Review! The Marantz PM5005 integrated amp.

This charismatic little integrated proves that you don’t need to spend big bucks in order to enjoy sound that’s fulfilling and meaningful.

Music by: Oscar Peterson & Dizzy Gillespie – Blues for Bird

The Marantz PM5005 Product Page:

Other products that were used in this review:

AMR CD-777 (CD Player)

Harbeth 40th P3ESR (Loudspeakers)
Mistral Audio BOW A-2 (Loudspeakers)
Buchardt Audio S300 (Loudspeakers)
Totem Acoustic Sky (Loudspeakers)
ELAC Debut B6.2 (Loudspeakers)
Klipsch R-51M (Loudspeakers)
Polk Audio T50 (Loudspeakers)


eriksven says:

LOL. They way you lifted it up at the beginning made it look like it weighs like 2lbs.

roof pizza says:

My Yamaha weighs 4 times this thing.

Spikeout BS says:

Glad to see some entry level component review on this channel. Thanks.

Benny Garza says:

Right away the manner you were able to pick it up and show it ……cheap lightweight…..

John Ross says:

I have a Marantz PM5005 and the matching Marantz CD5005 CD player. Great gear without breaking the bank.

B-sid e says:

Tape loop?

Hung Lo says:

have an old 74 Marantz Model 2324 that I hooked up to Paradigm Atoms. That is the only amp I have ever owned that make those tiny speakers sound big. I personally don’t like my gear being too neutral, engaging sound needs character imo.

Like your reviews man, pretty honest and straight forward. Keep up the good work!

New Record Day says:

“a lot of that has to do with those copper screws…” /facepalm

Wie b l says:

as usual an awesome review, crisp, clear and vital points for consideration are delivered in just 12 minutes. Thank YOU Sean, you are the best in this kind of work.

Chris Johnson says:

Hey man love your videos. I was looking into the Holographic Audio videos and was wondering what you use for power supplies for use on American power.

phantasm1004 says:

Great review as usual Sean! Very nice looking piece and very reasonably priced. I can understand why it has such a following.

h2ophilter says:

this review made me miss my PM8005. I once A/B’d it with my tube amp and they sounded very similar.

Carravagio16 says:

wish more intergraded amps would have tone controls

Alf Ma says:

Hi, can you make a review for the Yamaha RN 803

bridgebolt51 says:

psaudio sprout 100 next

Jun Boo says:

I have a Sony 7.2 AV receiver, Polk T600, Polk TSi Cs10, monoprice 8 inch subwoofer and Yamaha NS-6490 for the rears. For me that sound real good. Following that line in a future which components you think I should get, including an amp like this.Thank you for your videos.

Audio King says:

Did you copy my review style ?

George PNF says:

Great review Zero fidelity, can this drive the Jamo’s S 803 ( 87dB, 8 Ohm, bookshelf speakers ?

Thank you

Hi-Fi Haven says:

I have the PM5005 paired up with the CD5005 in my home office. Using DALI Oberon 3 speakers. This little system puts out some awesome sound. Nice work on the review man!

TJ McDonald says:

I bought the ax497 Yamaha instead of the 5005 marantz but love my Yamaha

cnhhnc says:

How does this Marantz sound compare to the old NAD, not new class D integrateds. Looks like it might be a tad more forward. The 50 x 2 watt NADs did exhibit a bit of weight but are softer up top, IMHO. I have not heard these Marantz.

Ty Ger says:

Another fantastic video Sean! Been looking forward to something from you.

Currently, I have a Rotel ra-1592 in my home on demo. It’s fun to listen to with a lot of features but I’m not totally sure if I’ll keep it.

I’m running it with a pair of 705s2 monitors from Bowers and Wilkins.

I wish I could send this one to you for a review. I may end up with a Simaudio 240i in the end.

Have you had any experience with Rotel???

By the way, I’m currently transitioning away from home theatre receivers and surround sound (still have my Marantz SR 7011). I’m just now discovering how great two channel integrated amplifiers are. I love the simplicity of it. Although, for watching TV and movies it’s a bit of a sacrifice. Centre channel speakers really do make a difference and I kind of miss the ability to set crossover frequencies and manage LFE signals.

Anyhow, thanks for the video!

Mike Cees says:

I always wonder how companies like Marantz are able to offer all these features + decent aesthetics and still manage to sell at such a low price. Especially when you consider the marketing + distributor and retailer cuts. Makes you wonder why minimalist European or direct sale brands with much fewer features cost so much more. Do they sound that much better? Is less features = better sound a myth?
How often have I heard that a NAD 316BEE + a good set of speakers is all you really need.

mykeldg says:

This or the onkyo 9010?

PhoenixFPV says:

Pitty you did not go with the PM6006. That one has the more audiophile components in it. It is more musical but it retains the detailed highs. You probably will like it even more. You will probably not review it after this one but you own it to yourself to listen to it 🙂

Gary Karlin says:

This piece vs the PS Audio Sprout?

mitoda says:

I had these driving my Dynaudio DM 3/7, loved them together for 2 years, until I upgraded to Roksan M2, what a difference! the soundstage just got hugely bigger and bass had significantly more weight. They’re good for the price, but should be limited to smaller speakers in my opinion.

typografiti says:

I view your channel a lot. I bought this amp about 2 months back. When I saw your youtube post that you were going to review it, I thought you might not like it because you have listened to lot of good amps over the years. But your review made me glad that I took a good decision. By the way I have connected Polk Audio S20 speakers to my PM5005.

plaubel28 says:

Show us the transformer.

Mark Wilson says:

Hey Sean, great review, straight forward and honest as always..Love it, keep em coming!
Ps. My wife has decided to start her audio journey ..into the ‘Dark side’ (just kidding) of audio, with vinyl. Considering she shares my tastes, which seem to be close to yours (vista spark/T50 combo = warm etc.) Maybe you could recommend a turntable /preamp/ Amp/ speaker combo in 3 segments..beginner..say low budget, mid tier, then psycho (just kidding) budget in mind. Could be fun..I fear going back to vinyl ..may draw me in .. it being the ‘Father’ of audio. Ok I’m done with the Star Wars references but seriously, consider it? Thanks

Ryan Schipp says:

Pretty decent option. I’d like to mention a better choice for the money. Nuprime IDA-8 integrated…..fantastic reviews. Very very low noise. Class A/D hybrid. 100 watts into 8 or 4 ohms. Small chassis. Sub out. I got one new on Ebay for $670. They still have them available listed for $1095 or best offer. They took $670!!

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