Review: NAD D 3045 integrated amp #NAD #audioreviews

You can read my CNET NAD D 3045 review here,

And my Outlaw Audio RR 2160 review here,


Eywadude says:

The Outlaw RR2160 is actually priced at $850 now.

norwegian sound says:

Hey Steve, could you test the Cambridge audio aeromax 2 with the NAD D 3045? Greetings from norway

Mark Lowe says:

Icepower 80 bucks per stereo board 2x 80rms

DHGroove says:

Now THAT is a shirt!

andrew lucas says:

Kind of turned into the Outlaw review…lol, way to go.

Pando says:

$700 price tag with $129 looks. I know aesthetics aren’t priority one but that glossy plastic looks incredibly cheap.

Rick Roberts says:

That bass roll off feature is a way to limit power output to small speakers that can’t handle reproducing low end anyway. Even without a corresponding subwoofer, a limit below 40 Hz will not be heard with most. 8 inch driver or monitor type speakers. At 80 Hz, that roll off will frequency/sonically blend the upper “satellite” monitors well to most basic subwoofers, especially ones like the REL models and the Mackie Pro types. That also will eliminate sending a low frequency signal to low end challenged speakers from warped records, which can be devastating to a small amplifier and corresponding speaker’s sound. Vandersteen accomplished this roll off feature with a simple in line passive circuit roll off plug module you connected your amplifier input cable to, then the plug to the main power amplifier. The Aesthetix’ Atlas amplifier also has this feature built in to its input circuitry as a selection on a dip switch board I believe. Just some added info satellite / sub users may find helpful…

Thomas New says:

I love my Denon DRA 825r (class A) and 545r recievers/amps. The 825 specifically plays very loud and clear for as long as I can handle.
Have you looked at/reviewed these older Denon units from late 80s early 90s?

Neil Fox says:

60 watts 8 or 4 ohm. All, I think, NAD Hybrid Digital amps are rated the same at 4 and 8 ohms.

Randall Lawkin says:

Now for a little help guys I really like the sound of the now old Sony sscs5 in the top end and the open wide sound stage it produces but with a little more in the mid-range and I now the bass is a little lacking but hey that’s what subs are for. So what speakers with that signature around $300 a set? I know people would probably recommend elac b6.2 but doesn’t have that Sony top end and super clear tweeter. New to channel and $300/400 budget thanks

Nir Admim says:

Digital amp doesn’t sound exiting

Christian Goergen aka AstraOovier says:

Today: “Look how easy it’s to handle!” Tomorrow:”Look how heavy it is build!” I scratch my head.

LD Blake says:

$700 for the NAD or $144 for the same features and power ….

Hmmm …. Which to pick…

Cheng Kiang Ng says:

How does it compare with the D3020?

Richard Watson Jr. says:

Luv my NAD 356BEE! I’m keeping my nads.

Agustín Rivera Rodríguez says:

Hi can you tell me about onkyo a 9150 you think this amp sound good or you have another option amp in this price thanks

jeff b says:

Has anyone tried the D3045 with the Monitor audio bronze speakers?I paired the D3020 with them and they sounded pretty good especially with modern music they really cranked when spaced properly apart in a large room

Thomas Sylvestro says:

Hi Steve, awesome channel… I wanted to ask you a speaker question but wasn’t sure the best way to reach out. I am in the market for speakers. I have narrowed down my search to the Elac Uni-Fi UB5 or the Whafedale crystal 4.3. I know one is a book shelf and one is a tower, but they cast about the same. I will be powering them with a Niles si 275 AMP 100 RMS at 4 ohms and 75 RMS at 8 ohms. Any thoughts would be most appreciated

Scott Lowell says:

NAD has always had solid, good sounding stuff. My advice? Go NAD! (I know, old joke…)

ThePlatonas says:

i get the picture! it’s an indifferent piece of gear!

skog77 says:


omahahaha says:

Recent subscriber, Steve and am enjoying your reviews. I also would not like a plastic volume knob or that remote and would only select this over the Outlaw mentioned if size and blue tooth were a major factor.

Pat W says:

Why do you review some Martin Logan speakers, whether they be the expensive ones or the Motion series?

R Bass says:

Thanks to your videos I’m going to pull the trigger on the Klipsch RP-600. Would this be a good amp choice to drive those speakers? Any other amp recommendations?

Rick Bradshaw says:

Excellent review. Thank you!

Nick Moranis says:

The most pathetic remote considering the price. That’s so getting lost.

Bruce Morgen says:

WAY overpriced — alas poor NAD, how the mighty have fallen….

Brad Potthoff says:

Audiophiles are like dogs meeting each other for the first time. At first, we don’t much care what the front of a piece of gear is like. It’s the rear that fascinates us. Steve’s appropriate opening with the back of the amp to the camera is a case in point. Please don’t change.

3en6ie says:

Anyone have thoughts on c356bee or c326bee? I haven’t owned NAD yet, I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 540a that I very much enjoy but I want to try something by NAD.

rollstuhlwolf says:

Did you (Steve Gutenberg) ever review the Peachtree Audio Nova 300 integrated amp? It has an incredible DAC and can drive just about anything with absolute ease.

Russ Redfern#16 says:

Class D yuk.

Alan Crane says:

Great review well covered plus and minus points great work.

rfbead321 says:

That was an excellent review. Honestly.

Sky Drummer says:

I have owned both the 2160 and 316BEE. Outlaw customer service is very good.

Dilan Parmar says:

I got an NAD C368 for $550 on Amazon and paired with magnepan mg12 speakers and I am blown away. Time to sell my old surround system.


integrated dacs are useless! I once bought a hybrid tube amp with usb port and listened through it’s usb and the sound was terrible, as soon as I used a CD player through it’s RCAs the sound was awesome, night and day difference… Of course the same goes for included phono stages!
Although things get better when the price of the amp goes way higher but still separates are the best solution!

Club Soda says:

I would buy it for one of the bedrooms in the guest room if I owned several houses. Keep a guest happy while she’s enjoying the music

Robert Lennox says:

I just bought the same combination, the 600M and NAD C368 integrated amp, which produced a very sweet pairing. Thanks to Steve Guttenberg for the recommendation on the Klipsch!

RottenEggSack says:

Lousy comparison using the C-316 40WPC @ $379 instead of the C-326 60WPC @ $550. Unlike the 326 which doesn’t struggle with the majority of speakers, the 316 does struggle, a lot.

Thanasis Manolopoulos says:

Total change of style with the traditional NAD look.
Many manufacturers are now going down the path of Class D amps.
I still remain skeptical about their sound qualities when compared to Class AB, let alone Class A amplification.
Thanks for the video and, again, great to see the equipment you’re talking about. Keep it up Steve!

Doug G says:

Only prob with outlaw is looks. Ug

Ron Alcasid says:

I picked up the NAD 3045 for its compact size and feature set to possibly replace a Cambridge Audio CXA60 but sent it back because it sounded dull compared to the Cambridge.

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