(:Review:) SMSL 50Watt Stereo Amplifier ~SA-50Plus~ Ultra Compact HiFi Amp w/MP3 Playback

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I put this amp up against my 3 most power hungry speakers and it drove them just fine.
It is plenty powerful enough to power any single room speaker setup.

I needed a small amplifier that I could use in a more portable setup. Dragging around a PA system or standard amplifier is not really practical in most situations. Most of the time you aren’t trying to fill a dance hall, you just want to provide some good quality sound at a party or even when camping. Most portable bluetooth speakers, just don’t have the power to drive the music and create the party atmosphere. This thing does a great job at that. If they added Bluetooth to it, it would be perfect. They do make a model that has bluetooth, but I haven’t tested it yet.

My test setup:
1: This S.M.S.L SA50+ Amp
2: A pair of matched 8ft tinned 12GA speaker leads
3: A pair of DBX 250Watt peak 4-way home theater speakers
4: A pair of generic 3-way PA speakers
5: A pair of Alesis Monitor One Studio Monitor Speakers
6: An SD card loaded with some Bensound MP3s

My goal in testing is geared more for the home user as most people just want to know if they will get a good quality sound when pairing this amp with their speakers.

My Results:
This amp had no problems driving all 3 speakers. The sound quality clean, crisp and true to the input (a good clean frequency response and reproduction across the board). I was able to pick out the quality differences in the 3 speakers quite easily with the clean sound coming from the amp. For those looking for a heavy bass driving amp, you can increase the bass through the menu for a bit more boost, but you have to understand that a true amp is supposed to just amplify clean sound, generally you want to control bass and equalizer settings at the source, or with a separate EQ box. I would like to see this amp pump a bit more power, but hey, 50 watts is 50 watts, if you want something higher, buy more watts.
The quality of construction is good and it is stylish enough to fit into most situations. The black brushed aluminum makes it look at home next to your home theater setup, your laptop, or all by itself on a shelf next to your books.
My only complaint is the audio file/folder limitation. It can only read/scan 3 folders deep and is limited to 1000 files. This is an issue for me since all of my MP3s are sorted multiple folders deep by artist, album, etc. I also have well over 1000 MP3s. There also is not any real way to setup a playlist or easily find/play certain music or randomize a group of songs. Not much different in this regard to bluetooth speakers with file playback capability. Not a big deal, since most people are going to be plugging their phone straight in anyways.

Great, compact, semi-portable amp for minimalists, PC theater setups, or pop-up parties.
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Fábio Bianchini says:


Rob Fowler says:

Listening to this on the SMSL SAD-25 🙂 They make a good little audio amp.

MrBrymstond says:

Looks nice. I wonder what chip they used?

Bill Ridge says:

Those first speakers you hooked up with the 15s in the back are they actual speakers or is it a passive radiator that will make a difference

Eric J says:

I just buy this model and with my 8 ohms Optimus LX5 speakers it always clip over level 5 of volume!!

Chris Langley says:

What song is playing at 7:50?

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