Parasound Halo Integrated Amplifier

Ron from reviews the Parasound Halo Integrated Amplifier!

If you find yourself watching my channel and scratching your head wondering where is a good place to begin your hifi adventure, allow me to jump in the car with you and to help you out along the way. The Parasound Halo Integrated brings its ‘A’ game to the listening rooms of audio enthusiasts, and it keeps up with systems which cost a small fortune. Are there room for improvements when you spend more money? Sure, but let me be clear–the diminishing returns you’ll be rewarded with won’t feel like much of reward to your pocket book. Save the money and start with the Halo Integrated. It isn’t just good enough for now. No, it offers a level of fidelity which will make you pull over to the side of the road and realize you’ve already arrived…”

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Dave30867 says:

If you enjoy real high Def Audio look here Mark Waldrep is the true Hd Recordist
great Parasound Review Ron I want to get the HALO P5 pre amp one day .

cowmandaman7 says:

What a fantastic review! I am trying to decide between this integrated, or the Parasound separates….. This integrated sounds too good to pass up for my needs.

Ab Sa says:

I’m waiting for you to review chord Hugo .

Kyle Parr says:

Excellent review! Originally, I was thinking about getting a Yamaha or Marantz integrated, but then I learned about the Parasound unit, and I remembered dreaming of owning the P5/A21 combo after hearing it on some Energy Veritas 2.4’s in the Good Guys audio store 10 years ago. Not sure if you’ve heard these amps, but how do you think the Parasound would fare against the Hegel H160 or the Simaudio MOON 250i? Thanks again for the great review!

Al F says:

I’ve been on your channel for about a week now…good stuff…thanks!

crispincrunch says:

How did it sound with the Magnepans? Perhaps something we’ll hear more about in the .7’s review… Very curious, did it drive them with sufficient 4ohm gusto without breaking a sweat?

DJ Rodriguez says:

This was one of the best or best video of an audio product I’ve ever watched. In the future all reviews should share much with this video.

LA K says:

Great review as usual…Thanks!

ogzasu nurkan says:

Thank you for this review. Over a year we waited them to produce which they announce. Bass management and USB DAC very wellcome features for an integrated amp. But that remote is simply from Stone Age .

Raymond Leggs says:

Looks like a technics amp that was sold over 18 years ago, in the blank-space in the middle is where the VFD would be don’t buy this.

zog zog says:

You have taken a bit of care in the presentation of the review – camerawork etc – and it shows.

Narudh Areesorn says:

how does this compare to the rogue? stereophile says the parasound is “very neutral” so i’m afraid it might be too dry with my golden ears triton 2. want to get some sweetening from the rogue hybrid ..?

David Tomsett says:

Why on earth can’t we hear what the amp sounds like?

Mark Schifter says:

Nice review Ron
I’m especially pleased to hear you speaking about Tone Controls – Bravo!
Great work…

Karim Vassanji says:

Are you planning a review on the rotel ra 1592?

sid vicious says:

Ron, I have to ask this, you have tested the Parasound JC 3 and the Avid Pulsus, which sounded better, which had better drive and detail, if you can remember them and which one if you had a choice of just one would you choose.

benlzy89 says:

Tried this and it’s one of the most boring sounding amplifiers I’ve tried. Extremely neutral to the extend of clinical. Sure, everything is in place and you’d love it if you’re a detail freak, and it moved me. In the sense that it moved me out of the room because I couldn’t stand to hear such a bland sound.

Light Man says:

Its a good amplifier or its just a paid comercial

Eric Lucas says:

Great review! I have been wanting to try this amp. I’d read good things about it, but the reviews always seemed a little reserved in their praise. Well, your review pushed me over the edge, mainly because of the Gallo 3.1’s, which I also own. Others have called the HINT “lean, clinical, boring”, that was not my experience at all!! This thing rocks!! Drives the Gallos really, really well. I even tried it with my highly modded Klipsch Fortes (ti-mids, ti-tweeters, ALK crossovers, damping, etc), which at 94db sensitivity, shouldn’t need this much power. Holy smokes!! I have NEVER heard the Fortes sound so good. Smooth & detailed highs, with tight, deep, powerful low-end and a lifelike midrange. I’ll definitely be keeping this amp. Thanks for the great review, which prompted me to give this thing a try. I love it!

Light Man says:

where its made ?

Shahriar Rifat says:


Raj Sarma says:

In my opinion this is probably one of the few modern day integrated amps that would be comparable to a vintage receiver. Great review!

Mark Johnson says:

I have the Halo with 1.7i maggies and love it. I did add a Klipsch 12 inch ported sub. I also have the pro ject 2 experience with Sumiko blue point cartridge

phantasm1004 says:

Ron…outstanding review and a beautiful integrated. While I’m not really a tone control kind of guy (my Krell S300i and Musical Fidelity M3i have no tone controls, and I’m perfectly ok with that), Parasound have yet again outdone themselves with this intregrated. It’s just beautiful and I’m sure it sounds every bit as wonderful as you describe…and a PHONO input to boot! Keep up the great work. I’m very much enjoying the more sophisticated and detailed (yet still laid-back and approachable) nature of your recent reviews.


Chawn Crawley says:

What are those speakers???

Rhoods Kevin says:

I don’t see any reviews about this Parasound EQS-1 Stereo 10-Band Equalizer / Analyzer

jebbj19 says:

OK, I subscribed to your channel anyone who takes electronic gear with music and mixes it with such a poetic flare about HIS experiences is worth my attention. Thanks.

finiteregress says:

Your reviews are utterly fantastic! Definitely subscribing!

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