Reviewed: PS Audio Sprout 100 integrated amplifier

The Audiophiliac checks out the newly revised Sprout! I’d appreciate it if you could help support the Audiophiliac Daily Show with a $1 or $2 monthly pledge,


Bruce Morgen says:

How about comparing “boutiquey” items like the Sprouts to much more reasonably priced “desktop audio” competitors like Dayton Audio’s DTA-2.1BT? Is there much (or any) audible advantage to PS Audio’s supposedly “high-end” engineering in this “entry level” sort of amp?

Dylan Harrison says:

That was hardly a review.

Mr. Satyre says:

It’s funny that you mentioned preferring the Wolfson DAC. I occasionally use my Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD as a CD player in my two-channel system, and while the Wolfson DACs in that are quite nice, on some material I feel as though they’re too…soft…for lack of a better word, lacking the sharper impact and definition of the ESS DACs in my Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital.

Dragan Antonijević says:

Maybe Shiit Audio is better for ”small” (like Sprout), ”not pricey” US staff and overall cheaper than PS… and PS is better for ”big”… China staff! Who knows…

First Last says:

Love PS Audio but I’m a little underwhelmed with this. Wish it had a better DAC. Does anyone know which version of bluetooth it uses and if the amp is a ICEpower amp?

Joe Al says:

Chinese junk

Gurn Nardley says:

free advertising. thanks to the Audiophiliac, Mcgowan can skip a day.

Alex Cremers says:

I’m quite sure you can get the same amp – albeit with less luxurious looks – for a fifth of the price (Tripath, for example).

Francisco M says:

You should work on your voice. Lower the pitch.

eriksven says:

I know this has more features and output, but for really efficient speakers (96db @ 8ohms) and using just the analog input, do you think the Sprout is better sound-wise than the Vista Audio Spark?

Julia M says:

What are all those Dacs on your system, and can you discuss I need next video

Professor Jameson says:

You were watching season 2 of the Handmaids tale? So you enjoy hysterical anti-male feminist hate-mongering propaganda?

Joe Lachiana says:

Where’s the $1200 Iphone X made? China.

Jenni Gran says:

Great review!

thegrimyeaper says:

I watch the daily blogs on PS Audio where Paul has a warm smile and shows us around the little offices as he explains how every single unit sold is handled with dedication, love and care. CHINA?!?!

Alberto Martinez says:

Hi Audiophiliac, I want if possible a full analog integrared amp to pair with Schiit Modi 2 Miltibit and Chario Constellation Lynx speakers (100W, 4ohm).
Do you think this new Sprout is a good selection?
How does it compare with Rega Brio if you think Brio is an option for my setup?

shaun says:

got his youtube channel

Wounded Audiophile says:

Steve , whats the best direct way to contact you?

pourmonamiJC says:

A notion that needs some clarification is RMS Watts vs available current to actually drive speakers. Theoretically if I am not mistaken, watts are voltage x amperage (i.e. quantity of current) but for some reasons all n Watts per channel amplifiers are not created equal since some can produce more current than others rated at the same RMS power. A video on this notion would be much appreciated for many of us I think. Thank you Steve and keep-up the great work.

Konad Benz says:

ps made in china, with love and dedication
makes schiit the winner.

John Hooper says:

This really is not a review..

Alberto Martinez says:

Excellent review, as usual

increpf1 says:

Interesting. PS Audio. I seem to remember watching the owner’s channel and he mentioned some kind of pen that you can write on a CD with to improve sound quality. That was the last time I watched his videos and the last time I considered buying anything from him ever. Steve, let’s be honest here: for $599 you can build a whole HiFi system by Craigslist diving that will be amazeballs. Friendships and warm relationships in this industry make it hard to be honest with reviews. The hard truth here is that this device for $599 made in China is not worth it and nobody should buy it. Remember you said you don’t like to give feedback on friends’ systems, so that you don’t hurt their feelings? If PS Audio is a friend, you should refrain from reviewing, in my humblest of opinions.

B2video says:

Would the NAD 3020 D be a good alternative for less money despite having less power ?

60zeller says:

Lots of dislikes, for made in China. Understandable. But, how much more are you willing to
Pay to have the “ made in the US label?

Steve Guttenberg Audiophiliac says:

Lots of anger about China, so you guys NEVER buy made in China/Asia phones, computers, TVs, cameras, or electronics of any kind? Just checking.

Gian Velazquez says:

Could the emotiva ta100 with a good external DAC be a better purchase

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