Chord Hugo 2 HiFi Dac Section Review – Have Chord Electronics Really moved things on with the Hugo 2

Welcome to the Full Review of the Chord Electronics Hugo 2 Dac Section.

Chord FPGA Technology Explained

Please also see the Playback demonstrations Videos in the channel to hear how this Dac sounds with the other Best of British Kef Reference Speakers and Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 800 Integrated Amplifier

We want to Thank Nintronics the excellent dealer for the loan of this Dac for Review. To buy this Dac please see their site

If your looking to buy any new HiFi or Av products please contact them for amazing service and the largest selection available – they are a Great Company to deal with

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Video Equipment Used

Camera – Sony AX53 4K Camcorder



Arthur Watts says:

They laughed at me when I paid 2K AUD for the original Hugo, but there is effing way I’d pay *3700 AUD* for that form factor. I admire the work Rob Watts put into this thing, but for that money I’d be looking for the power supply that goes with a fullsize desktop DAC.

Bilal Anwar says:

If it is possible, I would like you to do a review of the lindemann music book streamer as it has very similar functions and capabilities as the PS Audio. So it would be good to see a comparison of the two.

You can also do a video on comparing the Chord Hugo 2, TT, ps audio and Lindemann to guide prospective buyers what the best option is considering the prices and performance.


Boolossus says:

I agree it’s hard to leave Chord DAC sound, when it comes to portable DACs now they didn’t just raise the bar, they are the bar.

Israel Ramirez says:

Great videos im enjoy it and I’m suscribed 🙂 ; when you talk about the stage and your preference of a wide one, which other dacs come to your mind?, im looking for one dac for my open system (spnus faber cremona speakers and a headphone hd800 with wa2 system, mainly flac and dsd 128 & 256, thank you!

jaspal kallar says:

Is is true that the USB inputs do not have galvanic isolation? If so a buyer would need to take this into consideration this if using the Hugo 2 in their speaker system. So did you ever try the USB input ?

Opii (ambient, chill out, downtempo) says:

thanks for review, it is very well! and I’ve ordered h2 already and watch your video in waiting period is a good time) make h1 and h2 comparison please

alphanumerix1 says:

I think the word you were searching for is trans-portable, Nice review!

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