Emotiva Mini X A-100 Review 50wpc Amplifier

An excellent sounding and sleek looking budget integrated amplifier. If you can make do with the single input and the lack of a remote this may be the amplifier for you. I used it in a bedroom setup with a pair of B&W 685 speakers and the pair were superb. A fantastic $500 Hi-Fi if you ask me. Or you could pair this with a pair of the Pioneer BS52 and have a great $300 Hi-Fi.


Clark Gambarrotti says:

What about the sound? Looks nice but that’s not important. It’s all about the sound. Do you have a review in regards to the sound?

AudiophileTubes says:

Is the volume knob solid and made of metal, or is it cheap plastic?

Also, the fact that the banana plugs do not fit into the amp is a huge shortcoming for many. Why Emotiva would do this is beyond me. Actually, the same thing occured with my KEF Q100 speakers. The bananas just don’t fit well into the terminals. Ridiculous, considering the fact that many people use banana plugs.

TheDutchSandwich says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

TheDutchSandwich says:

Check out this amp after it got powder coated:

U Geaux says:

Thank you for posting this video.  Very informative, and just my luck,  also explained to me as to how to connect this amp to a sub-woofer.  I want to do a quality 2.1 set up for my desktop and I think I might pull the trigger on this Emotiva amp.  Thanks again.

recsq1 says:

Nice Oris!

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