HiFi Update – New Amp: Cambridge Azur 851A

A look at the new amp at the heart of my HiFI…and a re-cap of the other components that make up the rest of the system…(this week).
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TheRealColBosch says:

So, at 1:40, I remembered that the previous inhabitant of my apartment had left what I thought was an old FM tuner behind. I go check, and lo and behold, it’s a Pioneer SX-1980. It’s in rough shape, and will need some TLC, but what a find. I will add that it is a seriously heavy bit of kit!

Turrican4D says:

Isn’t bass and treble supposed to adjust for different speaker characteristics and for the individual room, they are planted in? If that’s not the case, I might have listen to my music and my movies wrong through all these decades.

frvo says:

The Miss… XD

Hungry Guy says:

You’re right. That’s the biggest problem with these 80s and 90s component audio systems. You have to be a rocket surgeon to operate it.

My system:

OHM I speaker systems (2)
SAE A502 power amps (2 in bridged mono mode)
NAD 1300 preamp
DBX 3BX-DS dynamic range processor
Technics SL-Q2 turntable
Sony CDP-269 CD player
Pioneer CTF-500 cassette decks (2)
Sangean SDT-1X HD Radio Tuner

Bill Ridge says:

the sx-1010 is a symbol or unit as well and they’re a lot less expensive than the 1980

bert smith says:

You do need a better equipment shelf.

Rogier van der Meij says:

I really like your videos bro

Andrew Slade says:

I am intrigued, the new amplifier has no turntable input, without the need for a special phono stage and only one tape record/playback connection. So do you still have to juggle your inputs when playing with more gear. I note you have reel to reel and cassette, minidisc and other recording media and also Sansui turntable so how do you connect all that lot? Thoroughly enjoy the videos, but am puzzled

TR6Telos says:

If your wife leaves you, you will be on your own for evermore. Ahhh

FlukeyFlukeFluke says:

You say at 7:1 “..if i do ever get anything with an XLR output…” Did you forget that the Sony HAP S1, that you show at 11:30 does have XLR out?

Phil D says:

Absolutely love the channel and must have watched most of your videos.Would really love to know more about the perspex cover you’ve got for your Sansui XR-Q7, Desperately need one of these myself. Keep up the great work.

Paul Stubbs says:

Nice amp, Just looked up the price for Australia, $2,499 ouch, I better keep looking.

Robert Bruce says:

Outstanding switching capabilities! But what is the use of the Phono Pre-Amp now that you have this pre-amplifier and amplifier? Also, can you recommend a Phono-pre-amplifier with USB output that will not cost my first born son?

JaniceHope says:

I wish all this great tech would be stored in a shelve that does them justice. 🙁

Dana Jorgensen says:

I remember when Cambridge was a famous brand for computer surround sound systems.

Mett Zett says:

The good old Pioneer Logo….

Brad Scott says:

Is this thing still working? I hate modern switching receivers. They sound soft when pushed, and they inevitably die from power supply/thermal issues. I had a JVC, it worked great until I listened reasonably loud (the same volume my ancient Marantz pushed out, about 20W) it would shut off after a few minutes.

duncan weegink says:

i have that DCC player and the rest of an hifi setup for €30

T Cheng says:

Dear Techmoan – I only discovered your channel a few days ago and enjoy the videos a lot.
I have a request – *DVD Audio*. I got a car a few years ago and it comes with stock sound system with DVD Audio. Since it’s rare and thought you might be interested in doing a video on it.

Peronnik Beijer says:

Cambridge Audio sounds great for the money, believe me

Muranaman says:

What’s the song played back from the Sony Minidisk @~7:34 ?

BTW, you can connect the phono input to the balanced input.

erwinvdrwal says:

What model of speakers does Techmoan has?

Anthony Leacock says:

I don’t understand these people, my hifi setup has everything I need: a MacBook pro touch edition and some beats wireless earphones. After all, beats are the best headphone brand.

aegisofhonor says:

if you don’t need the 2nd XLR imput or the 9th total imput, you can go with the Cambridge Audio 840A, basicly the previous model that that is almost as good as this model but you can get it for about $200-350, compared to $700-1000 US for a used 851A.

SargentRay says:

Very nice amp, although i’m more into the vintage fat knobs look (hate having to dive into menus to access something like my digital cameras for instance) but that’s just me. The question is; now that you’ve made the change do you think the Mrs will be able to make it play ? Seems rather still complicated to me. More so than just having explained where all your components where on your old Pioneer and writing it down on a piece of paper for your wife to remember it when she wanted to play the CD player or something else.
Oh but wait i’m starting to reason like a woman, us guys just need ONE excuse to get new electronic toys, no matter how small the excuse is right ?

Seriously have fun it sure seems like a beast of an amp 🙂

Fabio Rigo says:

Great set up..

Daniel Habberstad says:

have you trid Tanberg amps from norway

Chris B says:

Ahhh a ritcher sounds own brand.

John Hopkin says:

*Sees Techmoan pulling caps off ends of speaker connectors, revealing holes for banana plugs*

*Rushes to his own Cambridge Audio (much more basic Topaz AM10) amp, does same, takes banana plugs from awkward positions in holes meant for bare wire, and puts them in properly in newly-found banana plug holes*

Thank you! I wish CA had mentioned that little detail in the manual …

Bigboy Brods says:

That’s masking tape not duct tape.

TR6Telos says:

What you need is a pair of ESL57s and a Transcriptors Transcriber. I am selling up!

MrBittlej says:

It’s a beautiful piece of equipment for sure.

tarzan12345 says:

@9:05: that’s the best I’ve heard someone say. No “how great the sound is” BS. Awesome!

Zack Schmiesing says:

My personal HiFi setup is run through a Sony STR-DH100 stereo receiver. All I really use is streaming with a Chromecast Audio, and my 5-disk CD changer.

mattsynth says:

That Cambridge is definitely not a looker but I am sure it sounds great. What it lacks in style it makes up in sound.

frvo says:

The DCC!!!!! I’m the one that told you that my brother got one of those on Twiter!!

Joshi Oyabun says:

To much display ! Of this display fails the amp is useless

Jerry Lawrence says:

Techmoan Challenge, you said you would like some VU meters to have gone with your Cambridge Azur amp, so what would you do to add some?  I’m intrigued what you come up with as I was considering the 851E and like you I needed plenty of inputs and love the display on the Azur BUt would love some more Visual Eye candy that doesn’t affect the sound

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