How to build a $1000 Hi-Fi Pioneer Andrew Jones Speakers NAD 356BEE Integrated Amplifier Zu Audio

I walk you through my $1000 Hi-Fi and advising where to spend money and where it’s possible to save money. Gear was all bought gently used and is as follows: Pioneer FS52 $150, Tributaries T100 ($100), NAD 356BEE ($500), NAD 515BEE ($150), Audioquest RCA ($20), and Zu Mission Speaker Cable ($80).


linkingaj says:

Have you ever opended your speakers to see what cables are used?

Andrew Edmonds says:

Nice system, pretty good balance of budget choices. Great components. Of course I had changing CDs so all mine are ripped to computer these days. Maybe you already did a separate video on music via PC. For $100 the audioquest dragonfly is a great way to add computer and/or replace the CD player. Not bad for Stereophile class B source.

TheDutchSandwich says:

You can listen to a sound demo with a few tracks on this system here:

Perl Man says:

Thank you. Very informative and well done. This post has been up almost a year now and I was wondering if you still have the Pioneer towers, and if so , do you still think of them as highly. I am thinking of buying a pair when they go on sale. Thanks for any response.

Mike Day says:

You must get special doo-dah’s to raise your $$$ speaker cables off the floor. All the cool people have them. (btw…..nice video and components)

Hi-Fi Haven says:

Nice looking video! Nice system!

Dennis Donoso says:

The CD Player have a gapless reproduction?

Raymond Leggs says:

Go used and you can go even lower sometimes people will sell a big black or silver integrated, or receiver. for $20.00! sometimes people sit working big speakers outside because wife doesn’t like them.

crispincrunch says:

Great system, I especially liked the introduction to the Tributaries T100.

For those with ripped digital file collections, I would go with the C 326BEE instead which you can pick up refurb from Then utilize the savings to get a great DAC from Schiit Audio. I’ve also heard great things about other affordable DAC options such as the Audioquest Dragonfly (mentioned in other comments here) and the FiiO which you mentioned in the other $1000 system.

For those who dig this topic of budget systems, check out Digital Audio Review. He has done several similar articles about affordable audio ($500, $1K and 1.5K systems)

ocularis73 says:

Nice video, but I think you are wrong about the concentric drivers. I believe this is a 3 way design with the tweeter on top, a 5″ midrange and 2 5″ woofers.

TheDutchSandwich says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

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