFun says:

I wouldn’t pay no more than $150.00 for all this equipment brand new.

Robert Hjalmarsen says:

1200 bucks lol

Gregarious Solitudinist says:

$1200? obnoxious enough for me. I have Polk Audio tower speakers, a Marantz surround sound receiver, and an Audio Technica LP1240. It all cost less than $1200.

Cristian Aranda says:

Nice machines. BTW, for this kind of videos I’d like a voiceless one.

Jason B says:

Did he just say at 1200$ it’s cheap just for the amp?? that is not cheap, I bought my Sony receiver for 100$ and turntable for 150$ and speakers for 30$, that’s cheap. And I bet it sounds as nice as yours or better.

Brave Heart says:

Just so you know…. You never get to hear the fucking music…. Just talk talk talk

Rich Woida says:

Im a newbie and I love this video. What kind of wiring are you using? Looks great,…… braided thick color. I love it

NorthSea0il says:


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