McIntosh MC 275 MK VI Valve HiFi Stereo Power Amplifier REVIEW – #SoCharming Tubes

Welcome to Pursuit Perfect System Video Review for the Iconic McIntosh MC 275 Stereo Valve Power Amplifier

I have been using the Mc275 to review the KEF R7 and Eclipse TD510Z MK2 Speakers
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patrick walsh says:

Can you name the opening piece of music…and yes, it got me going! Many thanks.

Csab says:

Those leds are gimmicky !

ventura rodríguez vallejo says:

Thanks a lot for this very nice video.
Luckily, I acquired this amp in 1995, because the accumulated inflation had been made it unaccessible for me today.
Now I use it as the main system power amp, driving a pair of nice semi-active Mission 767 (with the LFAU unit plus the PSX additional power supply, of course).
I started to drive them with the Luxman MQ-360 power amp, wich today I use exclusively for driving a pair of AKG K-1000 headphones.
I think the Mc 275 is a wonderful valve design, with a full and rich sound, smooth and pin-point detailed at a time, never disappointing provided the speakers have both reasonably sensibility and efficiency (the Mission run real loud without distortion with this amplifier).
I’m happy for owning this all-time classic, which is part of the best History of Hi-Fi.

Sumit Aggarwal says:

How come you don’t review any naim gear?

googoo gjoob says:

75 watts….is that enough to push my B&W 804d2?

Joe Home says:

Just imagine using them with Klispchorns

Hi-Fi Haven says:

Awesome work on the video man! The intro looks awesome. Incredible looking amplifier, love that McIntosh build quality.

Harry Fishnuts says:

The chassis made of titanium? I doubt that. It’s either steel or aluminum. You’re not gonna get anything neutral sounding with this amp. It sounds warm in the midrange, very sweet smooth highs (ie, rolled off), very dimensional soundstage, but with loose bass. If you like the classic tube sound, it’s a fine amp. If you like neutral well balanced sound with great bass control, look else where.

Larry Magee says:

Loan it to him, sure, he sure can’t afford one!!!!!

Carlos Bauzá says:

It’s a dream amplifier!

John Mitrano says:

Great Review, are those ohm speakers in the background ?

Willie Langoor says:

l want one

alvidrez79 says:

Would take away the green lights and enjoy the natural glow of tubes

Cross Ocean says:

Well well, the tubes are connected to a printed board. Just never change the tubes and you should be fine, as long as it won’t melt first.

Jerome Jax says:

I have the Prima Luna HP Integrated Amp with the KT 150 power tubes. Gobs of power, surprisly Deep Powerful Bass all for a little over $5K USD. I m more than satisfied and in Tube heaven.

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