Kenwood KA-9100 Vintage Integrated Amplifier: Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier demo

Kenwood KA-9100 Vintage Integrated Amplifier: Kenwood KA-9100 Analogue Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier demo. This is one of the nicest Kenwood vintage stereo amplifiers. Powerful sound, great condition, works flawlessly, fantastic looks. Carefully restored, tuned and cleaned. Wooden cabinet refreshed and waxed. Beautiful specimen of the Golden Age of Japanese Stereo.

Speakers – small size (shelf) KEF- SP3499.

Music: New Composers and Pete Namlook – Echnaton.
The choice of music determined by copyright complications. I have had posted many videos with more famous music, but almost all of them were either muted or banned in some countries. Of course I’d like to demonstrate my gear with the best matching music material of the proper era but… It is not always that easy.

This unit was sold on eBay. I am restoring other vintage hi-fi and will put new videos here. Stay tuned!


Badassvidsz says:

So beautiful

Vla Bog says:

I can not believe you put some crap dvd on this.

Siberian Кот says:


Théo Leclercq says:

Les aiguilles qui sont sur cet ampli c’est pour voir le niveau sonore ou c’est pour autre chose ?

Oliver Jones says:

Today’s hi fi equipment lokks like SHIT!!! They should return to build these masterpieces!


Remove CD player from heat vent!

RJ Pruitt says:

Beautiful. I have one. Great amp. Is that a wood case or some other material?


my folks had that same one!!!

Chuck Maddison says:

Trio Kenwood a work of art i still have a 3300 i bought new for i think $ 165. I would have got a higher model but the 3300 was my price limit at the time .

tony tunison says:

Love listening to your hands

Hadley Scott McIntyre says:

I luv it, now for some 1974 koss round earmuffs!

Oleg says:

а почему частоты до конца выкручены?

Tomasz Pokora says:

What the music playing?

Ernesto di tommaso says:


LZDEN says:

very nice..but put some Led Zeppelin through it!!

Tony Puddu says:

I diffusori sullo stesso mobile dell’ampli non è una buona idea

Lens says:

Que hermoso amplificador, toda una obra de arte. Te felicito. Yo también uso mi sintoamplificador vintage con un DVD Philips.

Algoll66 says:

Неплохо бы кинуть полную спецификацию в тему. Меня интересуют выходные мощности и год начала выпуска этой серии.

Santiago Santarge says:

I have a ka 9100 in woodcase mint in their original cocoon.

Jason Montell says:

Do you normally operate your amp with both the bass and treble maxed out?

Nekish Brykalov says:

Был когда то такой “Филипок” постенький но за свои деньги нормальный 🙂 думаю c таким усилком можно и не полочные кеф скрестить:) например Paradigm Monitor 9

jammasterj13 says:

OverEngineered Beauty!!!!! Luv IT

Vasiliy Monakhov says:

Очень интересное решение с ручкой регулировки баланса, интересно, как это устроено

The Vintage Hifi ambassador says:

the smaller brother KA-7100 is well installed at mine :-). but I always prefer the top of the line components.

eddy HelicopKut says:

i love your channel

but that philips dvd player has very bad sound quality even compared to a normal cd player

Farhad Usmanov says:

зачем только такой позорный источник надо было ставить..

ashy_2002 says:

want one…………………….

WatchWithCareOK says:

It’s beautiful.  I love it.

назар назаров says:


Robert Krysik says:

with Pholips ? not really

احمد نافع says:

مكن السعر و من اي دولة

norincobro says:

I still have its baby brother KA-6100 since 1979.
I can only imagine how great yours must sound.


Steve Wayne says:

VIDEO MAKERS !!!  PAY ATTENTION.   We cannot tell AT ALL what the sound quality of your stereo is through the $1.50 microphone on your camcorder!  Please STOP with the demonstrations of how great the stereo sounds. You’re just ruining your video post. Pass the word.

Hadley Scott McIntyre says:

Before plastic back when real component was heavy. Is that amp heavy?

Ney Dogg says:

Great amp… I wish kenwood could return to this level

Ivan Red says:

Убери двд с вентиляционных отверстий! Тебе уже несколько человек писали! Этот усталое класса а – греется очень сильно, испортишь не только его, но и двд

Tan Thien Nguyen says:

Sollte ich auf der Strasse …….Bohrer…..Hammer……holen…….?

Pedjo Gt says:

beautiful amp…just change places for dvd-amp hahaha

назар назаров says:

Что за DVD дешевый?Купи нормальный CD к нему.

jo blo says:

Very classy.

MarvelDcImage says:

I just don’t see people investing in sound quality like this any longer. When I was a kid this was what people aspired to owning to enjoy their music around but now we just play it out of a smartphone mostly. There is a loss of listening sensation and even tactile sensation in this that the new generations don’t know about.

hifiresearch74 says:

It is wonderful hobby that can be shared by more people!

Максим Попов says:

Какая все таки красивая была техника в то время! Класс!

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