Product Review Gemtune GP-01 300B Single Ended Class A Integrated Amplifier

Sold by, about $800.Kindly refer to the video review. My review is more technical than of the sound per se. However, I do cover the sound toward the end. In summary: Cosmetics are good, build quality acceptable-to-good for the price, sound quality is OUTSTANDING; treble A+, midrange A, bass B- but well controlled and tight. One technical issue with the balance between the left and right channels (video), could use a balance control but doesn’t have one. This is a 1 Watt amplifier (see the video), NOT 8 Watts as specified. However, all-in-all, highly recommended due to it being an excellent value for the price. Regards, Brian.


selman threetimes says:

Did you measure the clipping voltage 6volts? So can we say input sensivity is around 5volts? In specification page they give input sensivity 2000mV.

Teerth786 says:

Hi Great review . Thank you. I am thinking to buy this as never heard 300B SET. I have David Bogen DB-212 Vintage amplifier and Klipsch Heresy I Vintage from 1982. I love the Bogen but its not SET .
Are you still use yours? One important question as like simple circuit does this amplifier has Global Negative Feedback? As I heard that Negative feedback degrades quality.
Your valued answer is much apreciated.

Patrick S says:

@stereopolice you mentioned that this tube amp and other tube amps,dont do as well with the lows as solid state.Can you recommend a tube amp that does well through the whole frequency range?Or a hybrid that does?

Ke Zhou says:

chinese style mass goods!

dieselscience says:

The ‘white gunk’ is most likely corona putty. You should really leave it on.

Anna-Clara says:

Can’t thank you enough for this thorough review!

James Wilson says:

I had to stop watching as i was getting dizzy due to the movement of the camera

William Perry says:

You should work to Stereophile. How can you compare a PP with a SE, not to mention
the SE has OPTs (impedance matching devices). So are you listening to the 300Bs
or the transformers? Are you trying to mislead buyers? Otherwise – very good review.

tunnelportterror says:

specs for response above human hearing range, are useless- what matters is how good it sounds to the human ear.  checking a stereo with a meter, is like sizing up a woman with a tape measure.  you can get great measurements, and the package may look awesome on the surface, but you may end up with something you can’t live with for more than a weekend.  her “personality”, tone, and habits may be horrible.same with stereos.

Paris Vasiliou says:

Πολύ καλός.

AvocaSingleTrack says:

Were you ever able to get a schematic from Gemini Doctor/Gemtune ?  I can’t get a straight answer from them

fabianus juwana ganis says:

too technical its sbored

Sall Hasnan says:

I suspect the imbalanced Left Right is caused by non-matching tubes.

joseph kaminski says:

the white stuff is liquid electrical tape. It is not corona putty, which is used only on high voltage to prevent corona arch discharging. . The liquid electrical tape is there, to prevent terminal corrosion, and accidental shorting by people poking around in there with screw drivers , like you.

Matthew Taylor says:

channel issues a no no.

ljbrandt500 says:

How do you think this sounds compared to the DIY Tubelab SE 300b?

AudiophileTubes says:

Thank you very much for this stellar review!  The channel imbalance is a deciding factor for me. 

dojmike says:

My theory is that the white goop is applied specifically to discourage one from modifying the amp. Removing it will probably void the warranty. I am building an Elekit TU-8300R which looks to have a similar design. My amp will also let me use 6550 (KT88) tubes as well as the 300B. Looks like you have a good amp. Thanks for help keeping analogue audio alive.

fuvat says:

hi stereopolice, can you compare 1000$ hi-end speaker cable with 50$ medium class cables using your gadgets 🙂

Paul Callas says:

Try swapping power tubes. See if that follows. If it doesn’t, then you may want to check all of your electrolytic capacitors using an ESR meter. I’m thinking that is probably your problem.

james borg says:

The tubes are not matched to each other in pairs at the factory. Try switching them L-R then see what happens.

hifiguy023 says:

Great review!

EJ Jedi says:

Great review!

Lightning Prod says:

Great review . one of the better ,more in depth I’ve seen on y t . do you take requests? 

Robert Jermantowicz says:

I have presently three SE amps: Will Vincent 2A3/45, Sanei 2A3/45 and a custom-built 6BG6 tetrode. All three amps will drive my Klipsch Heresies and DCM Time Windows to adequate listening levels. Proper speaker matching is important with low-power tube amps! For my Quad 57’s and Rogers LS3/5A’s I prefer 20+ watts of PP power – Dynaco ST70 and Paoli/Dyna Mk3’s.

techeteri says:

wow that is a review! thank you!

John Thornton says:

Could you suggest some affordable speakers to pair with such an amplifier? Its an uncomfortable feeling when I mention decibels, spl, thd, etc and the salespeople dont know what the terms are or they reply with no one uses those terms anymore.

Congi Thu says:

It means worth to get one?

Jeremy Holmes says:

You are the FKING MAN!

Akron says:

Cadê a música? Cadê o som? Porque não ligou?

wernertrptube says:

chineese make white junk stuff these idiots instead of a good soldering quality.

Rudolf Zanoni says:

If you want perfect sound go to Kipnis studio,s But you will pay for perfect sound.

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