Luxman L-509X HiFi Integrated Amplifier Review – Sensational

Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System Video Review for the Sensational new Luxman Integrated Amplifier the L-509X.

This is a stunning amplifier that sounds amazing as you will see in this review and you can hear it playing in our reference system if you watch the song demonstration videos linked below

We have been co reviewing the new DAC from Chord Electronics the Qutest.

We are powering the Qutest from the JCAT 200w Linear PSU because it sounds good like it and you will see

The song demonstration video links below for you to enjoy

The isolators we use are called Cera-Disc made by company Plinth-Design

Dirac Live is being used within the Dedicated Audio PC – its an essential part of the reference system I wouldnt listen without it
For more detail on Dirac Live and to buy the software please use this link – please use this link it helps support the channel

If you are interested in buying this Amplifier, the Dac, the Speakers or any other HiFi or AV Products please speak to or visit Nintronics – who kindly loaned us this sample for review 01707 320788

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MR. Keema says:

You sold me on this integrated,

Relayer6a says:

Too bad you couldn’t check out the phono stage. It’s pretty important in an integrated. It seemed to be lacking a bit of richness and harmonic detail compared to the M-700. Also it does seem to suffer from the loss of weight and impact that you often get with integrateds vs. separates. It is only youtube though. 😉

Thanks for all your efforts. I don’t subscribe to many audio vloggers.There’s you and Stereophile on my list.

Hi-Fi And Home Theater Haven says:

Great video! Great piece of equipment, sorry I mean great piece of KIT! Sorry I temporarily forgot what side of the pond that I was on! Great work as always man!

Blacksabbath25 says:

Great review ! It’s a nice looking amplifier and would buy one but the price is very silly money but if your got that kind of money and you liked it that much then I would buy one .
I do recommend you try out the Yamaha A-S3000 which has a higher build quality then that £8500 luxman I am afraid but the Yamaha A-S3000 would go pretty well with your KEfs and I think you would like the sound too with that match .
But liked the review as all ways keep it up

moonlight says:

How is piano solo on it?

Michael Marshall says:

I own a Parasound pre and power amps but this Luxman has me thinking of going back to integrated Amplifier and being Japanese ? Well we all know their quality !

gryphongryph says:

Now I am ready to hear you review the Luxman L590axII class A intergrated amp 😉
Or how about the Lyngdorf 2170 or the new Lyngdorf 3400 ? 100 % Digital, but is said to play real music, also it has maybe the best and easiest dsp built in called Room Perfect. I was thinking about the Luxman 590II class A, but my music room for the next years will be nearly perfectly square!!! So maybe the Lyngdorf would help get my room sounding better, I use the Graham Audio LS 5/9 and very much love these speakers.

lex Tr3 says:

why do you review impossible to buy amplifier hehe.. we want you to find an amp as good for 1k-2k to go with the qutest.. im looking at the heed elixir … what about lower cost luxman amplifier compare to this one

Jan Mokrý says:

Hello. Thanks for this review. Sadly it makes me more confused, than I already was. I’m still thinking about almost perfect integrated and I’m trying to decide if it should be Mark Levinson No585 or this beautiful Luxman L-509x. I’m not interested in huge watt power or USB DAC, just in sound quality and usability. I also need amplifier, which is able to play perfect loud, but also quiet during night listening sessions. But you said that this L-509x is lacklustre at low volumes. It makes me confused, especially if Luxman says that L-509x works in class A up to 6W, which is enough power for low to medium listening level. Did you try loudness compensation during low volumes night listening? Did it help? And again, can you compare this beauty with ML585 in this region (low listening levels)? You also made me confused when you said that ML585 was a little bit smearing details, when all other reviews said that ML585 is fantastic detailed, revealing and dynamic. :-/ Sadly without my own direct comparison of them both I’m totally lost. 🙁

Audiopath says:

Could you review Leben Hifi separate amps or integrated amp? I think Leben’s amplifiers are japanese miracle too.

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