PS Audio Sprout Review

Ron from reviews the PS Audio Sprout! While its easy to get lost in the gear and there are so many high ticket items out there in audioland, its nice to see a respected company like PS Audio offering fantastic products like the Sprout. At $500, its a no brainer. Will it replace a $50,000 reference reference rig? No. But what it will do, is give anyone interested in hifi a chance to hear high quality music from just about any avenue they choose to take. ​Whether its vinyl, analog, digital or streaming, the Sprout certainly has you covered.


crispincrunch says:

Based on your previous Yamaha reviews, I gave the brand a second look and recently found the A-S301. I’ve wanted to like the Sprout from the get go and glad that the price came down so it could better compete with the likes of the NAD D3020. Could you comment which might be superior there? Also, could you speculate which might be the superior setup, (Yamaha A-S301 $349 + Schiit Modi2 Uner $139) vs. (the Sprout $499)?

Adam Dilk says:

Do you think the Sprout could pair well with the Sound Sommeliers?

AJCN says:

I didn’t understand any of that. OK I’m not an Audiophile, but all you do is repel.

Cyrus Ranchhod says:

Hey discovered this review. Love it! Considering pairing it with Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary Speakers. Everything I read about this amp tells me they can power pretty much anything.

bridgebolt51 says:

how this compare to NAD D3020? thanks

byzantio007 says:

Nice Review! Also…. thats a sweet Dual! Which model is it?

Johnathan Jansson says:

I really have liked all of your reviews. And like anything reviews like this are subjective. But I have auditioned the sprout. And aside from all the bells and whistles. The sound quality was mediocre at best. The bass sounded thin, and the hf tonal textures do suffer because its a class d amp. The sound stage was barely present and the imaging was very small. IMO id rather fore go all the jack of all trades but a master if none. There are better sq offerings than the sprout which are cheaper.

TheDutchSandwich says:

Great video! This seems like a great alternative to the Emotiva Mini X A 100 if you want a Dac, Headphone section, and multiple inputs. Seems like a no brainier for desktop and/or bedroom systems.

Sam Wittsell says:

Seems like a reasonable DAC and also would make a good integrated amp if you’re not picky about EQ settings. I won’t bother using it in my entry-level setup, though.

Ezra Edison says:

Not for me at all I prefer a real integrated amplifier with a high quality built in DAC several digital inputs and analog inputs it looks like it lacks power to and I heard the phono preamp in here leaves a lot to be desired I use a silver Cambridge cxA60 and pro-Ject tube box s phono pre amp. I just prefer separate and more powerful components this may be ideal for other people though I don’t know I’m not impressed. And No remote control is pretty lame too.

matsletten says:

+New Record Day Considering a new amp and right now I’ve narrowed it to the Sprout, Yamaha A-S501, or the Marantz PM6005. Really between the Sprout and Yamaha. I will mostly listen to vinyl on a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, but will occasionally listen from digital sources. I have Dali Zensor 3s. How will the Sprout be with those vs. the Yamaha? I like detail more than bass, but do listen to some bass heavy stuff. I do have a sub as well. Thoughts? and thanks!

Tan Ta says:

How is the bass of this product. I like bass. my budget is limit. I want to use ELAC B6 for this product? Is it a good choice?

MAELOB says:

I also have the Ones on my desktop and looking to replace my Emotiva mini amp. What do you recommend for the Ones.

metart93 says:

Any chance you might do a Peach Tree Nova65SE review? Thanks!

roscoe jones says:

“tactical feel”

Pretty sure you want ‘tactile’.

Digital Diezel says:

New Record Day, This sounds like it will color or change (improve) the sound passed into it via the RCA jacks. Is this the case with the 3.5 jacks and USB as well? For mixing in a music production environment will the sound be reproduced neutrally to ensure a truthful mix?

Joe Norris says:

how would I run this from a dap?

Danny Kaey says:

Unlike the – not sure what really to call them – folks over at – not really sure what to classify that as – this is actually a well done video review series… Congratulations, fantastic work!!!

Adam Ge says:

Wondering what would be the best speaker for sprout. My budget is around $300.

Shaka says:

Great review. BTW, your video skills are impressive, too.

Son Dang says:

Is the analog output of the Sprout variable or fixed?

KillerW0mbatt says:

How do you think this would be with B&W CM8 s1? I’m trying to get a really simple setup for my brother.

district5rookie says:

I just discovered and subscribed to your channel. I love your reviews.

margaretsville says:

I’m surprised that there are not vents in this for heat build up. It must get quite hot when playing at loud levels. BTW is that a Dual 1246 belt drive table?

akila219 says:

Wait for the ELAC Debut Series Integrated Amplifier DA101EQ before getting this PS Audio Sprout.

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