Marantz PM8004 Integrated Amp Review

This is my review of the Marantz PM8004 integrated amplifier, a great option in a midpriced hi-fi piece of gear to power your speakers. It also blends nicely with Marantz CD or SACD players.

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chadergeist82 says:

I don’t like Pure Direct, it sounds tinny and flat. I like warmth and bass.

エリック says:

I used to own a Marantz CD player and had nothing but problems with it…never bought again. I now own a YBA integrated amp and exposure CDP… very happy.

bwdu vulw says:

dw thes

phantasm1004 says:

Hey bro….great review. Ignore the idiots who apparently don’t know what the word REVIEW means. Sweet integrated and those are some sweet speakers. They look like Wharfedale Diamonds.

David Lobato says:

Crap video. Worthless. REad Amazon. The guy there wrote a great video about what the cons were so I will pass (using Marantz receivers for 42 years) since I was 15, using Marantz.

Photo314159 says:

I believe they were Tara Labs Vector 1 RCA interconnects, and the now out of business IXOS Gamma 11ga speaker wire with IXOS bananas on them.

Photo314159 says:

In the USA we have a saying too. You are a buttface! Lol.

satguy08able says:

No one can tell a difference between amps? I can, and I am not a critical listener.

Dreez76 says:

I love my Marantz PM-84 MKII, champagne color, pristine condition.
Weight 20kilo beastly powers. Stole it for 400$, will never sell it.

John Leaf says:

play motherfolker

Syamsul Nahar says:

what a load of bull…people wanna hear the sound of the amp..not you talking

Tanvir Ahmed says:

Hi.. I do have Marantz NR1506 and Q Acoustics 3020 speakers. Could you please suggest me are those a good match? Thank you very much. 🙂

richardmilk says:

May I ask what do think of the Yamaha r-s700 (if you know it) compared to this Marantz? Thanks.

dud bois says:

play !!!

MASTER says:

McIntosh and Conrad Johnson wayyyyyy better!

Rocky Guevara says:

Great review

eduardo escobar says:

Amigo, is there a big difference between this model and the pm5005?

h m rowland says:

According to Marantz the PM8005 is ‘analog dedicated’ which may explain the set up for recording. I just purchased the PM8005 to run two turntables, one stereo/Project Debute Carbon w blue ortofon, and one mono/Sony PSx5 with ortofon mono.  Adding a Project Phono Box DS to the Sony and into the AUX . Direct Technology towers w amped woofoers.  Any thoughts? I’m kind of new to this hobby.  I have a monstrous collection of 20’s-60’s jazz and jazz/pop singers much of what I play is mono.  I have been using Marantz 2230 for my mono since it has a mono switch, which does something I.know nothing about, I know it divides the signal somehow…duh. Am I thinking right? OR messing up with this set up?

johnm893 says:

i like sexy hairy men who know their amps….

Photo314159 says:

I don’t know it, sorry.

t103Ninja says:

how do you bi-wire your speakers with this?

Amigo Z says:

Sorry but your reviews always is just for yourself, if you want to do something professional at least make video playing even via youtube, as at least to hear sound signature. Yes i know it means almost nothing but i can even tell it is harsh-bright speakers or not, trust you can do this – i bought my JBL studio 530 blindly even not heard in real, just by youtube (thanks Jack) it is great – wonderfull speaker for such price – even i compare them with my audiophysic speakers…. Nothing personal..

Photo314159 says:

Sure, you would connect the sub to the L&R preouts on the back of the Marantz, or via high level inputs via speaker wire to the sub. Either should work, preouts are probably better. You’ll need to use the crossover on the sub since the Marantz will be putting out a full range signal.

Photo314159 says:

Well, unfortunately any brand of electronics can have an occasional failure or bad piece. So far I’ve never seen a Marantz player or integrated fail that I’ve sold. (Knock on wood) It’s when failures become a normal thing from one brand that I’d stay away from them. In the past we’ve had numerous failures from several companies products, and we simply don’t carry those brands products any more.

PN Pharma says:

pls what are the cables to speakers and what cables from player to amp ? thx

GTI1dasOriginal says:

About your explanation of the power supply.. You’re right. The more “oomph” a PSU has, the more power and stability you’ll get in sound. And that is why the old marantz sound so wonderful and VERY loud at low rated wattages.. They were build HUGELY oversized. For instance my 1974 marantz 4300 has a 5 inch x 5 inch x 5 inch PSU, rated Amplifier power only 4 x 40 watts or 2 x 100 watts (@0,1 THD from 8 Hz – 70 kHz pre amp) But….. it’s LOUD. Everytime I have someone over who’s unfamiliar with “that crappy low powered old receiver” (as someone once called it), I let them play with it. And always the same reaction.. the jaw drops and the words “what the fuck” visible in their eyes. xD

Supheak Meng says:

hi, what are the speaker cables and RCA cables?

RuSomeKindaIdiot says:

The 10k challenge is for speaker wires. Which I agree, cables with a correct impedance match are difficult to discern differences between. Lots of audio-foolery here, without a doubt. However, amplifiers can be totally different. Hugh differences can easily be heard between some tube, solid state, and different topologies of each. So, your claim must be based on your obvious limited experience in this matter. Learn before you make claims and get your comments removed for too many negative votes.

Nicool333 says:

Hey thanks for the positive review. I just got the PM8004 and the SA8004. I have an external powered sub I would like to hook up to this but there is no “sub out” output on the back like my last receiver. Do you know how I would hook up a sub?

wneil1967 says:

Thank you. Superb, insightful review. Best wishes my friend.

tadasland says:

Hi, thank you for a detailed review. I bought a PM8005 a couple of days and still struggling with it in terms of sound. As soon as I played music from it I noticed high levels of brightness, some edginess, to the point of making my head feel like a bucket. Do you know if it settles down and mellows out a bit with “burn-in”?  I don’t know what to do now… wait a bit longer and see if the brightness settles a bit or try and take it back. My speakers are Tannoy Revolution DC6T SE. I would really appreciate any insights.

Zimba's Doom Corner says:

and how do I connect my SVS sub to it?

Mazhar Tahir says:

why u never play thos things u idiot. why u making video?

bwdu vulw says:

we dw duerakt muksemwm luwtnas ant prwf sakewrete

pscans1234 says:

Great video. How powerful is this amp? Can it power something as big as polk rti a7?

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