Rega Brio-R Integrated Amplifier Unboxing and Review
This is a review and unboxing of the British-made Rega Brio R integrated amplifier. The retail cost is around $900-$1000. The “R” refers to the included remote control which features input, mute and volume control, but no on/off switch. Excellent clarity at this price level, the Rega Brio-R features a very simple design. It is only half the width of a regular component and has a matching DAC and CD player.

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mystique says:


AudioHead says:

There is a phono stage on the first input. You can connect the RP1 to that and you will be good to go.

Zombbg4 says:

Pronounce “Ree-ga” not “reh-ga”

JustTheBeginning says:

Sex Sells!!

APESHIT Airsoft says:

one of the best non-tube amp for its price…. a little to low for my speakers, so I bought Elicit-R, but realy amazing sound

Denis Nelson says:

one thing i HATE about this amp is that it looks ugly… 🙁

Denis Nelson says:

what do you like about it?

The buttons are not even in line lol

and true, its all about the sound, but 1000 bucks is a lot of money and I just think if youre paying for sound, at 1000 dollars, it should also look the part 🙂

Ashton Wagner says:

I personally like it, especially with the matching components, but will agree it is a polarizing design. but what really matters is the sound and in that respect this is a giant killer

Ashton Wagner says:

placed to the other components the power buttons all line up and the other buttons all line up too. taste is something that can vary greatly between people. that being said, the sound that comes from this box is special, and even if i thought it was ugly I would still buy it. I do want the components i buy to look good but my ultimate decision comes down to the sound

thudeets says:

Well, take off the plastic then. Some of us want to actually see the high gloss finish not just hear you say it. Hah! What are you waiting for anyway? You plan to return it or something? Or are you like those grandmothers who keep clear vinyl covers over their living room furniture so the grandkids will not ruin the upholstery when they spill something on it.? Protects; yes. Looks good; no. 🙂

Larry Newman says:

Do you need an amp for your Rega Rp1 or can you just hook it up to your speakers?

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