Review! The Denon PMA800NE Integrated Amplifier.

An affordable integrated amp that’s all about balance, power, and aural versatility.

Intro Music by: Ten Towers – Lottery

The Denon PMA800NE Product Page

Headphone Output Power: 72mW / 32ohms
DAC Chipset: Burr Brown 192kHz/24 Bit


Associated Equipment used in the Review

Mistral Audio BOW A-2 (speakers)
Totem Acoustic SKY (speakers)
Harbeth P3ESR (speakers)
Buchardt Audio S300 (speakers)
ELAC Debut B6.2 (speakers)
Klipsch R51m (speakers)

AMR CD-777 SE (CD-player)
Heed Abacus (DAC)


Paul Golub says:

Sprout 100. Same $

Doug G says:

Nice review. Always liked Denon. The Marantz is definitely better looking.

Mario Castro says:

Great video ! Yamaha receiver RS700 ? Came out a few years ago. Any opinion on this one ?

rowan 3 says:

I would love to know how this stacks up against the highly regarded Maratntz PM6006


Trying to find an good but not expensive amp to run the Buchardt S400’s. Denon, Marantz, EMOTIVA TA-100? Thanks

James Mundell says:

I could see this with Sony core series speakers.

Wie b l says:

The balance and flat sounding description… well that helped me to decide. Many people like warm sounds, but when a person’s speaker is warm, that it’s going to be a mismatch. What is not clear is the soundstage of this piece as well as the clarity and openness. I’m happy to know that you like tone controls; that’s my main criteria for a good preamp of integrated amp. Not all music comes in perfect recording, and if you can’t adjust it to your taste after spending $$$ or if you have to get a hernia unplugging and replugging in different speakers and gears… Sigh it’s really an anti-climax and frankly very very tedious. And again, thank you Sean so much for doing what you do. You are dangerous, your mention of the Onkyo – well, it’s on it’s way to my home. One of my trips to the U.S. well, I hope I can route it to your home – one day.

itoosh says:

Thanks for sharing.
I like Denon products, great natural sound and always give good fight to competitors.

Crispin Crunch says:

So, very generally speaking, is this on par with the muscularity of NAD or Cambridge Audio?

Phen0mable says:

I have one of this. Very nice amplifier

Hi-Fi Haven says:

Great work as usual man! That is a sharp looking unit, and looks like good build. I like the back panel, plenty of inputs, and nice layout. Thanks for the “under the hood” look. I like that isolation for the digital circuitry. I looks like it has some really decent internal components, especially for the price point. I have used Denon AVR’s for years, and have always had a great experience with them. Thanks for this video, and have a great one man!

Pablo osvaldo Penizzotto says:

Does it has loudness control to compensate bass and treble response at low volume?

Michael Mityok says:

What about the dac and headphone amp? Thoughts?

mzondi1970 says:

Been waiting for this for some time. Sadly I don’t know if it will work out for me after waiting. I was kind of hoping for a sub out. I don’t want boomy bass but I was going to pair up a sealed subwoofer with the elac 6.2. I may have to go with my other choice of the Yamaha 501. I’ve even been looking at schiit audio with their saga preamp. I’m have to save my coins longer but maybe I should just upgrading the speakers first

Quetzalcoalt says:

We should start to see more and more subwoofers (like the svs ones) coming with high level input, so you will get the speaker amps coloring and send it to the subwoofer aswell.

mykeldg says:

Great review as always. Since youve mentioned Direct mode and soundstage, have you noticed in the Marantz that the effect is rather the opposite? Soundstage becomes narrower when I select Source direct, midrange become more prominent. Is it just me? TIA

snobi76 says:

Hi. Any chance that you (or anyone here) could comment how this pma800 sounds compared to avr-x4400h ?

Todd Gunter says:

I have an old Denon PMA amp and still love it. I recently added ELAC Debut 6.2 and am running A+B with my old JBL’s which are both 6 Ohm. Sounds great but not the 8 ohm + as you recommended. Am I flirting with damage??

3en6ie says:

It looks nice I like it. I just picked up a Marantz PM6006 (very happy) and this was a consideration.

Joe Al says:

Marantz PM8006 review pls. Have the PMA-2010AE & PMA-1600NE, great stuff.

Calaf_72 says:

I see (from the shadows on the wall) you move your hands even when the camera is not set on you lol Thank you for your review.

Pham Cong Dinh says:

Please review Yamaha R-N803. Thanks

Rajendra Chittar says:

In one word, I found the Denon to be Mature. Aged like fine wine. For reasons of conflict I settled for the Avr-x3500h as it sounded very close to 800 in 2 channel pure direct mode. Great review as always. Keep up the great work.

john gallagher says:

Are they similar in price? Makes a difference for me. What about wpc? Is 50 on denon enough?

Tom Peluso says:

Now I understand the hat

P.Formula Powers says:

No sub out just doesn’t sit right with me. Lol. Awesome comparison to the Marrantz.
I’ve always preferred a warmer sound. Funny thing I never knew what that even ment until you posted the video some time ago.
Warm, neutral, etcetera, and if I remember correctly you even did the sound I hate the most “shrill”. YUCK!!
Thank you!

Raffaele Vitucci says:

Another good video, well done.

Zero Fidelity says:

Looks like I totally skipped over the digital section of this integrated amp. Oops. Info can be found in the description box.

VTKZ says:

Please review the KS Digital C88 ;- )

phantasm1004 says:

Great review Sean. The negatives aren’t really that “negative”. I’m not at all surprised that there is no sub out. This is, after all, not a “home theater” or “AV” amplifier. I like the look. I also like your description of the sound quality. This amp is definitely on my short list.

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